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((This is where the assassins roam. Those who enter without warning do not come back out))

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jammy (chaoticdumbo) | 81 comments Dawn walked into the keep, Fox taking the lead. "I trust you have succeeded, as always" Fox said. Dawn followed him to the meeting room. When she sat, and only then, she took out the stone; threw it lightly and caught it with her hand. "Well, I don't know what you take me for, but why is this stone so important to be guarded heavily?"
She threw it to Fox and he caught it, admiring it's crevices. "Dawn, I will explain everything at the feast with the others. Right now go see the healer so she can tend to you. She's in the training hall," Dawn stood up, and made out to go to the training hall, but when out of Fox's sight she headed to the front of the keep. All she needed was a little break.

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Not many people knew about it, but Ahelia had a photographic memory. She had already mapped out a perfect escape route. Her Cunning mind was what had ensured her survival before the healer had found her. The pretending part would be a cinch though. Assassins had a general feel about them that she could replicate. Isolation. You couldn't really make friends when you killed for a living.

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jammy (chaoticdumbo) | 81 comments ((Do you want Dawn to find her?))

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((nah, maybe some scouting first. Ahelia is trained in this stuff. Not many people notice healers. Reference to TOG. *Sniff* she shouldn't have died))

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jammy (chaoticdumbo) | 81 comments ((I didn't believe she would die :( so sad.... But I will give Ahelia something juicy to spy on))
Dawn vacated the building. Sat on a step, rested her elbows on her knees and rubbed her eyes. Not a moment later Sam sat down next to her. He was another assassin, he was good, but could hardly best her. Dawn didn't know his back story, how he came here. When they talked they only talked business. Or at least that's how Sam wanted it to go. She on the other hand, found amusement in mocking him.

"What do I owe this fine pleasure of seeing you at this hour? Have you come to bid me fare well?" Dawn said in a pitched sarcastic tone.
As always Sam ignored her. "Well I thought you might like to know your next mission. Your not supposed to know till dinner."

"Seriously Sam, first of all why would you; out of all people, tell me my mission early. And second, what's the point if dinner's in an hour?"

"Because I'm going with you"
Dawn didn't believe this, Fox wouldn't allow it, he knew she did things alone.

"And what mission requires two assassins to accomplish the job?"

Sam hesitated, looked around, then whispered.
"We are going to kidnap the youngest princess in the Sun Court."

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While this turn of events was interesting, Ahelia didn't really care for the welfare of the royal family. Where had they been in her childhood? They would believe her, of course, one of the most trusted yet rarely seen healers. Most people didn't even know her name. Yet she felt she at least owed this strong headed assassin and her friend a chance at trying. She would see how far they got. There was one thing she knew for sure though. They would not succeed.

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jammy (chaoticdumbo) | 81 comments (( I'm balling my eyes right now :( I started school yesterday))

"Kidnap Freya? When? And why would Fox have need of her? She is no need for us, we would be hunted down." Dawn was aghast. She knew she could accomplish the job, she was the Silent Assassin after all. But Fox has taken this too far, she would be committing treason to the Sun Kingdom. The risk was too high, and for what?

Dawn waited for Sam, he hesitated then looked right into her eyes. "There are rumours, she is most precious to the king then his other children. For that if something were to happen to her, the king would pay dearly to her rescuer. "

"Sam you're being ridiculous, why would the king pay us if we kidnapped her?"

"Because we are not going to kidnap her, well we are to set the king running. But after that..."
Sam made a gesture involving his index finger slicing his throat.

"You're not making any sense, Sam!" Dawn said quietly but firm.

"You are going to take her place. Fox found a specialists that can fix you up, to look as close as you can to the princess. Close enough so that you can be right next to the king after he pays your 'rescuers', when you slit his throat. Then the court would be in chaos."

Dawn was speechless, she kill the king? She would never agree, and who was this specialist; she didn't even look like the princess.
"Why?" Dawn whispered.

"I don't know, he only told me his plans so I can organise everything; where supposed to leave tomorrow. But all I know now is that I am not going to let this plan prevail. Will you join me?"

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The girl was an idiot if she agreed to this outrageous plan. They had no sense of killing, really. It sounded like a not carefully thought out plan. Ahelia understood one thing, though. The girl was the sacrifice. How did they expect for her to fight all of the guards? Even with all of the assassins, they still would not make it far. Ahelia had talent in this. She had a past, after all. One not many knew. Her official files didn't even include it because her name was entirely made up.

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jammy (chaoticdumbo) | 81 comments "No."
Dawn said quickly, franticly. Then looking at Sam's shocked expression she said, "You don't understand, It's not Fox, he doesn't plan like that, he gave you the wrong information, his testing our reactions; I wouldn't be surprised if were being spied on." Dawn thought through the details Sam laid out to her.
Firstly Fox wouldn't set a mission without making sure anything was left to luck, secondly why would he tell Sam early; to what? Pack equipment, which he can do after dinner.And thirdly why such a big risk, for money? Fox wasn't that desperate. Unless that is the plan, but Sam is missing an important puzzle, that pieces all her un answered questions.
"If you are telling the truth, and I do not know what to believe, but Fox isn't telling you everything. He wouldn't do that for money, I have known him far longer then you have. If, which I doubt, for any reason Fox might want to kill the king with this desperate need of a made up-of a plan, he would do it to reign. To lead the chaos."

Sam shook his head, trying to figure out how he believed Fox's words. Dawn was right, it is a silly plan, not one tat Fox would master. "It's getting late, dinner's soon, we would just have to wait and see what Fox says. And do you really think someone is watching us?" Sam questioned, a bit too anxious.
Dawn stood, and made at the front door.
"Well of course Sam, not you; well me, I'm always being watched; must be my unnatural beauty."

Sam laughed in a bored tone. "of course me lady." He made a bow with his head for emphasis. Then they went inside the keep, not before Sam made a quick check around him. They should not have talked outside. But where was he supposed to talk?

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jammy (chaoticdumbo) | 81 comments ((Reading through it now, I realised it might be confusing :( Sorry me and my over exploding mind with so many ideas at once I can't word it properly.))

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(It's okay, I like how Dawn is smart about this)
Ahelia grinned, one that was cold and disturbing and screaming of danger. She decided that maybe, she did like Dawn. Maybe they should meet. But Ahelia would be picking up an old identity, an old life, in doing so. She thought it over. It was worth it. So, as Dawn and Sam went into the Keep, Ahelia slipped a note into Dawn's room which had been easy enough to locate, and left, silent and unnoticed as a shadow. As all healers were.

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Dawn of the Keep,
Girl of many talents. A past. A home.
You think too much. You think too little.
I've seen much more. Heard much more. Know much more.
Knowledge should be passed on, for a price.
You can inform him that he should make sure he teaches the students to watch the dark.
A friend is a foe.
Why not be an ally? It is a sign of agreement. Trust is to be earned.

-The Silver Rose

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jammy (chaoticdumbo) | 81 comments ((improvisation, making it up))
Dinner was late. Dawn exasperated lay on her bed, the fatigue hitting her at once. She closed her eyes for a brief moment; in which she tossed and turned the different alternatives with the new information she received. She had a feeling Sam was right, but she didn't want to believe him. Believe that her saviour would consider over throwing the kingdom and set the court in chaos. It wasn't right, but what was right and wrong when you spent your life living in the keep.
Dawn sat up to the quiet sound of paper being blown. Locating the source, she found a letter; signed by The Silver Rose. The letter didn't make much sense, she has heard many fascinating stories of the Silver Rose, an anonymous criminal; but why would she want to ally? She wanted a deal, knowledge for what? And Dawn was certain that 'him' was Fox; A friend is a foe.
Twisting the note in her hand, Dawn looked out the window, picked out a pen and paper and wrote a simple reply, meaningless to anyone but The Silver Rose. If she was still there, watching her.

Meet where thee shalt found thy name, at Dawn, tomorrow.

Dawn let go of the message, and watched as the wind carried it away, to unknown hands.

(( hope I got my info right :(
is it end? or do we continue (on different thread)?))

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((if you want to end))
Ahelia knew any good assassin would have recognized the Silver Rose. Back... before, she had been quite notorious, until things quieted down and the Silver Rose had seemed to simply disappear into thin air.

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jammy (chaoticdumbo) | 81 comments ((Do you want to continue back in the forrest? Not sure if it made sense, but the message was supposed to say to meet where you find a silver rose (or rose) at dawn.))

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((yeah, let's go))

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jammy (chaoticdumbo) | 81 comments ((I can post first if u want?))

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