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message 1: by Inge, Mad Hatter (new)

Inge (omgitsinge) | 1361 comments Mod

Today I'd like to open a new discussion on formats. Are you a paperback or a hardcover type of person? What's your take on ebooks? Are you a fan of audiobooks?

Let's hear it!

message 2: by Shay (new)

Shay (shaylyn318) | 78 comments I will read it in whatever way I can get it. I don't like to spend a lot on books, I usually borrow from the library ebooks, paperback or hardcover. I buy from book sales and yard sales. Some books I want in actual book form like the classics and my favorite books. I don't do audio books though.

Natulcien_reads | 257 comments Although I think hardbacks usually look prettier I tend to buy paperbacks because they are cheaper and easier to carry around.

I like reading on my e-reader, plus it's a lot easier to carry around in my backpack. I also tend to read NA books on my e-reader because A) the covers are usually horrible and B) those are books I usually fly through so it's nice to not have spent too much money on them.

I do like that the books I've recieved in subscription boxes are hardbacks.

I live in Belgium so the selection of English books is very limited in my local library, so I buy most of the books that I read (+ I like having stacked shelves :-$ )

Last year I discovered audiobooks and I love them. Being a non-native English reader they help me get through books (especially chunky fantasy books) a lot easier. Plus, they also make doing chores a lot more pleasant ;-)

message 4: by Mandy (new)

Mandy (Bookishlove85) (mandy_mcdonald) | 5 comments This is ever changing for me. I used to only like Paper back books because they ware easier to read and hold. Which is still partly true. But now I am starting to love the look of a Hardcover book and rarely find myself being able to wait for the paper back so I am more towards the hard cover.

I don't do audio books cause I end up zoning out during them. Unless its a personal development books! Otherwise, I have to do physical. Ereader books are ok but I don't have an ereader other than my phone and hate reading them that small haha.

message 5: by Ashley Marie (new)

Ashley Marie  | 318 comments I tend to stick mostly with paperbacks, but I love audiobooks and I've also got a decent collection of hardcovers. Usually it depends on what I can find, where I can find it, and $$. I only have a smattering of ebooks because I tend to not be a fan of reading a book on a screen.

message 6: by Arika, Dormouse (new)

Arika (onceuponabookishnerd) | 239 comments Mod
I really don't have a preference for books. If I do buy books, I prefer hardcovers because I like the look of them better and to me they seem to stay open better when I'm reading them on my lap. I also like to buy hardcovers when I love the series so that I can borrow them out to people :)

I love my kindle/ebooks though especially since they are usually cheaper to get. I like the fact I can use this feature called x-ray on my kindle which lets me read a little blurb sometimes about a character when I get too many that I can't remember.

I just discovered that I really like audio books when I drive in the car! It makes the long drives go by way faster, though I haven't tried audio books while working or cleaning.

Natulcien_reads | 257 comments Arika wrote: "I really don't have a preference for books. If I do buy books, I prefer hardcovers because I like the look of them better and to me they seem to stay open better when I'm reading them on my lap. I ..."

I love listening to audiobooks while doing the dishes or cleaning :-)

message 8: by Melodi (last edited Jan 30, 2017 01:18PM) (new)

Melodi | 7 comments Paperbacks have got to be my favorite because of costs. Now, I like a hardcover from now and then if they're thick books. This is because I got some of my Harry Potter books in paperback and because of the length the spine would end up creased or some pages would become loose. I still don't feel completely comfortable with ebooks because you have to remember to keep them charged, but I like audiobook, esp. when I was in college. I would have an app for them on my phone, so I would listen to my reading and fit in the gym at the same time.

message 9: by Josh (new)

Josh Caporale (caponomics) | 5 comments I prefer paperbacks and am by all means pro-physical book. I am not really fond of ebooks or audio books, for I feel that the experience of reading a book means picking up and holding a book while you read it and turn its pages. I would only read from an ebook if that is the only option that there is access to the book.

message 10: by Gautam (last edited Jan 30, 2017 10:37PM) (new)

Gautam Soman (gautamsoman) I don't think the format matters much; have been reading ebooks in TXT or PDF formats since 1998. Having said that, if a book is really, REALLY good, I do purchase a physical copy of it.
But with Kindle and all, it's more about ebooks now. Not only do they occupy almost no space, you can do a whole lot of things with them: copy quotes or paras, search for words, create an index and so on.

message 11: by Cathy (new)

Cathy It's interesting to see everyone's different response to this :)

I would say about 90% of what I read are ebooks. I still prefer a physical copy, because I love books so much and it's somehow just nicer to still actually be flipping pages. Plus, the gorgeous covers never hurt either. However, as I am also an avid traveller and want to see the world, I'm usually always saving up money for one trip or another and so I have to stick to ebooks.

I live in Belgium, too, and while my local library has a decent selection of English books, it's never a newly released book, and I'm not a fan of reading everything in translation. For a whole list of reasons.

Paperback/hardcover I don't really have a preference on. When I really love and adore a book, I will still buy a physical copy and then I usually go for the hardcover because they're prettier. But paperbacks are more useful.

I don't do audiobooks either, though. I've tried it a few times when I'm cleaning or driving, but they fail to hold my attention. It's weird how my mind keeps drifting, but it does.

message 12: by Alessandra (new)

Alessandra Crivelli (brunettegirl27) | 102 comments I live in Italy and my local library has not a good selection of english books. It's the worst. So I spend A LOT on books: paperbacks and subscription boxes.

I prefer paperbacks, except the fact that they are cheaper, are so much easier to carry around and read on a train -- I tend to read a lot outside home so hardbacks are quiet difficult to get around. But I try.

I have hardbacks from subscription boxes and if there are no other edition of the book that I want and I really want that book.

I also read a lot on my kindle, especially if I travel on airplane or I need a suitcase; plus I got my arcs on that.

Instead I am not really a fan of audiobook; I tend to distract a lot if I am just listening to a book and doing other things simultaneously.

message 13: by Inge, Mad Hatter (new)

Inge (omgitsinge) | 1361 comments Mod
I have the same problem where the English section at the local library is to cry over. Basically it's great if you only want to read classics. So I spend a lot of money on books. I'm so glad I have NetGalley for review copies!

I used to be kind of snobbish about ebooks, didn't think they were real books. But I bought myself a Kindle a few years ago and now I can't do without it! I actually find ebooks more comfortable to read. But I cannot resist a beautiful paperback.

message 14: by Ellen (new)

Ellen (arcticlibrarian) I have usually bought paperbacks because of the price and the size. My local library is very small, so I rarely find the books on my tbr there, so my only option has been to buy them. I got a kindle a few months ago and I just love it. I thought I would struggle reading on it, and miss flipping through pages, but I have had no issues with it this far. So now the only paperbacks I will buy are the series I have started and want to keep collecting, along with my favorite books that I know I will re-read.

message 15: by Arika, Dormouse (new)

Arika (onceuponabookishnerd) | 239 comments Mod
Inge wrote: "I have the same problem where the English section at the local library is to cry over. Basically it's great if you only want to read classics. So I spend a lot of money on books. I'm so glad I have..."

I feel the same way Inge! At first I didn't know what to think about ebooks but once I got my kindle, I LOVED it! It is way easier carrying around the kindle then it is a regular book. But the only thing the ebooks don't have is the beautiful covers and I love seeing those on my bookshelf. :)

message 16: by Cathy (new)

Cathy Heh, that's funny because I know a lot of people who used to be or still are kind of snobby about ebooks, but I've always loved them! Yes, I still prefer an actual, physical book, but like someone else mentioned above, I also remember the very first days of "ebooks" where I would be reading files in .pdf or .txt format.

Anything to get English reading material back in the early 2000s :p

message 17: by Inge, Mad Hatter (new)

Inge (omgitsinge) | 1361 comments Mod
Cathy wrote: "Heh, that's funny because I know a lot of people who used to be or still are kind of snobby about ebooks, but I've always loved them! Yes, I still prefer an actual, physical book, but like someone ..."

That is actually why I bought an ereader, because I was getting digital review copies and I was reading them in PDF :D but reading on a computer is really uncomfortable to me.

message 18: by Evelien (new)

Evelien | 28 comments I prefer paperbacks, but I also love hardbacks. Recently I mostly read ebooks, because it's so convenient when I'm traveling to and from school on the train; I don't need to carry extra weight, or a new book when the one I'm reading is almost finished. Because they're also cheaper, I feel less guilty when I dnf :D

message 19: by WhatIReallyRead (new)

WhatIReallyRead I listen to a lot of audiobooks - whatever I'm doing - cleaning the house, going to work, cooking etc. Very convenient!

For the last couple of years I've read most books digitally, but recently fell back in love with paper books (paperbacks, because of the price), so now I'm focusing on reading stuff I have on my shelves.

Also, I love mixing formats - sometimes I listen to a book while doing something, and then pick up where I left of on a physical copy.

message 20: by Cathy (new)

Cathy Inge wrote: "That is actually why I bought an ereader, because I was getting digital review copies and I was reading them in PDF :D but reading on a computer is really uncomfortable to me."

Oh yes, I can only agree there. I'm pretty sure that all that reading I did on my laptop back in the day is what started ruining my eyes, so I just had to stop at some point.

I'm really disappointed that audiobooks don't work for me. When I read that other people listen to loads while cleaning or cooking, I wish I could, too. But when I'm cooking, I will invariably get distracted and start thinking more about whatever recipe I'm trying than actually listening to what's going on. Maybe I'm not good at multitasking where books are concerned :)

message 21: by Inge, Mad Hatter (new)

Inge (omgitsinge) | 1361 comments Mod
I tried a few audiobooks but they're not for me, either. I can't concentrate on several things at once!

message 22: by WhatIReallyRead (new)

WhatIReallyRead Strangely, I can't concentrate doing only one thing - I keep looking for something else to do simultaneously:))) so audiobooks are perfect

message 23: by Inge, Mad Hatter (new)

Inge (omgitsinge) | 1361 comments Mod
WhatIReallyRead wrote: "Strangely, I can't concentrate doing only one thing - I keep looking for something else to do simultaneously:))) so audiobooks are perfect"

My problem with audiobooks is that I can't just sit down and listen to the book, because I feel like I'm not doing anything. So I'll start to play games on my phone or do dishes or something, and then I stop listening :')

message 24: by Maraya21 (new)

Maraya21 (The Reading Dragon) | 50 comments It's paperbacks and ebooks for me. Hardcovers are too bulky, unpractical and expensive for me but i'll resolve to them if i can't find a paperback edition to add to my collection. Never tried audiobooks but i have the feeling that i'll be in the same situation as Inge.

Funny thing is i used to hate ebooks with a passion. Now i get through them like free all-you-can-eat donuts! Up until March of 2015 it was only paperbacks for me. I couldn't think how anyone could live without putting their faces inside a book, hug it, take a whif tbh.

Then i had to buy a few ebooks as a gift (two book #2s & a trilogy omnibus) and as i searched for them i saw that the first books were free and that i kind of liked them so i bought them and started reading one of them.
Needless to say i flew through that perticular series (which was still publishing and nearing it's end by the time i caught up - lucky me no much waiting) and then kept going strong with other ebooks :D

message 25: by Gautam (new)

Gautam Soman (gautamsoman) I haven't tried audiobooks yet, but have a feeling that they wont work for me, either. But perhaps I should try them first before passing any judgement. Let us see.

message 26: by Marguerite (new)

Marguerite I like hardcovers because the look better on my shelves but paperbacks are easier to read! And I love reading on my ereader because I can lay on my side and read easier than with an actual book. Ah the struggle!

message 27: by Francesca (new)

Francesca | 52 comments My favourite format is paperback. I love the look of them and the feel of them. I like that they're easier to hold and carry around.

I do love a nice hardback but it never bothers me if a book is in hardback because most of the time it just makes it harder to read it as it's less comfortable to hold.

I'm not a snob when it comes to kindle/ebooks but it's not my go to format. I have the kindle app on my phone and my ipad and I do use it and read books from them but I tend to only get books on my kindle if they're free or a lot cheaper than the paperback version or if it's something I don't necessarily want everyone to see that I'm reading. If it's the same price or there's not much difference to the paperback version, I will choose the paperback one.

I love audiobooks of autobiographies when they're read by the author/who they're about and like some non-fiction audiobooks but I don't like fictional audiobooks. I tend to get annoyed with the voices being put on and I'd rather just imagine the voices myself in my own head.

†Reviews of a FearStreetZombie† (fearstreetzombie) Hardcover! I mean I love ebooks because you can carry around a library the size of the earth with you... but hardcovers are so much easier to get lost in. The smell, the look, the feeling, everything. I wish wish wish WIIIIISH authors did Hardcover ARC so bad. It takes me days to weeks to finish one book on my kindle. Books, shoooot, I'd fly through them suckers so fast.

message 29: by lucie (new)

lucie (arey) | 476 comments I love paperbacks. I like when I can break the spine. I know, it's the worst nightmare of 99% readers but the more the spine is broken the more other people can see that I love the book (after many rereads).. You know what I mean? :D

message 30: by Andrew (new)

Andrew (coffeeandliterature) I love paperbacks for traveling (especially the ones that are just small enough to fit in the pocket of my coat), but when at home, I prefer paperbacks!

message 31: by Juicelyn (new)

Juicelyn | 3 comments I love hardbacks but if I don't have a lot of money(which is the norm with me) and I have a lot of books I want I won't mind getting paperbacks. I don't mind ebooks but there's just something about physically holding a book and sometimes you can lose your phone or it could die plus I can't have my phone out in class but if I have an actual book then some of my teachers won't even care if I rush through my work just so that I can read.

message 32: by Jen (new)

Jen  (jennsps) | 7 comments I have about 3,000 actual books, most are on my TBR and haven't actually been read yet. Because of my long lag time with reading what I obtain, I prefer paperback because why pay hard cover prices for a book I'm not going to read until it's been in paperback for a good five years or more? Paperbacks also take up a tad less space, which as one can imagine, is at a premium at my home.

I do hardcover for keepers that I re-read, since they tend to be more durable than paperbacks. I'm very careful with my books, but years of loving and reading, no matter how careful, and I end up needing to replace them.

I do eBooks for convenience, BUT absolutely HATE that I'm not paying for the book, I'm paying for the right to read it. If the eReader is connected to the Internet, at any time the provider can edit, or even remove, a prior purchase. If you want to do that with a real book, one would need to physically access my home and take it from me. Good luck with that. ;)

I space out on audio when I'm driving, but when I'm doing something like sewing or laundry, I find I can focus on audio books. It's not something I do often, and I tend to listen to books I've already read and loved, so if I do space out, it's not a big deal.

Real books for the win here, but I'm not against any media that gets a book into my imagination. :)

message 33: by Kim (new)

Kim | 58 comments I'm an e-book woman all the way these days.
I bought my first e-reader when going on a 4 week vacation in South Africa, with the need to fit a lot of reading material in my bag and at the same time having a weight restriction for getting on the plane...

I never turned back to real-paper books. I still love the look, smell and feel of them, and one day, when I have money to spare (haha...) I want to have a nice big wall of shelves filled with beautiful hardcovers to look at, but for doing the actual reading my Kindle is my best friend.
It weighs practically nothing, and requires very little space, so it can come with me wherever I go. I can read it everywhere, I don't get a sore back/neck/arm because I can sit/lie/stand/hang in any position I like. When I go to bed (in a cold bedroom) I only have to have one hand out from the covers... Nothing but advantages.
And did I mention carrying half a library with me at all times? :)

message 34: by Cassidy (new)

Cassidy (argyle_socks) I'm all for solid, tangible books. If I can get it in hardback, awesome! If not, I'll settle for paperback--I still prefer it to an audiobook or e-book. Sometimes, the only way to get a book is digitally, and so I'll settle for that. And every now and then, audiobooks are fun. But my main passion for reading comes not only from the story, but from the collecting and care and appreciation of their beautiful bindings and pages that can and will be affected by my life (and looked back on someday with fondness).

message 35: by Marion (new)

Marion (_tirilu) | 24 comments I have rediscovered ebooks recently. Not that I don't love physical copies, I adore physical copies, but lately I'm really out of space and everything feels so cluttered. I feel like giving away some books and the thought that I can get them as an ebook if I really need them again is somewhat comforting.
Also, I discovered Scribd which helps me over the perpetual anger directed at my library who seem to like to complicate things. :P

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