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message 1: by Gregory (new)

Gregory Pettit | 3 comments Hi all - I'm looking for a few Beta readers for Dreamwalker, the second book in my Dreamwalker series. This is Urban fantasy, set in contemporary London. I've put the blurb below - if it seems interesting, then let me know and I'll be happy to send a copy for a Beta-read. Thanks in advance.

Meet Julian Adler. Until a few months ago he'd have described himself as twenty-something, married, and London's one-and-only Dreamwatcher. Striding through the Dreamscape, he flung fireballs and bullets at the worst nightmares that a sleeping metropolis could imagine - but now one of those monsters has taken his wife!

Using his rapidly developing magical abilities, Julian has vowed to get his wife back, and he's not going to let anything stop him: Not the riots that are tearing London apart, not the Anarchist, a dream-stalking serial killer butchering his way through the City, and certainly not the Sons of Perseus, a magic-hating band of fanatics that is trying to kidnap his daughter.

Joining forces with the brother of the man who burned down his house, can Julian protect his daughter, stop a killer, save the city, and unravel the trail of clues that will lead him back to his wife? Oh – and he'll also need to kill the demon who took her. Some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed.

message 2: by Howanu (new)

Howanu | 2 comments Hi,

I would love to be your beta reader

- My name is Habiba.
- Pen name Howanu.
- I am 17 years old [College Student in the United Kingdom]
- English is my strongest language [Urdu is my mother tongue]
- I have a blog [ ]


How long is your manuscript? [Average Word Count]
How will you send me the manuscript of your book? [Email or Post]
If you are sending me the manuscript via email, which format is it in? [Word, PDF or ePub]
What is your deadline for reviews? [Date]
Can I read the first book of your Dreamwalker series?

I hope you get back to me via, my email and I get to read your novel.

:) - Habiba

message 3: by Amandeep (new)

Amandeep Singh | 35 comments Hi there! I'd love to beta reader your story. Would you be interested in story swapping with me? My story is 80k words and is YA.

My story's blurb:

The premise: A superhero story with a twist!

It's the near future, and America has turned into a third world country because of a major economic depression. Sarah is a 16 year old homeless girl who lives in the crime-filled city of New Boston.

Sarah cannot control herself when she see's a crime; she jumps in to help no matter the threat on her own life. When Sarah accidentally ends up taking an action that dooms her whole city and everyone in it, she has no choice but to somehow save the day even though she's a starving girl who can't do a single pushup and can't take a light pinch.

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