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Tom Merritt (tommerritt) | 1140 comments Mod
This Wednesday evening we'll be chatting with Bradley P. Beaulieu

Give us some good questions to ask!

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terpkristin | 4111 comments His GR bio says he started writing in college. What was he studying at the time? Did he eventually have a career in that field?

What was the force that re-sparked his writing interest in the early 2000's?

GR lists The Song of the Shattered Sands as one of his series, with Of Sand and Malice Made listed as a "prequel" of sorts (0.5 in a series) to the main series. It also shows that it was published later. What is his recommended reading order?

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I loved Twelve Kings, but I still need to read the prequel. I can't emphasize just how excited I am for the sequel to arrive on my doorstep! It comes out on the day I have two exams, so I figured it'd be a nice reward, haha.

I just wanted to pop in and say that Bradley Beaulieu has beautiful writing and has crafted an intriguing story in the Song of Shattered Sands series. Ceda is a resourceful and proactive character and I love following her as she fulfills her mother's quest to bring down the kings. Having 12 antagonists is ambitious, and I'm curious as to how he goes about developing all of them.

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