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Tara Woods Turner | 33 comments Love them! Never had an issue with them - their books look great, it's easy to upload/edit them, costs are low and they ship quickly.

message 2: by Chad (new)

Chad Descoteaux | 13 comments Do you have to upload your own back cover that you made from someone else's program or can you make it on their site? I have a book uploaded to their site (earlier today) and through the whole process, they have not once shown me what the back cover will look like. I included a description that should go on the back cover, but none of that was confirmed.

message 3: by James (last edited Jan 29, 2017 06:44PM) (new)

James Grey (James_L_Grey) | 3 comments You have to upload the complete cover. There is a template generator you can use to get all the dimensions right on the page below.

message 4: by Chad (new)

Chad Descoteaux | 13 comments Yeah, that's all B.S. I didn't know they didn't even put your description on the back of the book until I tried to convert it to Kindle and saw that thet put a blank white cover for the back. I'm gonna go spit on Createspace now. Accch-ptooie!

message 5: by Entrada (new)

Entrada Book Review | 88 comments If you want to self-publish and use CreateSpace, it's not a bad option. BUT, I strongly recommend that you have a professional cover designer do your cover. A bad cover and some people won't pick up your book. Also, you get so much more customization. It's worth the wait if you need to "save up" but there are lots of economical designers out there - some even that post their services on this site. However and whoever you go with - make sure it's as high quality as you can afford.


message 6: by Chad (new)

Chad Descoteaux | 13 comments I have a professional cover, but i just need the back part for createspace.

message 7: by Chad (new)

Chad Descoteaux | 13 comments Goodreads has yet to upload the new, more professional cover that i uploaded to Amazon for the book that I'm talking about. So, nobody was talking about what my covers look like.

message 8: by Entrada (new)

Entrada Book Review | 88 comments Hi Chad,

A professional will make you a front, back and spine for CreateSpace. It ends up being one file - usually a PDF that you upload.

The "tricky" part (after you have the design down) is to combine that spine size (which is based on how many pages you have in the book) with the front and back covers.

Does that make sense?


message 9: by Chad (new)

Chad Descoteaux | 13 comments Eh. I musta got a crappy professional. Beautiful cover for a Kindle book, but no spine. Coward! Lol. Anyway, i figured out how to use Kindle's print feature, so my book should be in print in a few hours.

message 10: by M.J. (last edited Jan 30, 2017 03:57PM) (new)

M.J. Colewood | 1 comments I've published a number of titles with them and it is as good as it gets, because there are all the tools there and no charges.

Like anything, it takes time to learn things, but there are the loads of forums.

You can control the price, do your own covers, if you want and it all goes straight into Amazon... worldwide. What is there not to like there?

Payment is quick and effective, straight into your bank account.

A word of advice though (after my big sell to you) is to take your time to understand formatting, whether it be the interior or cover. Margins can be a problem. And if you are doing your own cover then use Scribus. These elements are very frustrating, but there is nothing amiss here with Createspace, their stuff works, it's just a simple case of PICNIC: Problem In Chair Not In Computer.

Soon, anyway, you'll hit on a margin and page format and subsequent problems will cease. It does get easier with time.

And one last amazing thing, and it is a truly beautiful thing to behold, and that is if you order copies and need them ASAP, then by paying the express delivery fee I regularly receive the books on the other side of the pond within a few days. That means Createspace: printed, cut, glued and pressed the book to exacting standards and then shipped it on Monday say and Thursday morning it was in my hand... and the cover still hasn't come unstuck on my first ever example. If they put that in the Olympics then it's going to be another gold medal for the US, I'm afraid.

message 11: by Martin (new)

Martin Rinehart Chad wrote: "Yeah, that's all B.S. I didn't know they didn't even put your description on the back of the book until I tried to convert it to Kindle and saw that thet put a blank white cover for the back. I'm g..."

I've used the CS Cover Creator several times and got exactly what I spec'd on the front and back.

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