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A lush green meadow full of flowers, trees and a small lake.

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Finlay walked to the meadow. It was peaceful for a change, besides everything on the Isle. The Isle was so loud and somewhat crowded, but Auradon felt like Heaven. He sighed happily as he sat down by the lake, skipping rocks even though he was sort of doing it all wrong.

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purplebookworm (puplebookworm) | 126 comments Sophia walked through the garden, her loose yellow dress swaying as she walked. She sat down on a big rock and looked around, the slight breeze blowing the few curls framing her face that escaped her bun. She set her bag down beside her and smiled when she saw someone else. "Hey." She called, her eyes kind.

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Finlay turned around, running his hand through his dark hair, which he had managed to tame until the light breeze came by. Finlay smiled at the person who just walked to the meadow. "Hi." He spoke with a smile.

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purplebookworm (puplebookworm) | 126 comments Sophia watched watched as he turned around. She didn't recognize him. "I'm Sophia." She said, getting up from the rock. She didn't really care about the parentage thing. They don't define people. Besides, anyone who would really care would already know. Her parents are Belle and Beast after all. She walked over towards him. "Do you do this a lot?" She asked. Picking up a smooth rock and tossing it into the ocean, hoping it would skip. It landed with a thunk in the ocean floor. She shrugged slightly and turned back to him.

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Finlay smiled. "I'm Finlay, but sometimes people call me Fin." He spoke. "Actually to be completely honest nobody calls me Fin at all. Just Finlay." He lightly chuckled as he skipped another rock. "Yeah. Quite often. I like how it skips across the water and the ripples come out. Would you like me to teach you?" He asked. Even though he came off of the Isle, he was probably the nicest out of them all.

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purplebookworm (puplebookworm) | 126 comments Sophia laughed softly. "I can call you Fin if you'd like." She said, shrugging her shoulders. She looked out at the small lake. "It is quite beautiful." She loved this place. It was a great reading spot! "Sure." She said when Finlay asked if she wanted him to teach her. He seemed quite nice. "Do you do anything besides skipping rocks?" She asked, stilling gazing at the water.

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Fin smiled and chuckle, running his hand through his dark hair. "It really is. I just love the sounds and the sights of it all. Quite peaceful if I do say so myself." He stated. Finlay felt happy when Sophia said that she wanted to learn. "Yeah. I really like to read. Sometimes I make little movies, but I haven't done it in a while." He said as he skipped another rock across the water.

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purplebookworm (puplebookworm) | 126 comments Sophia lit up when he mentioned reading. "I love reading! My mom has a huge library! It's pretty much my house. I never leave it." She said. "Why'd you stop?" She asked when he said he used to make little movies. It sounded like fun to her. She watched him skip a rock and attempted to skip one again. It gave one tiny bounce before plunging into the water, leaving her with a small smile.

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"Really?" Finlay exclaimed. "That's awesome! We didn't have a lot of books on the Isle, but I liked them. I just had to read them over and over again. I can also announce every line to Pride and Prejudice out loud." He chuckled lightly. "Oh. I don't know. I just didn't have a lot of ideas, I guess." Finlay replied, watching Sophia's rock plunk down in the water. "Maybe you should hold the rock in your hand like this and kind of slide your hand out like this? It always works for me."

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purplebookworm (puplebookworm) | 126 comments Sophia's smile was kind. She didn't really care that he was from the island. He's not the one who did anything wrong. "I wish I read Pride and Prejudice. My mom's library has literally thousands of books, but the classics seem to have gotten lost because I can't find them anywhere in Aurodon." She said. She longed to read Pride and Prejudice, Little Woman, and Jane Ere. "Ok." She said, picking up another rock. She held like he said and flicked her wrist. It skipped twice before disappearing. "Cool!" She said.

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Finlay smiled. "I think that I have read it around, I don't know, maybe five times in my lifetime?" He thought. However, he couldn't really remember how many times he had read it in his lifetime. He was probably right though. "Wow! That's great! You are a very quick learner." Finlay exclaimed with a grin.

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purplebookworm (puplebookworm) | 126 comments Sophia sighed. "Did you get to read a lot?" She asked. She was glad the isle had at least a few books. Sophia grinned happy with the result of the throw. She turned towards Finlay, holding her hand up for a high five before realizing it was probably weird and quickly pretending to tuck some of her hair behind her ear.

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"Sort of. Actually, yes. A lot of the time I did. Mother told me to go outside and meet some friends, and I did, but I spent most of that time reading also." Finlay chuckled. Then, he saw Sophia hold her hand on for a high five, bringing it down a few seconds later. "We can high five if you want. I like high fives."

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purplebookworm (puplebookworm) | 126 comments Sophia was happy that the kids he grew up with at least had the chance to read. It would be very sad if they didn't have access to any books. "What are some of your favorite books?" She asked Finlay. When Finlay said they could high five, she blushed and held up her hand.

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"Mostly classics and anything that is kind of scary." He spoke as he skipped another rock across the water, watching it skip a few times before it sunk down into the water. "I didn't have much of a selection down there." Finlay added as he high fived Sophia. "What about you?"

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Kay sat in the ground looking at the clouds the way she did with her dad

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Kay leaned over hello she said

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" just so you know I was never mad at you " Kay said playing with her bracelet

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(Going to bed soon) really I heard everything you stayed loyal thanks Kay said smiling

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Kay put her head on matts chest " what you wanna do " she said

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Kay sat up and looked at the rive " she then pointed " we could do something with this"

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" I don't know that's why I asked you duh" Kay said smiling

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" we could go on a official date " she said shrugging her sholders

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" somewhere " Kay said

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" why doi always have to pick fine the pavilion " she said crossing her arms

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" ok " Kay said smiling " wait what reataurant" she said tilting her head like a confused puppy

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" campfire cafe maybe " she said

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" let's race"" Kay said eyes gleaming

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" ya right " Kay said running ( you want Matt to win this time)

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(( Beatriz ))

Thomas walked through the meadow, a little skip in his step. He was really here to skip rocks on the little lake because that was always fun. Plus, he loved to see the rocks glide across the water. Grabbing a rock in his hand, he rubbed it, and realized that it was way too pretty to skip, so he decided to keep it. After all, maybe he would start a rock collection soon. Those were always fun. Plus, he didn't have anything better to do. Sitting down on the green grass, he looked out towards the lake and sighed happily. Plus, maybe something good would happen. Every single day in Auradon was quite boring and he needed something to enter his life with a bang.

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Bea was sitting down by the lake, her expression grim. She was wearing a brown dress with a black leather jacket and her hair was loose as the breeze played with her hair. She had enough of crying around and had decided to just to be alone but memories didn't fade so easily. She missed Zac so much that it hurt and as she thought, she found herself crying again. Her head pounded and she buried her face in her hands, unable to look around. Her heart was shattered and she didn't think it could be repaired any time soon.

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Thomas rubbed the rock, looking down at it carefully and studying it. It was actually pretty shimmery and this purple color. It was very pretty and interesting. Looking around, he thought he had heard something, but he was probably just using his imagination to the max this time. But then, he poked his head up a little bit and saw a girl. That wasn't unusual because he saw girls all of the time. He just didn't talk to them. However, this was Beatriz. Biting his lip, he wondered what was going on. Beatriz never cried. Walking over to her with his hands stuffed in the pockets of his hoodie, he looked down at her. "Hey, are you okay?"

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Beatriz hadn't seen someone come by but the sudden voice made her heart stop. She quickly wiped the tears away and looked up, an exrepssion of shock on her face. It was guy she had seen a lot of times at school but she had never talked to him before. "Uh...um...nothing."she replied, softly. Of course, she wasn't going to ruin her reputation by crying in front of people. It just hurt too much. Already, people knew about her breakup. Some had tried to show sympathy but she didn't want that. She knew she just needed to get over everything.

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"If it isn't nothing then I don't think that you would be sitting here, crying." Thomas stated as he tilted his head a little bit. "I found this rock. It's purple and all shimmery." Thomas stated. Now he was just rambling and being insanely awkward like his dad was. "You can have it, if you want. If that will make you feel any better." Thomas stated, rubbing the rock in his hand slowly and carefully. He didn't want Beatriz to be sad. He had never seen her sad. He wanted her sadness to go away and for her to be happy again.

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At that moment, Bea couldn't help but be irriated. She looked at him with a scowl, anger in her eyes. "Just stop it! I don't want anything. Just go away!"she glowered. She couldn't help but feel hatred for everyone burn inside her. It was not that she just wanted to be rude intentionally. She was just so heart broken and sad that she had no idea what she was doing. Her eyes were blurry with tears and her head pounded. She didn't even care to listen to what he was telling. Her mind had just so many things that she was in some other world.

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"I was just wondering, Beatriz. You don't have to be so mean and unleash your anger out on somebody else just because something happened to you." Thomas snapped, sitting with his back against Beatriz's as he looked at the shiny purple rock sitting in the palm of his hand. Putting his head on his knees, he sighed softly and lifted his head back up to look over at Beatriz. It was all very pitiful just to look at her being sad.

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Bea pouted her lips and looked at him, her eyes narrowed. "What do you mean by that? You are the one who just came by!"she snapped back. She couldn't understand how the guy knew her name when she had never even talked to him. Maybe because she was just popular, never having any idea about his feelings for her. "And...and...n-nothing happened to me."she told him, her voice cracking. She wasn't the girl to share her pain with others. Rather she would keep on fighting till people started hating her.

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Thomas turned around, looking over at Beatriz carefully and studying her. "Okay, maybe that is actually true. Just because you are mad or sad or, whatever you are feeling right now, doesn't mean you have to rant out and get mad at somebody else." Thomas stated, setting the rock in the pocket of his hoodie. "Are you sure? I mean, people in the school know what has happened to you, but honestly I don't really know the whole story."

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Bea rolled her eyes at what he said and groaned softly. "I know and I am very sorry but I can't help this. So it is better you go away. Leave me alone. I can live."she said, looking at him. The hurt that she had got clearly showed on her face. "I am fine! I don't need anyone's pity."she glowered, her fingers tracing patterns on the soft grass of the meadow. By then her eyes had turned red and her cheeks tear-stained. She never wanted to be rude with him but at that moment she didn't care. She just missed Zac so much.

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Thomas shrugged, sitting right back down where he was sitting before, placing his head on his knees and looking out into the distance. He wanted to find someway to make Beatriz feel better than she did before all of this happened, but the only way to was to leave her alone. She would never like him if he never listened to her. And Thomas really wanted Beatriz to like him. He wanted them to be friends, maybe something more, but Thomas had to listen, and that wasn't so hard for him to do.

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Bea sighed and looked down. She just felt so bad at that moment because of saying those things to him. "Hey...I am...I am sorry, okay? I am just too stressed and it's just...just so much."she murmured with a sigh. She knew it wasn't good of her. He was just trying to help and here she was being so rude. She looked at him and gave him a soft smile. "You know...just a lot of things went through me."she sighed.

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When Thomas finally heard Beatriz talk to him after a few minutes of silence, he turned back around facing her. "Oh yeah. I totally get it. Everybody gets sad and stressed out. That's normal. That's human emotion." He replied with a shrug. "And I'm sorry that I snapped at you. I shouldn't treat women like that. That was very rude of me and I apologize deeply. My mom's kind of, tough?" Thomas cocked his head a little bit, chuckling awkwardly.

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Bea sighed at what he said at first. She had never felt this kind of emotion before. Maybe he was right. "I loved him a lot."she murmured, running her fingers through the soft green grass, her face wistful. It was true. She really had loved Zac but now her heart was shattered. Shattered into a million of pieces and she had no idea if it could ever be repaired. "It's fine. I was just being too rude."she assured him and shrugged.

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((Boop :D!))

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"I know. You guys were one of Auradon's cutest couple." Thomas stated, chuckling softly. "I mean, there was a poll and everything. It was pretty cool." He stated, looking down at the grass and his sneakers which kind of blended in. "No, Beatriz. You weren't. You were, unleashing the emotions that you needed to get out. Everybody needs to do that at some point in their life."

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Bea frowned and rolled her eyes. "You really needed to say that?"she asked, and glared at him. She hated whenever someone mentioned that stupid poll. It just made her cry more which she hated. "But you didn't do anything but still I lashed out at you so it is my fault."she pointed out with a shrug and looked up at the blue sky. She knew she deserved to be alone forever!

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Thomas put his hands up in surrender, shrugging. "Oh. I'm sorry. I am really sorry, Beatriz." He replied, nodding. Thomas looked back over at Beatriz, rubbing his lips together slowly. "Beatriz, please, don't think that it is your fault because it isn't. Maybe he wasn't the right guy. A guy should never leave a pretty girl like you." Thomas stated, picking a flower out of the ground and fiddling with it's stem.

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Bea rolled her eyes when he apologised. She had enough of people's apologies and didn't wanted to listen to more. "Oh well!"she sighed and layed down on the grassy field. It was nice to lay on the soft grass and look at the white clouds as they took various shapes. "He...he...he was the one I loved. I don't know...maybe I am not pretty enough."she told him and looked at him, biting her lips.

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Thomas watched as Beatriz lied on the ground, which Thomas did the same as he fiddled with the flower's stem between his fingers. Looking up at the sky, he watched the clouds go by only for them to be replaced by new ones. Looking back over at Beatriz, Thomas nodded. "You are really pretty, Beatriz. He must have really loved you, but people come and go."

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