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message 1: by Γρηγόρης (last edited Jan 28, 2017 01:20PM) (new)

Γρηγόρης Ευσταθιάδης | 3 comments Hello people
So I am writing a dark science fantasy book called the rise of the king of Darkness and before I get it to the publishers I need people to tell me if there are any flaws. My theme is people getting trapped in a video game with an antihero protagonist that becomes a murderer without knowing it and after the truth is revealed he is shunt by everyone. After that we follow his life while trying to gain power and make a life in that new world.

It is roughly 150k words long and I will be sending it to you by email in word files.

The deadline is the end of Easter holidays

message 2: by Howanu (new)

Howanu | 2 comments Hi,

I want to be your beta reader.

Howanu (Habiba)

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