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message 1: by Penny (new)

Penny | 25 comments I absolutely loved this book - such an amazing and thought-provoking read.
In fact it provoked a lot of thought in me as to whether it was suitable for intermediates... I am on the borderline... (due to drug references and some swearing.) The 'bad' stuff is seen through the very naive eyes of the main protagonist, and is very much frowned upon by him, but there might be some parents who don't approve....
I decided to e-mail the author and he said that he wrote it for 12+ and so I am going to recommend to Y8 only - and Y8 teachers for a read aloud. Lots of potential for discussion...
It's my favourite Brian Falkner yet...

message 2: by Marianne (new)

Marianne Dobie | 49 comments I also enjoyed this book - and found it hard to believe the end. I had to re-read it to make sure that I had read it correctly. Easy to introduce - get the students to think about what it would be like to enter the modern world when they had no knowledge / experiences of cars, internet, telephones... Very moving.

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