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Never Take For Granted

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Janae Borom I am reading The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah. I have recently been reading this book and I must say, each page gives you the desire to continue reading. I am currently on page 489. The Coldest Winter Ever is about a young girl, Winter Santiaga, who inherited a luxurious, dangerous lifestyle. Winter goes through a huge change when her dad, Santiaga, relocates his family to a different city in New York. Depressed, Winter tries to sneak back to Brooklyn when her dad tells her she can't go because he won't be with her to protect her. Winter and her little sister go through a bumpy road when her family gets torn apart. I'll focus on characterization, conflict/POV, and theme.
Setting has a huge impact on the way this story plays out. The setting influenced her name (Winter) because she was born during the coldest winters in Brooklyn. Her father, Santiaga, was a huge drug dealer and had young men selling for him. If they hadn't grew up in a place where poverty was high they would've had a greater chance of being successful the legal way. “Santiaga was the number one businessman in our area by the time I was thirteen, running thangs. Although he taught me never to sweat the small stuff…” (18). Even when Santiaga became rich he still stayed in the projects for some time; although, he made it clear who he and his family were by decorating the apartment lavishly, flowering his family with gifts, and making sure they were protected at all times due to their many family members who lived in a close vicinity to them. “My father, Ricky Santiaga, was so proud of his new baby girl that he had a limo waiting to pick my moms up from the hospital. The same night I got home my pops gave me a diamond ring set in 24-karat gold.” (Winter, 12).
The point of view is in 1st and remains in Winter’s perspective the whole time and explains how she feels about the conflict. Her sisters are too young to have a point of view and it allows Winter to express how she feels about the actions her dad is making. Winter began to put her appearance in front of her mother being in the hospital due to her getting shot in the face. “What is this sh-- about three days? I have one dress with me, the one I’m wearing.”(79). This quote explains how she was more worried about how she only had one change of clothes instead of worrying about her mother’s wellness. The main conflict is external, Santiaga gets incarcerated and he is the backbone of the family and the only source of income. “Tomorrow I would consult with my father about my financial options. My anger toward him was slowly wearing down. I felt backed into a corner. The truth of the matter was I needed some good advice from Daddy, a man who had always loved me. The pain of it all was trying to talk through a thick glass or having to speak through a small vent or having to talk on some dirty old phone surveilled by the police.” (246).
The theme of The Coldest Winter Ever is to never believe something good is going to last forever. In this story the whole family depends on illegal money to survive but when the FBI confiscates everything they had they're left with nothing. Winter thought she would be rich because her dad was but in reality success isn't handed down to you, it's earned. Also, this theme teaches us to not take someone for granted because they can be gone in the snap of a second.
Winter was the oldest daughter of a drug kingpin and was passed down his rich lifestyle. When her father gets sent to jail and all of their possessions are extracted nobody knows what to do; Winter then turns ruthless and turns her back on her family because they're broke. The overall message is to never take anything or anyone for granted. This is one of the best books I've read by far and brings out emotions because imagine taking care of your younger siblings but them not remembering you. One question I have for the author is why did she choose to write about drugs ? Maybe to show the impact it has on one’s lifestyle?

Heat Anthony I believe she chose to write about drugs because sadly, it is so central to so many youths lifestyle in inner-cities. It's also a educating way of telling a cautionary tale in a way that is engaging yet not preachy.

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