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John Seymour 2D. Assess the character of Nastasya Filippovna Barashkov.

John Seymour Nastasya loves her hate. She loves it so much that she would rather give up love and happiness than surrender her hate at the wrong that was done to her. Her hate enables her to hold up her head as a woman wronged and wrongfully scorned in society. She fears the humiliation that marriage to Myshkin would bring, as a woman "redeemed" by a good marriage. In the end, though she (rightly) fears Rogozhin, she seems to fear happiness with Myshkin more and flees to her death.

Kristel (kristelh) | 3967 comments Mod
I do think there is a truth that if one has been abused as Nastasya has been in her life that she would feel unworthy of a truly happy life and might sabotage any opportunity.

If we go with the Christ figure theme--did Nastasya choose Satan over Christ because she could not accept the love of Christ? When one chooses Satan, it leads to death.

Book Wormy | 1932 comments Mod
I felt sorry for her she was really a captive in the sense of the time and place she lived she wasn't allowed her freedom and she really wanted to be a free spirit she just couldn't follow through.

Tracy (tstan) | 557 comments I felt she also played way too many games. Her history of abuse excuses this some. She doesn't feel she deserves happiness, so she chooses the man who is bad for her.

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Pip | 1361 comments Agree with Tracy.

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