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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Mystery book where a girl moves to the town her mother was killed in and tries to solve the mystery. [s]

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Halle G. (halle_nxfg) | 2 comments I read this book around 6th grade which was 5 years ago so I'm sorry if this is slightly confusing! BTW this means the book had to have been published 2012 or earlier

It's an MG book or a YA book for those who are on the younger side of the spectrum.

The book I am talking about actually has two stories in it and I've no idea which thoughts I am remembering are from which story

In the book there is a girl who visits a small town (both stories are in the same town) where her mother died and she thinks it might not have been an accident. She believes someone killed her parents. Where she is living is by the docks and in a part of the story she gets trapped by a guy with one other person in a small boat storage/shed type of place and the small building is lit on fire.

I believe that the second story is about history repeating itself and past lives. The girl's friend is scared of this road because in her past life, she died on that road in a car accident. I think she is staying with her grandma (on the mother's side) who seems a little cold. The grandma is wealthy and I think has a butler as well as a big library which is where the main character first meets her. The main character is also adopted.
There is also an incident involving seeing a ghost in the mirror once as well as the main character sleepwalking and waking up to be in an unfamiliar room and with a dollhouse
The grandma also had issues as a little girl with her sister.
There was also something to do with a big stair case in the house that for some reason is important.

In both stories there is a little romance thrown in as well.
I remember that after prom, one of the main characters is in the car with a guy who doesn't have the best car and has to manually tug on strings the windshield wipers are attached to because it's raining. Then they kiss and her shoe is stuck in the mud.

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Kris | 33236 comments Mod
Legacy of Lies & Don't Tell by Elizabeth Chandler look promising. These two books were originally published in 2000 and 2001 (Legacy of Lies and Don't Tell), and can be found in a single volume (2009).

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Halle G. (halle_nxfg) | 2 comments Kris wrote: "Legacy of Lies & Don't Tell by Elizabeth Chandler look promising. These two books were originally published in 2000 and 2001 (Legacy of Lies and [book:Do..."

this is it!!! Thanks!

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Kris | 33236 comments Mod
Great! Glad you found your book, Halle.

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