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Hey y'all! This is Eve. And this is my journal called Boho Beauty.
Anyone can read this and/or comment. I don't really care as long as you're nice.
Entry Schuedule: When I remember I have a journal
When: most likely at 12am
You'll learn more about me and my life slowly as I get used to writing. I do keep a journal in real life too! It's easier to remember to write in though. XD

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Sup Kavy? :D

Mkay, so good news! My boyfriend Noah is coming to visit during spring break! Bad news? Spring break isn't till March >:-(
Also, the play practice is going awesome! I love my castmates. They're hilar!
Anyways, it's been mostly rainy here. The weather never changes I swear. I miss Georgia. I think I'm a southern girl at heart. Either that or I just miss Noah xD
Also, I threw my pencil pouch at a boy. It was awesome! He was being annoying and I used to always throw stuff at Raph when he was being an annoying little s-, so it was a habit. It hit him on the head. He refused to give it back until I apoligized though so I did have to say sorry. :P
Hopefully on Wednsday I'll have more exciting news. What can I say? It's Monday.
Love ya!

 Alex ~They/them~ ~Annabeth Chase and Alex Fierro are the best~ (percybluefood) | 25522 comments Not much wbu!!!


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The ceiling!! No, lol. Nothing much for me either.

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But it was good Evelyn.

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I'm so random. I just got back from working on the play and I had to play a gothic character for the past 2 hours xD

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Hey y'all!
Have you ever been meaning to write a word, but when you type it it comes out completely different? XP
Sorry I'm updating so late, I had conformation. My class is wild!
So basically we have large group and then we run around and do crap. So after large group, we went outside and climbed trees because the boys said we couldn't do it. Boyyyyyy were they wrong. ;)
They had to cough up 5 bucks. Guess they didn't know the hours I spent with Arella climbing the tree in our backyard back in Pennslyvania.
I am so sore, I went to a yoga class with my friend Caitlyn. Oof.

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Evening y'all
Don't ya hate people who are bullies? There's a new girl in my school and she's gettin bullied like nobody's business. It's actually quite sad. I stick up for her. As you may know, I was a bit of an outcast myself at one point back in Georgia. So I feel for her. Her name is Lea but it's pronounced like Leia. She's really nice and is amazing at the French horn. Too bad she's not a singer, she could tots be the next Lea Salonga or something xD

 Alex ~They/them~ ~Annabeth Chase and Alex Fierro are the best~ (percybluefood) | 25522 comments Princess Evelyn Of The Bookish Dorks wrote: "Evening y'all
Don't ya hate people who are bullies? There's a new girl in my school and she's gettin bullied like nobody's business. It's actually quite sad. I stick up for her. As you may know, I ..."

that sucks :( bullies are terrible

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LOL You don't have to. I'm just a girl who really wants to move back to Georgia HINT HINT MA

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Hey y'all!
My highschool friends have become obsessed with Hamilton. They want me to sing Hamilton songs for them. It's kinda hilar. It is an amazing play though. It's very 21st century. Also, my friend Bretlyn is freaking out because, okay, there's a boy at my school named Noah (ikr) and we all take French. Bretlyn has a crush on him, and his name in French is Nico.. And she has blonde hair like Will and has his personality....
She flipped out! :D its so destined to be.

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Hey y'all!
Sorry, late update again. I went to church. We had a fellowship night and went to Starbucks and now I reek of coffee. :P
Anyway, I got molten hot chocolate which is basically chocolate chips in espresso. So I'm hyper. :D it was super good. My friend Charlie (who is the BEST PERSON EVER because he likes Hamilton) got it too and he nearly choked because he didn't realize it had espresso and it was funny. He ended up getting a smoothie instead. Luckily he had extra money.

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You know you have amazing friends when all they take away from something is chocolate xD

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Hey y'all!
It's Friday, which means the weekend is tomorrow! It also means that I won't be posting again till Monday *sad face* But it's okay though, because the weekend's always manage to keep people busy. Including me! I'm going to my gramma's house which is literally the next town over so I gotta post this now or I'll forget. I may not be on a lot, Gramma has crappy wifi.

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~Very sorry, won't be able to update. Will try and post tomorrow. Thanks! :)

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Hey y'all!
I AM SO SORRY. I wanted to update yesterday but my baby sister Eva was being a cutie and plus I had homework, so I'm uploading today!
Happy V-Day!
OMG GUYS!!! I got a letter in the mail today from Noah, and OH MY GOD I AM STILL CRYING.
Here are the links to the pictures:
I MISS HIM. And he must have perfectly timed the sending for me to get it today.
Alright so at my school, this one boy is really popular and a ton of girls like him, so they out Hershey kisses on his locker. There were like 30! Bretlyn snagged her and me one. "He won't miss it." It was hilarious. :)
So, how was your Valentine's Day? I got a rose from my dad also. It's beautiful!
Love ya!

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Hey y'all! This will be short and sweet because I have to put Eva to bed soon, but I just want y'all to know that God loves you when it feels like no one else does. :)
Love ya!

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I HAVEN'T BEEN UPDATING AND I'M SOWWY!!! But something very bad happened at my school today and I feel the need to talk about it.
So my best friend in Maine, the first girl to ever be nice to me in this school, Lulu, and I were walking to our lockers. We stopped at mine first and then to hers. There was a note attached to it. What was in it made Lulu cry and me want to cut a b****.
I'm not going to repeat what it said because it was horrible and went against everything I believe in, but it was NOT okay.
Lulu did not deserve that and neither does anyone. We don't know who wrote it currently because whoever did it wasn't stupid and has seemingly wrote the note with their non dominant hand, but we have turned it in.
I swear on my cat, when I find out who did it they are going to get an earful...
Point is, be a good person. Spread love not hate. Pray for Lulu. Please. She's amazing.
Also, thinking of changing my username, suggestions?
Love ya,

 Alex ~They/them~ ~Annabeth Chase and Alex Fierro are the best~ (percybluefood) | 25522 comments WHAT EVEN O_O I'M PRAYING FOR HER EVE <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

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Thank you Kavy :) <3

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I'm pretty good Evelyn. How about you?

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Oh awesome!

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blue (hermiionegranger) | 10482 comments Hey!

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O, hello!

message 33: by blue (new)

blue (hermiionegranger) | 10482 comments Hey Princess Evelyn! ;D

message 34: by blue (new)

blue (hermiionegranger) | 10482 comments What's up?

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The sky!!! I mean... Nothin. :3

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blue (hermiionegranger) | 10482 comments :D Cool ;D

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I'm just cuddlin with my kitty. She's my bab

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:) Hey Kavy

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My hair is a new color!!!

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Well, it's a mix of black and dark red and it looks SO COOL

 Alex ~They/them~ ~Annabeth Chase and Alex Fierro are the best~ (percybluefood) | 25522 comments that's awesome!!! I want to dye my hair blue

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its amazing! I also can't wait for spring break, because im going to georgia!

 Alex ~They/them~ ~Annabeth Chase and Alex Fierro are the best~ (percybluefood) | 25522 comments AWESOME!! when is your spring break?

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I believe the week after this one. :) I get to see Noah and my old friend Mickey is coming down too! It's gonna be awesome!!! And my new baby sister Eva is gonna come too. :3

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I'm seriously jealous. I would love to leave sooner! Our flight is Friday night. It'll be Eva's first plane ride!! I'm so excited.

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