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Sam - Spines in a Line (spinesinaline) | 17 comments Mod
Let's get to know each other! Where are you from, where do you post your reviews, what kinds of books do you like to read?

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abdelatif ouldabdallah (ouldabdallahabdelatif) | 1 comments long before he became a writer he work as an architect in small company of construction in Mascara city Algeria . squeezing in time he work on writing after day work in nights and the week end .
born on June. 14, 1988 in Mosataganem , Algeria to a hydraulic engineer and homemaker.
Ould Abdallah spent two years on " Kharidj al Saytara" and finished it in august 2016. Initially rejected by many publishers, it was eventually bought by Edition of Difaf & Edition of El Ikhtilef, who gave it a modest 1,000 copy printing and published it in october 2016.

Sam - Spines in a Line (spinesinaline) | 17 comments Mod
Nice to meet you and thanks for joining this group! Congratulations on publishing your book!

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