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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Here it is

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Okay. So this idea is based the Fallout album by Crown The Empire.
There are two sides, Dark and Light. There was a huge war many years ago that spilt up the sides, probably forever. The Dark's Empire and The Light's Empire are separated by a giant field. Each empire is surrounded by trees so nobody can actually see the fields in the center unless they sneak out to them.
The sides don't talk to each other. It's not allowed. Just like falling in love with the other side isn't allowed. Sides can be identified by their clothes. Lights always wear light colors, mainly white. Darks wear dark colors, mainly black. Grey is a banned color. (The sides often will wear black or white masks, clearly showing their side.) Enter our characters. Guy A is a Dark, son of the Dark leaders, Girl A is a Light. Girl A also happens to be the daughter of the leaders of the Light side. One day, Girl A sneaks out to the fields. Guy A is out there. She is wary of him at first but they slowly warm up to each other (possibly Falling in love). Can they bring the sides back together or will they have to live with the burden of a forbidden love...?

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manya (amused_apples) | 7284 comments Hi again, so you're the dark girl? Can you do your character first?

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Sure. Simple name age appearance?
What age range??

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manya (amused_apples) | 7284 comments Yeah, and I dunno, 19? 20ish? You pick, honestly.

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) 18-20ish sounds pretty good. I'll have my girl up in a few.

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Name: Camryn Alissa McKoel
Age: 18
Brown hair, blue green eyes.

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manya (amused_apples) | 7284 comments Name: Caleb A. Murphy
Age: 19
Appearance: Brown hair, brown eyes, slightly imperfect teeth, lean build

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) He's cute.

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manya (amused_apples) | 7284 comments They're the same initials? I didn't even see that oh my gosh I was doing the character since you made the thread woah

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Oh. Huh. They are. I just noticed that. Hmm. That okay with you?

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manya (amused_apples) | 7284 comments I'll change the name to Caleb Jaymes Stevens, but that's weird.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Okay!

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manya (amused_apples) | 7284 comments Honestly, I looked up happy tumblr males and that was the third thing that came up, so it's all good.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Okay.
Would you like to start then?

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manya (amused_apples) | 7284 comments Uh, no. I don't know how to. I think since it's your idea, I'll let you have the pleasure, haha.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Umm. Alright. Basically it'll just be their first time meeting up in the fields.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Camryn sighed softly as she slipped through the hole in the fence and into the trees. She followed the same path through the trees as she always did, heading to the fields. It was late afternoon so nobody would miss her for a bit at least.

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manya (amused_apples) | 7284 comments ((Okay, coolio.))

The warmth of the sun shone on Caleb's bare arms and face as he laid in the grass. He had been surrounded by his dad's boring political friends all morning and he needed a break. He knew he might have to inherit the empire one day, and his dad was sure to always remind him. He felt free when he was alone in the field, even if he wasn't supposed to be there. There was no one coming up to him there, at least.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Camryn walked to her normal spot, under the shade of one of the few trees in the fields. She hummed faintly to herself, setting her backpack down by the tree and sitting down.

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manya (amused_apples) | 7284 comments Caleb froze, hearing the rustling of grass nearby. It could be a an animal, he thought to himself, deciding not to bother with moving from his spot under the sun. He'd been inside for far too long too, and he could use a bit of color.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Camryn kept humming to herself. She was used to being alone out there so she saw no reason to be silent. But she rarely was extremely loud either. She opened up her backpack, finding her sketchbook and pens.

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manya (amused_apples) | 7284 comments Caleb's eyes shot open at the faint hum. He doubted the him was anything more than the breeze, but he suddenly felt vulnerable. The field was shared with the other empire, and he wasn't sure if he was truly alone.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Camryn flipped to a page she'd been working on for a while. The drawing part was done. Now she was just coloring it in. It was a sunset on the ocean, well what she'd imagined it would look like, having never seen the ocean, only heard of it. She kept humming.

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manya (amused_apples) | 7284 comments Caleb stood, careful to have his hand on his dagger, which was strapped onto his hip. He was afraid he would encounter someone who he wouldn't be able to beat in combat without the element of surprise. Caleb strained his ears for a hum, but he heard nothing.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Camryn chose the colors for a part of the picture and began to lightly color it in. She continued to hum, staying relatively quiet.

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manya (amused_apples) | 7284 comments Caleb gave up, but he figure he might as well go back home. It had been too long, and soon his dad would be suspicious. He would like to keep his hiding place a secret. As he began to walk the way he came, he saw a figure on the other side of the grass.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Camryn hadn't seen him yet, focused on the sketchbook in her lap. The tall grass near the tree helped to kind of obscure the dark jeans and tank top that she was wearing.

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manya (amused_apples) | 7284 comments Caleb was sure that with his white shirt and light pants, he would have stood out. The figure was focused on something. He broke out into a jog, trying to see who they were, letting his curiosity win over his common sense.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Camryn heard the footsteps and quickly looked around. Seeing the guy, she swore softly, tossing her pens in her bag with her sketchbook and closing it, thinking she may have to run or something. She carefully opened a smaller pouch of her bag, grabbing a small dagger.

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manya (amused_apples) | 7284 comments "Wait! I'm not going to hurt you!" Caleb yelled as he came closer, finally seeing her dark clothing. 'Well, shoot,' he said to himself, not stopping though. He figured she would know who he was.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) "Yelling at someone really doesn't assure that." She stated simply, standing up and slinging her bag over her shoulder. She kept the blade in her hand hidden from him. Camryn watched him carefully, debating if she should run.

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manya (amused_apples) | 7284 comments "Well, I'm sorry you don't believe me, but I won't," he said, getting closer. He let out shallow breaths, studying her. "You're from the other side?" He asked, not having ever interacted with anyone from there before.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Camryn kept her distance from him. "No. Clearly I'm a light. Just a rebellious one who dyed some clothes dark." She remarked, a bit of sarcasm in her voice.

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manya (amused_apples) | 7284 comments Caleb bit his lip, surprised by what she said. He hadn't even met been spoken to like that before. Even children his age were formal with him, afraid of the consequences if he ever became emperor. "Interesting," he mumbled.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Camryn rolled her eyes at him. "Interesting, really? Never met someone a bit rebellious or different before?" She asked him, figured she'd stick with that story for a bit instead of admitting to be a dark.

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manya (amused_apples) | 7284 comments Caleb ignored what she was saying, studying her face. People he was surrounded with had the same traits, a strong jaw and the same, long, nose. All of the royals, and peasants, had this in common. He grabbed her by the chin, twisting her head to examine her jaw. He hasn't exactly been raised normally, and had little idea as to what was acceptable and not.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Camryn swung out and punched his face with the hand not holding the knife and quickly moved back from him. She glared at him, moving the knife so it was in sight. "Don't you dare touch me again.". Her features were softer and a bit more delicate but her cold voice proved she was serious.

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manya (amused_apples) | 7284 comments Caleb didn't flinch at the punch, merely frowning at her. "Huh, well then." He said, somewhat confused. He had only fought with his multiple combat instructors, and none of them had ever straight out hit him. He nodded. "Sorry, miss. I was curious. You have wonderful bone structure." He said, brushing grass off his pants.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) "You're completely mental aren't you?" Camryn mumbled. She was used to being a bit protected from most stuff but her side was a bit tougher than the lights. So it was often that She'd sneak out of her house and go get into trouble around the city,, disguising herself so they wouldn't know who she was and she could be normal for a bit.

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manya (amused_apples) | 7284 comments "Mental? As in?" He asked, frowning. He was definitely intrigued. He had spent his entire life in a castle, learning all he could ever want to know in there. He had never made much contact with the public, only on a few days a year when he was required to show up with his dad. He had a future suitor, friends, and hobbies, picked out for him.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) "Correction: you are definitely an idiot." Camryn answered. She walked toward the tree line on her side, Keeping a close eye on him

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manya (amused_apples) | 7284 comments Caleb laughed, throwing his head back. "Your humor is refreshing," he said, starting to walk with her. "Anyways, why are you walking in this direction?" He asked, thinking she was a part of his side.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) "I like to live dangerously." Camryn said, picking a random excuse. She didn't get what was up with this guy and why he seemed so completely clueless.

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manya (amused_apples) | 7284 comments "Huh, thats entirely unnecessary, don't you think?" Caleb asked, frowning. He shrugged. "Well, it was nice meeting you, but I didn't get your name, miss." He said.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Camryn rolled her eyes. "Well. I never did get your name either." She answered, looking at him. She stopped walking and watched him for a moment.

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manya (amused_apples) | 7284 comments "It's Caleb Jaymes, miss." He said, turning to her and holding out his hand, for a handshake. He gave her his most charming smile, hoping to not weird her out.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Camryn hesitated slightly but shook his hand. "Nice to meet you Caleb." She said quietly, still not giving up her name.

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manya (amused_apples) | 7284 comments "Likewise, miss." He said, not pushing her for her name. One of the few things his mother had told her was to never press a woman for anything. "Well, I'll see you another day," he said, knowing it had been too long. He gave her one last smile before turning and running back.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) "Alright." Camryn rolled her eyes as she ran away. "The idiocy levels of some people still surprise me." She mumbled as she walked through the trees on her side.

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