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Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Kobeni sits on the couch with the coffee table moved a bit, Mashiro sitting between her legs as she brushes her damp hair. Today some boys pushed the little girl into a mud puddle so when Kobeni, who was busy with classes at the time, found her, she was pardoned and rushed straight home to give the little girl a bath. Even so, there was only a few minutes of the last class when Kobeni rushed home with her little sister, so she decided to try texting Takuma. She has never texted with people other than some of her female friends before, and never something as intimate as a new partner. While she gave Mashiro a flip-phone for contacting her if needed, it only has a calling option.

Kobeni smiles down at the little girl as she rambles about some new alien discovery she saw on the TV, listening but only with half an ear. In her text to Takuma, she invited him over for cookies and tea, saying that it was a good time for them to socialize while they were away from school. She knows it isn't definite, but cannot helo but feel a flutter in her stomach at the thought of someone other than Mashiro in their apartment.

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Takuma, who just happened to be in the area at the time, felt his phone buzz softly in his jacket pocket. He stopped walking, standing on the sidewalk. He furrowed his brow, wondering who would be texting him Takuma rarely got texts, and when he did, they were usually from some person claiming to be a relative, asking about his fathers fortune, and wondering if he was going to receive it, seeing that he was of age to. Still, It couldn't hurt to check, so he did. Takuma pulled out his phone and saw the name on the screen. Kobeni? he thought, then flipped the phone open and read the message displayed on the screen. He hesitated before replying back, saying Thank you for the invitation, I will be over in a little bit. Takuma hit send, and began walking over to her apartment.
(Hey random question- But should he refer to both of them with any honorific?)

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) (Hmmm... Well seeing as they haven't been partners for long at all, under a week, I would assume so. He can even refer to Kobeni using her last name. Like, Yonomori-san. Only people who are really close use each other's first name without honorifics.)

Kobeni feels the buzz in her back pocket and Mashiro lies her head back against her thighs, but with a smile, she continues brushing the little girl's hair. The text must be from Takuma, as she rarely texts anyone. But she knows just how jealous Mashiro can get, even without her being bluntly told, so she decides to ignore the message for now. Due to this, her reply comes a bit later, when Mashiro is sitting on the floor in front of the fixed coffee table, playing with one of her UMA figurines.
"No problem! Thanks!" she sends. But in her mind she is far from calm.
What if I put too many exclamation marks? Is 'thanks' and 'no problem' too informal? Should I have sent something else? What if he gets the wrong idea and thinks I'm trying to be flirty?! No, that won't happen. Who would want me to flirt with them. Oh geeze, I hope Mashiro doesn't hurt him. That would be terrible. I've gotta tell her. But... Is it better for him to show up as a surprise? Should I just tell her he replied with a yes when he is at the door? No... I should tell her now... Should I? Ugggggh...
"M-Mashiro, my new weapon, Ryousuke-san, said that he can come over for snacks, alright?" she tells the girl gently, smiling too brightly.

Mashiro looks up at Kobeni the second the girl starts to speak, her golden-brown eyes widening a bit. "Ryou...suke...san..?" she mumbles. "Kobeni, should we get out the snacks?" The pink-haired girl yelps and stands up quickly. "Ah, y-yes! Thanks!" she stutters, jogging over to the kitchenette. Mashiro pouts a bit at the light blush on her sister's cheeks, huffing and looking back down at her Nessie and Yeti figurines. Why does Kobeni have to be so nervous? He's just a stupid boy, she thinks with another huff, standing to put the yeti toy away. I won't let anyone hurt Kobeni. No stupid boy weapon is gonna do anything to her.

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Takuma had stopped walking again, and waited for Yonomori-san's answer. He thought it might be weird if he showed up and she hadn't responded, what if plans suddenly changed. Takuma cringed thinking about this, he hated feeling awkward, but then again, that feeling had been going around lately. He slid his phone back in his pocket, as soon as he did so, it vibrated once more. Must be Yonomori-san... Takuma flipped his phone open, reading the message. He felt slightly tingly inside, was he...feeling..happy? No. Takuma hadn't felt happy in a long long time. He shook his head, then began walking again, towards his meister's apartment.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Mashiro watches Kobeni fumble around with making sure things were perfect, cookies and tea set up on the small coffee table. In the kitchen, sitting perfectly in the fridge, are sandwiches should Takuma be hungrier for something more than just cookies. Along with that is a jug of cran-grape juice and orange juice, should the weapon prefer that over tea. Mashiro remains quiet, which is quite easy when she studies how panicked Kobeni's actions are. "Kobeni," she calls when the girl finally pauses and stares at the coffee table from near the kitchen. When she has the girl's attention, she smiles that big, mischievous smile of hers. "Don't worry, Kobeni! It looks great! Plus: COOKIES!" She giggles and grabs one of the chocolate chip cookies in one hand, the other grabbing a sugar cookie. Kobeni just chuckles nervously, but Mashiro's words luckily seem to have calmed her down.

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Takuma suddenly found himself staring at the apartment. He took a deep breath. Why was he so nervous? I hope everything turns out okay.. he thought. "Argh!" he whispered to himself. Calm down Takuma! Everything'll be fine..Just remain calm, don't be morbid..and everything'll be just fine. He ran a hand through his mop of ebony black hair, pushed up his glasses, which had fallen down to the tip of his nose and pulled up his sleeve a bit, covering his wrist. Takuma hesitantly reached out, pressing the doorbell, then taking a single step back.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Kobeni squeaks to attention when the doorbell rings, slapping a hand to her chest. She quickly walks over to the door despite the fact that Mashiro is now clinging to her from behind. She is wearing a cute yellow blouse with white lace trim around the bottom hem and some light-wash blue skinny jeans that show off her curves. Despite being barefoot, she has on white socks with pink polka-dots. Mashiro behind her is wearing a similar outfit, but is instead wearing a light pink dress the same color as her socks. She also has on polka-dot socks, but the dots on hers are yellow. It is clear from close up that they are matching on purpose.

Kobeni takes a deep breath, fixes her pony-tail and then opens the door, ignoring the flush to her cheeks and the tightening of Mashiro's hand on the hem of her shirt. "H-hello, Ryousuke-san... I'm Yonomori Kobeni. This is my...little sitter, Mashiro. Please, um, c-come in," she says, her voice as soft as normal but laced with that all too natural shyness. She steps back so Takuma can walk inside, but after shutting the door behind him, Mashiro stands in the boy's way.
Mashiro narrows her cat-like eyes up at the boy, her arms crossed stubbornly over her flat chest. Then she skips over to the couch, sitting down and glaring at the boy. It is clear that it will take her some time to get used to him. Kobeni sighs softly behind the boy, making Mashiro bite her lip, but she only softens her scowl slightly, for her sister's sake.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) (Let's pretend the bed in the picture is a futon. Like it can be both a bed and a couch. Right now, it's a couch lolol.)

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Crazy-Person (PleaseMoreKisses) wrote: "(Let's pretend the bed in the picture is a futon. Like it can be both a bed and a couch. Right now, it's a couch lolol.)"


Takuma stood still when the door opened. He listened to his Meister speak. Don't be nervous, just say..Hello, I'm Ryosuke Takuma, It's very nice to meet both of you. "H-Hello, I'm Ryosuke..Takuma. It's nice to meet you two." He said, mentally sighing in relief. He stepped inside, suddenly remembering his manners. "Thank you for inviting me over, Yonomori-san." Said Takuma, not wanting to seem cold, he forced a slight smile. The good thing was, it didn't look fake, but the bad thing, he wished it was real. Takuma really didn't want to seem awkward or anything, but he was, noticing Mashiro's glare.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Kobeni smiles gently up at Takuma. He's far taller than I thought, she thinks. "Ryousuke-san, would you like to sit down? Mashiro won't bite. She's just a bit protective," she says gently, walking over to stand beside the little girl. She gives Mashiro's spiky hair a loving pat, which causes the girl to smile brightly. "Oh, and Rousuke-san, please just call me Kobeni." At that, Mashiro pouts but then Kobeni is starting toward the kitchen. "Would you like some snacks? I have cookies and tea on the table, but there are more options if you would like?" Somehow the girl manages to remain calm despite how panicked she is in her mind.

Mashiro keeps her eyes narrowed whenever she looks at Takuma, her lips pursed now. "Kobeni makes the bestest snacks ever, Mister, so you'd better like them!" she states, pointing at him with that adorable scowl on her face. "And why's your name so long, Mister? It's too long! Yes, too long." She nods to herself as if her statement needs only her confirmation.

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She seems nice..that's good! He thought to himself. "I understand, I was like that myself.." he said, adding the last part quietly. He was surprised that she was allowing him to call her by her first name.."Are you sure? In that case, you can call me Takuma if you'd like.." He replied, He was slightly uneasy around kids, not knowing how to act, not wanting to say something that they shouldn't hear. Takuma knelt down. "Well, you can call me whatever you want." He said to Mashiro, the slight accent in his voice becoming more noticeable when he wasn't stuttering.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Mashiro pouts at Takuma, watching him carefully. "Why did you wanna be Kobeni's weapon?" she instantly states, tone a bit accusing. Behind Takuma, Kobeni visibly tenses, but for the sake of her sister's well-being, Mashiro just continues scowling at Takuma. "Kobeni is the bestest, most wonderful person in the whole world, Mister, and if you're mean to her, I'll be extra, extra mean to you!" Then she looks away, only to see the light catch on a showing little sliver of metal. She pretends not to notice. It's probably just a bracelet or a watch.

Kobeni sighs softly, not commenting for the most part. That is until Mashiro stops speaking. "Mashiro, be nice," she scolds gently, despite the smile on her face. "Takuma-kun, would you like a sandwich? Is tea alright for you, or would you prefer water? Maybe juice?"

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Takuma wasn't sure what to say, he started to stutter something out, but stopped. "I'll be nice to her. I promise!" Said Takuma, hoping he wouldn't screw anything up with his seriousness and awkwardness. He suddenly felt the urge to tug his sleeve down, and does so discreetly did so. There wasn't really a reason to, maybe Kobeni wouldn't care, but..he still felt self conscious with it showing, It was a reminder of what he had done. He had spaced out for a few seconds, but snapped out of it when Kobeni spoke. "Tea is fine, Thank you Kobeni-San" he replied.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Kobeni smiles and nods, gesturing toward where Mashiro is sitting. "Please, feel free to sit down," she says. Mashiro scoots close to one side, not wanting Takuma too close to her. She watches the boy with those narrowed eyes before Kobeni kneels down to pour some tea for him. With a huff, she grabs a chocolate chip cookie and leans back, holding it with both hands as she bites into it.

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Takuma nodded and sat down at the table, He sat with his legs folded under him.he noticed Mashiro scooting away a bit, but pretended not to notice anyways. He did seem a bit untrustworthy, seeing that they knew almost nothing about him, but he didn't know a lot about them as well. Maybe that would change, then instantly thinking of his arm. It's not's scary, but it is a bit unnerving, why they didn't give him just a normal prosthetic. Oh well. That'll be a thought for another day.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Kobeni remains kneeling where she is, smiling across the table at Mashiro and then Takuma. "Takuma-kun, I only wished to speak with you. We know very little about each other and you hadn't properly met Mashiro yet, so I figured now would be a good time. Firstly, what weapon do you turn into?" she asks, eyes warm and inviting.

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Takuma looked down into his lap, then looked back up. "I agree. This would be a great opportunity to get to know each other." He replied. "To answer your question, A gun, pistol to be exact!" Said Takuma, He had never really turned into one, except for the time's on accident. If Takuma needed to use a gun, he just turned his finger or hand into the barrel.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) (How would she be his meister if he hasn't fully turned into a gun yet???)

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((Sorry, I should have phrased that differently.))

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Kobeni nods silently, still smiling at the boy. "Would you mind transforming for me, Takuma-kun? We are indoors, but because you turn into a smaller weapon, I think it will be alright," she says, standing and brushing off the bottoms of her light blue jeans. Then suddenly her face becomes composed and serious. "Mashiro, would you please move a bit nearer to the wall? I don't want you getting hurt should something go wrong."

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"Alright." He responded, In a single second, a flash of light appeared, Takuma, now in his weapon form. An ebony pistol, laying on the floor. "Is my form okay?" He asked, hoping it was for Kobeni. It's not like he could change, but he felt like he needed to ask her..

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Kobeni chuckles softly and pets Mashiro's hair when the little girl throws herself at her. "You are perfectly fine, Takuma-kun. Hold on one moment, alright?" she says softly. She looks down at Mashiro and whispers, "It's okay." Then she walks over to where Takuma lies on the floor, allowing Mashiro to cling to her as she is used to it. Picking up the gun, she holds it perfectly in her hand. Then, face becoming emotionless, she spins the pistol around on her finger before aiming and almost pulling the trigger at the wall. "Perfect."

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) (Hon, you still on? You don't have to be, I'm just asking whether or not I should keep refreshing the page or make a character or two...?)

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((Sorry, I had fallen asleep, I'll respond in a little bit))

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That's good..I feel relieved He thought, sorta, almost, slightly smiling, although it wasn't visible due to his weapon form. Now all he had to do was focus on turning back, that sounded easy, right? Takuma was sure he could do it, he had done it before.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Kobeni smiles and then gently sets Takuma down on the floor, though she is aware that he would be just fine transforming from her hand. "You can change back now, Takuma-kun," she tells him gently, face becoming gentle once more.

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"Got it, Sorry for asking again, but my form does work for you, Right?" He says, before quickly turning back, Despite only transforming a few number of times, he had seemed to almost get the hang of it. He'd have to master transforming quicker if they were ever to go on a mission together though.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Kobeni looks a bit surprised at first, but she smiles warmly at the boy and nods. "Of course, Takuma-kun. It's absolutely perfect. Don't you worry yourself about that. Weapons are great in their own right, and a meister has to familiarize herself with all different styles if she is to choose a good partner. We are getting off to a great start," she tells him. Her eyes are so gentle it almost seems that she would never be capable of ever killing anything. But the girl at her hip doesn't clutch to her for no reason. Mashiro knows full well how Kobeni gets when she is provoked, and once provoked by such an innocent, kind soul, there is no going back.

Mashiro scowls at Takuma, but even she cannot deny that she liked seeing him transform. "So... You're a gun..? What's a gun? I've heard of it, and the teacher said it's a shooty-thingy, but what is it, really? Is it like something from a different planet? Like ALIEN TECH?!" Her eyes light up at the term she mentions, hungry for more information than documentaries can give her.

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Takuma looked away, his face the slightest tinge of pink. He looked back at Kobeni. "I agree Kobeni-San" He replied, right before noticing Mashiro's scowl. He listened her, wondering what to respond with. ''It's not quite Alien Tech, and definitely something made on earth." He responded with a slight chuckle.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Kobeni smiles at Takuma in return, but Mashiro doesn't see it, too busy looking up at Takuma with wide, fascinated eyes. Then she pouts, pursing her lips and pulling her arms away from Kobeni to cross them over her flat chest. While Kobeni moves to sit on the couch and sip at some tea, Mashiro continues to scowl up at Takuma. "Then, what's so special about a gun? It's just a human-made shooty-thingy, right? What's so cool about it? It's so little!"

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" can do a lot of damage, and in a fight, it would be better then a sword, I'm not so sure about a scythe though.." Said Takuma,
Beginning to ramble one, which was very unusual for him. He talked about his weapon form with a passion, Takuma had done a lot of research on them after finding out he was a demon weapon, resulting in him being quite knowledgeable.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Mashiro tilts her head in confusion, brows furrowing over those cat-like eyes of hers. "What's a scythe? It's hard to say. I don't like it," she says softly, pouting adorably. Then she shrugs her shoulders up near her ears, looking away from Takuma. "I guess you're okay-ish, then."

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((Hey I've got to go, I'll respond in abit!))

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Crazy-Person (PleaseMoreKisses) wrote: "(Oh, kk!)"

((I'm back! I just had to turn in my computer bc it wasn't working again))

"A Scythe? It's another demon weapon." He responded. Takuma looked down at Mashiro, smiling slightly. "Okay-ish huh?" He asked, feeling sort of happy. It had been a while since Takuma had felt some sort of joy, when he was a child to be exact.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) "Yeah! -Ish! I don't trust you yet, person, and I won't let you hurt Kobeni! So there!" Mashiro states, scowling up at him for what seems to be the hundreth time in the short while he has been in their home.

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Takuma thought for a moment. "I don't do anything to hurt your sister. I promise." He replied. Even though he had only known Kobeni-san for a short while, he would protect her, if they were ever in danger.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) "Actions speak louder than words. That what my.... That's what someone I know used to always say," Mashiro says, looking away as she fumbles. For the first time in front of Takuma, she looks...sad. In seconds, Kobeni is beckoning for her, and she instantly runs over, throwing herself into the girl's waiting arms.

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Did I say something? Fuck..I fucked up didn't I..I must have said something to upset her...God. Why am I so bad at human interaction?!?! he thought to himself. "" he stuttered, unsure what to say.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Kobeni smiles that gentle, reassuring smile up at the obviously anxious weapon. "Don't worry, Takuma-kun. You did nothing wrong. I found Mashiro two years ago, when I was fourteen. What happened before then still weighs on her. She will tell you whenever she feels she is ready to," she says softly, petting the top of Mashiro's head.

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"Still..I should have been more cautious with what I said.." He replied. Takuma began wondering what had happened to the little girl. He could relate a bit, He had no parents anymore, Both gone, because of him.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) (So what should they do now???)

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((Maybe we could fast forward a bit(Only if you want to) and have them go on a mission? Idk))

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) (Either a mission, or training. But I totally forgot about this. We need to make teams a thing. Remember that they formed teams in the show? Three meisters and their weapons.)

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) (Oh, P.S., I am working on Death's daughter!!!!)

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Crazy-Person (PleaseMoreKisses) wrote: "(Either a mission, or training. But I totally forgot about this. We need to make teams a thing. Remember that they formed teams in the show? Three meisters and their weapons.)"

((We should make teams a thing! Which would you like to do? Mission, or training?:) ))

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