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message 1: by Val (new) - rated it 4 stars

Val have this as a kindle deal of the day:

Lagullande | 76 comments I'm definitely planning to read this (as it was my nomination!), but I won't get to it until a few days into February.

Dyzelle | 7 comments Ooh, this sounds great, just snapped it up on kindle!

Lagullande | 76 comments I started reading yesterday. The only other Kamila Shamsie I have read is A God in Every Stone, which I did enjoy. Fifty pages into Burnt Shadows, and it has the same feel to it.

Lagullande | 76 comments I have just read the chapters where Harry, Kim and Raza talk about America being a country of migrants and the loyalty of citizens. Very topical.

Lagullande | 76 comments Finished. Wow, was that topical or what??

I wasn't sure whether this was a 4 or 5 star read for me. In the end, I went for 4. It took me a while to get used to the big jumps in time and place at the beginning of many chapters. Actually, I think I wanted the book to be longer, 500 pages or more, so more time could be spent with each character and in each phase of history.

Did anyone else find the ending ambiguous? Usually, I don't like books that do that but here (view spoiler), which summed up some of the discussions that many "western" countries are having at the moment.

Glad I read it, and glad I read it now.

message 8: by Val (new) - rated it 4 stars

Val There are some ambiguities at the end, but I don't think it is a story which should be all tidied up and neatly packaged. The history is messy and confusing so the story reflects that. (view spoiler)

Jayme Finally picked this up from the library and hoping to get into it this weekend. It looks good.

Penny | 680 comments Mod
I'm just starting too Jayme - I have it on audio, will see how that goes. It looks like its a fitting time to be reading this.

You never know I might actually catch up by the end of the month!!

Dyzelle | 7 comments Only half way through so far, but really enjoying it!

Penny | 680 comments Mod
I am listening to this rather than reading it and it is going very slowly for me. I am having to rewind and listen to portions again as it sounds confusing - maybe it is easier in print. The story itself is good - just may take a while to finish as I think I have another 9 hours or something left!!!

Dyzelle | 7 comments I just finished this and absolutely loved it!

Penny | 680 comments Mod
glad you liked it - any further thoughts?

Dyzelle | 7 comments Sorry - just realised I hadn't replied! I thought the characters were believable and well-developed - a trait that helps me to really sink in to the world a book creates. I'm also a bit of a history geek, so found the different eras that the plot wove through fascinating!

Penny | 680 comments Mod
I stopped this a while back and need to return to it. In a household of teenagers my headphones have grown legs and wandered off - no one appears to know how!

message 17: by Val (new) - rated it 4 stars

Val Penny wrote: "I stopped this a while back and need to return to it. In a household of teenagers my headphones have grown legs and wandered off - no one appears to know how!"
Ha! Ha! Yes things do that here too. Last weekend it was both corkscrews when I wanted to share a bottle of wine with MY friends. (Neither of my daughters are still teenagers, but they are both back home after university, travelling, etc.)

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