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message 1: by Heide (new)

Heide | 135 comments As feminists we all want equality. But I recently became aware that liberty and equality are not exactly the same. And now I started to think about both concepts more and more and I think I‘m leaning towards prefering liberty over equality. I would like to know what you think about this. Do you prefer equality or liberty?

I first came across this idea by a tweet from @theAfroLegalise that went viral: „I don’t want to be equal to men. Men are not the standard of humanity. I want to live on my own terms free from violence.“

I also found this wonderful video by Abantu May discussing this idea : „Why I choose liberty over equality“ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyE4L...
It starts with a beautiful poem. I typed it out for you. But I highly encourage you to watch the whole video! It’s worth it.

„On liberty & equality
I thought I wanted equality but time has passed
I have understood what that means to seek to be equal to you
As though you are the goal of all existence
Equality means I ask of you
Liberty means I ask of myself as any human deserves to do
To be their own definition of freedom
Not a duplicate of someone else‘s
To define their own destinations
Not to beg to follow someone else’s
I don’t want your crumbs
I want to bake my own cake
Call it my own name
Needing no ingredients from you
Needing no agreements from you
Keep your equality, I prefer liberty
The right to sustain my life whether or not you see me as equal
I choose, …liberty“

message 2: by Ross (new)

Ross | 1444 comments Hi Heide, liberty was the focus of the emancipation movement of the suffergete era in the west it evolved as things improved to be a fight for equality.

What is needed is not one or the other of equality and liberty but both. Women have the inalienable right to have the same as men in treatment and opportunity across the world.

message 3: by Minthang (new)

Minthang | 1 comments In my opinion, both equality and liberty are needed or even conjoined to make it meaningful. Liberty without equality will be a fraud. Equality without liberty will be oppressive and stultifying.

Also, 'male' or 'female' and for that matter any other category other than the worth and dignity of each human person should not be the benchmark to measure equality and liberty.

message 4: by Robin (last edited Feb 01, 2017 10:19AM) (new)

Robin (z_rob) | 128 comments @minthang The problem is that nowadays, even in many democracies, there is liberty but no real equality. It's visible with discrimination, sexism, racism, at work but also in the normal life. Equality is still more an ideal than a reality.

message 5: by Rafaella (new)

Rafaella (freeblacklover) | 4 comments It is my firm belief that both equality and liberty are needed for a person to be complete.However in today's developed societies most people are free(at least legally) when equality is yet to be acheived in the rate that liberty did. Almost all women have their liberty recognised whereas equality,as I previously mentioned,has reached lower successes.So it is vital we fight for equality, not necessarily to be the same as men but because equality can be a mean for women to find their one special way and position in society.But before women finding their own place in the world,legal equality and liberty is required.Concluding, I believe both equality and liberty is needed since these two are indeed strongly connected.

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