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message 1: by Kristin (new)

Kristin Villalba | 2 comments I love listening to audiobooks on Librivox, but I am not sure which authors have works in the public domain. Can you recommend some authors/titles of clean regency romance writers that are in the public domain? I have found a Georgette Heyer novel on Librivox and Jane Austen, of course. Books with humor are my favs. I don't read tragedies for fun! Thanks!

 The Flipped Page (Susan K) (theflippedpage) | 48 comments If you haven't read (or listened to) Elizabeth Gaskell, I would try her. North and South is my favorite, and then Wives and Daughters. These deal with serious subjects, but there are some sweet moments too. Probably less humorous and more serious though.
Thomas Hardy's Far From the Madding Crowd is another good classic. (He was happily married at that point, so while there is some tragedy, there is still a HEA). Still a good read if you like seeing some character development.
I just re-read Jane Eyre, and actually really enjoyed re-reading that as well.

message 3: by Kristin (new)

Kristin Villalba | 2 comments Thanks, Susan! I should re-read Jane Eyre too! I haven't read North and South yet. I couldn't remember if it was a darker story or not.

message 4: by AlegnaB † (last edited Feb 02, 2017 04:21PM) (new)

AlegnaB † (alegnab) | 15 comments Kristin wrote: "...North and South...Wives and Daughters...Far From the Madding Crowd..."

Those books are not Regency; they're Victorian. North and South is somewhat dark. It reminds me of a Dickens novel. I usually say that it's a cross between a Dickens novel and a particular classic, but I don't want to give you any spoilers. ☺ I love the North and South book, and I also love and own the 2004 miniseries starring Richard Armitage. I enjoyed the 1999 Wives and Daughters miniseries, but I haven't read the book.

message 5: by The Flipped Page (Susan (last edited Feb 07, 2017 06:21AM) (new)

 The Flipped Page (Susan K) (theflippedpage) | 48 comments North and South is darker, and period, again not Regency, but there is a hopeful part to it, and a definite cleverly intertwined societal critique (that is part of the darker part), but it ends on a positive hopeful note. Not regency as mentioned, but with it a hope for a better world even with the changes that are occurring in the world around them.
One of my good friends just recommended Anthony Trollope to me, again, not regency, but a classic writer. I have to say, I haven't read any of his novels yet, but am looking forward to trying something new!

 The Flipped Page (Susan K) (theflippedpage) | 48 comments With regard to Jane Eyre, I also just loved the vocabulary, and loved realizing how strong a character Jane is. I think so many movies have portrayed her as weak, sniveling, and not a very strong character, and in my re-read, I really saw that in my mind.
Also the Hardy novel, Far From the Madding Crowd, I really enjoyed the vocabulary in that too! Again, definitely some tragedy, but still a hopeful and a story with lots of character growth and development. I love the 1998 Masterpiece production of the movie.

Smasher (BookMadWoman)  | 4 comments You could try any contemporary of Jane Austen if you are looking specifically for regency. Ann Radcliffe is a good Gothic author, a bit earlier than regency, but I've heard good things about her books. Also Susan Ferrier's Marriage is a fun contemporary piece.

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