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The Authors (theauthorswood) | 3 comments A woman finds herself in a peaceful afterlife with no memory of who she was or how she died. She maintains a psychic connection with a man she loved, though she can't remember his face. Realizing that he is suffering in her absence, she makes up her mind to find a way back to him.

Becoming a Guardian of Earth Realm will force her to overcome her meek nature, slay demons, and protect the humans under her care. Will she be able to fulfill her obligations and find the love of her life. If she does, will she fall from grace to be with him again?

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Caroline Feeney | 5 comments I would like to read this if you still need a Beta Reader.
I love this genre.

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The Authors (theauthorswood) | 3 comments I definitely do. :)
Can I send it to you on facebook or do I get your e-mail? I'm new to using goodreads for beta recruitment.

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