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Rhodes of Sapphire  *living day by day* (rosellinemesprit) | 115 comments Mod
fundraising for our communities, and how we can help those that need help!

Remember, We Can Change The World!

Rhodes of Sapphire  *living day by day* (rosellinemesprit) | 115 comments Mod
I got this message from a fellow friend, and it's very touching what they said. Here's her message...

subject: [RaNdOmNeSs!!!!!!!] Totes unrelated to group--- looking for help
message: Heyy.. I know most of you guys don't personally know me. But i'm desperate and really needing help with this. , I'm doing a fundraiser to try and get a dwarf bunny neutered and certified for my friend that had a Traumatic brain injury in 2015. I have been training the bunny (Choc-O) and I have to get the surgery done. At this point if I don't get the surgery done it would be very difficult for ME to keep him. Let alone have him certified as a therapeutic animal- so it's mandatory to get this done.
This is the link to the fundraiser, if you can PLEASE donate- it doesn't have to be much even- $1-5 donations would mean the world for her and myself.

Thank you guys SO much for reading this. If anything PLEASE SHARE the link to others and spread the message. Thank you <3

If you could spread this everywhere, we could help someone greatly. Thank you. Bless your hearts, every one of you.

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17mwillett | 6 comments Here's a website with fundraising ideas.


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17mwillett | 6 comments Hey, people. What are problems you can think of that we might be able to raise money for?

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