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Alia ~you are not your anxiety~ (aliaongoodreads) | 370 comments This is a dorm for Hope (Alaina) and Recata Rider (MacW11). Only these two characters are allowed into the dorm unless you have permission or are roleplaying with one of them!

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Jo (jojodamay) ((Hey, I know you Macw11, don't I?))

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Mac McKenna White (macw12) | 340 comments ((Yeah aren't we rping at hades cabin doorstep if it isn't same person don't ask))

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Jo (jojodamay) ((Yep, that's me. I switched my picture.))

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Jo (jojodamay) https://www.google.com/search?q=bedro... ((This is my side of the bedroom. except adjusted slightly to fit the room. But you get the idea. Hope loves books and stories so she has a lot of shelves.))

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Mac McKenna White (macw12) | 340 comments This is Recata it has purple wall s with her painting which reach her shelf's full of books.She has a
Purple completed with a golden sun in the middle and silver pillows she has a desk and a few chairs and a silver rug.

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Jo (jojodamay) Hope walks in and finds a book on her pillow. It must've fallen off of her shelf. It was her favorite book, her dad's favorite too. It was a collection of Wendy's stories. Hope sat down to read a few.

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Mac McKenna White (macw12) | 340 comments Recata walks in to see a girl .It must be her roommate .They set up at different times and never met. "Hello ?" Recata says .

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Jo (jojodamay) "Oh, hey. You must be Recata." Hope says.

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Mac McKenna White (macw12) | 340 comments "Yes that's me she says admiring the tree she painted on her side of the wall it was white."Im a daughter of Rapunzel and Flynn I'm half an half vk." She says sitting on her rug.

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Jo (jojodamay) "Right. A pleasure to meet you. I'm Hope Pan. I assume you can only guess who my dad is." Hope says, quietly.

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Jo (jojodamay) ((Hello?))

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Mac McKenna White (macw12) | 340 comments " Ah , Peter Pan the I'm never gonna be a man " she said laughing at her own joke .

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Jo (jojodamay) "Haha, very funny," she says, not laughing. "I know he is kinda weird that way, but he made his choice eventually and now I'm here."

((She's not really cheerful at first, but she'll get better as Recata gets to know her.))

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Mac McKenna White (macw12) | 340 comments " I'm glad you see like we we'll get along " says Recata gesturing to her books .

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Jo (jojodamay) "Well, my dad did meet my mom through storytelling," she said. "I've seen you around school with this boy, Who's he?"

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Jo (jojodamay) ((Hello))

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Mac McKenna White (macw12) | 340 comments " Oh well, he is my boyfriend he is Finlay gothel" she says shyly wondering what her roommate whoud thinkk

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Mac McKenna White (macw12) | 340 comments (( Sorry was in shower))

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Jo (jojodamay) "Gothel! How Ironic! I guess he's pretty cute. Kind of like a baby-face cute, though." She says giggling at the irony.
((No, you're fine. I forgot to check too so whatever.))

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Jo (jojodamay) ((Are you Freddie? Daughter of the Shadow Man? I think you are. I must seem like a crazy stalker now. I just created a character that is a Daughter of the Shadow Man. I hope I don't seem like I am following you around. I'll try not to spend too much time with my sister, if you are Freddie or Felicity.))

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Mac McKenna White (macw12) | 340 comments " Yes I know but we don't care , so want to do something go somewhere?" she asks getting up .

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Jo (jojodamay) "Um... sure. I haven't really explored much." She says. "Where's there to go?"

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Jo (jojodamay) ((I just realized something cool. I was looking at your profile and it said you were born in May (my favorite month) and your favorite number is 3 (my favorite number) We also have many other things in common, like OCD and Peculiar Demigod. I'm trying to get around to reading the second and third Peculiar Children. I have them all. I also love writing.

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Jo (jojodamay) ((I'll role play with you tomorrow when I get home from school. Gtg Sleep ))

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Mac McKenna White (macw12) | 340 comments (( That is so weird how old are you pm it me ?))

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Jo (jojodamay) ((I am actually not going to sleep. I had to shower and thought it would take longer. But it didn't sound can role play.))

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Mac McKenna White (macw12) | 340 comments (( Alright how old are you ? Can we rp?))
"Maybe we can go to the mall ?" says Recata.

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Jo (jojodamay) ((Role play after school. I'm eleven almost twelve. You?))
"Sure. I'll meet you there later." She says.

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Mac McKenna White (macw12) | 340 comments (( Im Eleven turning 12 in may so weird huh, im at school now and Im done with everything we are doing and GoodReads is educational so ))
" See ya " says Recata grabbing her purse

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