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message 1: by David (last edited Jan 30, 2017 03:52AM) (new)

David Callinan (davidcallinan) | 32 comments Before I send the MS to my agent (who is expecting it) I need beta readers to check out THE VANISHING, first of the trilogy THE CREATION GAME.

When the animals vanish, a boy, a girl and their pet orangutan are catapulted on a cosmic odyssey to get them back.

Morgan Lane has a superhuman memory, loves poetry and is shy around girls. Together with Lin Rainbow, who has the power of prophecy, and Winston. his pet orangutan – transformed by magic and science into a genius with the power of speech – he is catapulted into a cosmic adventure across the multiverse to the dimension where time and space are one.

The animal kingdom suddenly vanishes. A scientist controlled by cosmic parasites creates replacements (nanosaurs) to control the Earth and mankind forever. Morgan's life-threatening quest is to save the planet from enslavement and transform it back into the paradise it was always supposed to be where love is the dominant force. To do this he must seek out The Guardians, who caused the Vanishing and force-fed Morgan’s memory with The Cosmic Algorithm, the source code of creation itself. Morgan and his friends must reprogram the multiverse, but time is running out – literally.

And the entire cosmos is trying to stop him.

In so doing Morgan discovers depths of courage he never believed he had, the first dawning of love and the realisation that it is love of the purest and noblest kind that lies at the heart of creation.

message 2: by Cimone (new)

Cimone Watson | 93 comments What's the word count?

message 3: by Pat (new)

Pat | 105 comments You use cosmic or cosmos three times in this short blurb, and catapulted twice. It sounds repetitive. Change those words out, perhaps.

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