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1. The action of returning to one's home, household, or native land; a return home.

2. An African-American Christian funeral tradition that celebrates death as the deceased going home to the Lord or Heaven.

3. A view of death as a soul returning home to Africa by African slaves brought to America.

Let’s take a look at the title of the book. Why do you think that the author chose the word Homegoing for the title? What did you think a homegoing was, and how was it represented in the book? After reading the short definition above, did it change how you interpreted the title of the book?

Besides the term’s literal meaning, what symbolic meanings or associations does the title have? Think about our connection with our place of birth, our ancestors, our heritage, and our personal and cultural histories.

Karen (karen1278) | 428 comments I felt the use of the term/title was referencing a spiritual return but also the meeting of bloodlines. I read the book very quickly, but seem to recall the two characters who meet in the end do not know about their shared lineage. Such a shame that the one talisman was lost. I felt all along the two lines would dissect at some point; it really was the only possible ending for the novel and characters.

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