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message 1: by Ahana~ , Cosmic Girl (new)

Ahana~  (kingahana) | 769 comments Mod
A beautiful pavilion at the top of a green hill. The pavilion is decked with colourful flowers and the surrounding is full of trees bearing various fruits and flowers. A clear stream flows beside the pavilion. Come here for a picnic, or to just, or on a date, or just to spend your time.

message 2: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) Mal finished setting up her surprise. A banner and a confetti sprayer filled with rose petals were hidden in the bushes and she was hidden with them. In the middle of the pavilion was simply a note reading "Distraction ;)"

message 3: by emma, Lead Mod / Not So Evil (new)

emma (theonlytanman) | 1805 comments Mod
"Mal? Mal? Where are you? I clearly got your update. You have no idea how long it took me to learn how to simply reply." Ben stated as he ran his hand through his brown hair. Why did she want to go back to the day where they had their first day? He walked up and saw a note. "Distraction," He mumbled.

message 4: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) Mal pressed the button on the confetti sprayer and pushed the banner on the clothes line strung above out. The red banner read "Will you go to the Valentines Day dance with me?" in black letters and the red rose petals floated around them. Mal ran over to Ben and smiled at him. "Will you go to the Valentines Day dance with me?" she quoted the banner with a smile.

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emma (theonlytanman) | 1805 comments Mod
Ben jumped a bit when he heard the confetti cannons go off. Then, a banner on a clothesline appeared. His mouth was gaping wide open. "Will you to to the Valentine's Dance with me?" He read, then he turned around to look at Mal. Putting his arms around her, he smiled and nodded. "Yes. Of course I will." He replied with a smile. "You did this all by yourself?"

message 6: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) "Well, Evie helped with style, of course," Mal admitted. "She wanted a blue banner with glitter letters but I turned it down." She smiled at him. "Then she had the idea for the banner to match the rose petals and was all excited so"

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emma (theonlytanman) | 1805 comments Mod
Giving Mal a warm smile, he said, "Well, I love the rose petals. This is why you wanted me to come here. This place brings me back to so many memories. I wish I could relive on and here I am with the most beautiful girl in all of Auradon." Ben spoke.

message 8: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) Mal almost blushed but caught herself. She had to try to seem at least a little villany and tough still even around Ben. Instead, she smiled back, as warmly as she could and replied. "You aren't so lacking in the looks department yourself." She looked into his beautiful hazel eyes. "It has so many memories for me too," she said softly before spoiling the moment by saying, "like tasting strawberries for the first time," with a grin.

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emma (theonlytanman) | 1805 comments Mod
Ben chuckled. "Hah. You were so cute when you tried strawberries for the first time. Your face was cute and you couldn't stop eating them." He stated. "And then, you were afraid that I was lost. That was a great day." He spoke as he stared into Mal's eyes, smiling softly as he listened to the crickets chirp.

message 10: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) "And I jumped in the water when I couldn't swim like an idiot," Mal finished with a smile.

message 11: by emma, Lead Mod / Not So Evil (new)

emma (theonlytanman) | 1805 comments Mod
"Which I was still shocked that you couldn't swim." Ben stated with a smile and sighed happily. "Of course, I didn't mean to scare you at all. It was an accident. And then I found a magic rock, which you threw in the water, but we have everything that we have ever wanted."

message 12: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) "Yes because you scared me!" Mal protested, her voice going up an octave, ignoring the second part of the statement. "The sparkly rock didn't matter because you scared me!" She pushed on him lightly.

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emma (theonlytanman) | 1805 comments Mod
Ben burst out laughing. "Awe! You are so cute when you are scared!" He exclaimed with a chuckle, playfully nudging Mal. "So, I have to know this, how long did it take you to decorate?"

message 14: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) "Evie did a lot of the banner and finding stuff so I just dragged the cannon over here, hung up the clothesline and banner, stuck the note down, and hid," she told him. "It only took, like, forty five minutes or half an hour or something."

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emma (theonlytanman) | 1805 comments Mod
Ben was in awe. He couldn't believe that Mal did all of this for him, with the help from Evie. They were best friends and they did everything together. "Well, thank you. What should I do for you now? Maybe we could have a date here?" He asked, raising one of his eyebrows.

message 16: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) Mal pulled off her outfit to reveal a black and green bikini. "You're going to teach me how to swim," she told him with a little smile.

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emma (theonlytanman) | 1805 comments Mod
"Oh wow." Ben said with a smile and chuckled. "You were ready for that, and so was I!" He exclaimed as he took off his shirt and walked over to the water. "Okay, first get in the shallow end." He stated.

message 18: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) Mal hesitantly stepped into the water. "Like this?" she asked, stepping in more and pretending to do a stroke like he had done before, failing miserably.

message 19: by emma, Lead Mod / Not So Evil (new)

emma (theonlytanman) | 1805 comments Mod
Ben took off the rest of his outfit, revealing him in a pair of swim trunks. As he got into the water, he looked at Mal. "Yeah. See this rock right here?" He asked, patting the rock. "Yo can always grip onto it and just kick your legs. Thats half of the swimming lesson."

message 20: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) Mal got out and walked over, grabbed the rock, and jumped in the water. She started to kick her legs at a rapid speed, holding onto the rock with all her might.

message 21: by emma, Lead Mod / Not So Evil (new)

emma (theonlytanman) | 1805 comments Mod
Ben watched Mal as she kicked, water splashing behind her. "Okay. Then you just do the same thing, but then you paddle with you arms like this." He stated, doing a paddling motion with his arms. "Think you can do that?"

message 22: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) Mal looked up. "Hopefully," she told him. She took a breath and let go of the rock. She started paddling with her arms and crashed into the rock. She grabbed the rock again and blushed at her stupidity.
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message 23: by emma, Lead Mod / Not So Evil (new)

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Ben lightly chuckled. "Awe. Well, that was actually really good for the first time." Ben said with a nod. "Don't worry. It took me a long time to learn how to swim. It just takes a lot of practice." He spoke.

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message 24: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) Mal sighed and tried again, pushing off the rock lightly with her arms and paddling. She forgot to kick for a moment before remembering and starting that too. Then she started to panic, because she was in the middle of the lake unaided.

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emma (theonlytanman) | 1805 comments Mod
For Mal's first time swimming he had to admit that she was actually doing really good. "Mal? Mal!" Ben exclaimed, jumping into the water and carrying Mal back to safety in his arms. "Mal? Are you okay? I didn't exactly see what happened, but I am really proud of you for trying something new."

message 26: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) "The water was trying to drown me!" Mal exclaimed. "I was just swimming along and it started to make me sink!"

message 27: by emma, Lead Mod / Not So Evil (new)

emma (theonlytanman) | 1805 comments Mod
Ben tried to hide the smile that was appearing on his face. "Awe Mal. Don't worry. I'm here now. The water is not going to hurt you in any way possible." He spoke with a smile on his face.

message 28: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) Mal looked up at him and couldn't help a smile from breaking out on her face as well. His smiles were contagious! "You should tell the water that by order of King Ben it should stop trying to drown people," she informed him.

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emma (theonlytanman) | 1805 comments Mod
Ben looked down at Mal and smiled again. He loved it when she smiled! Smiles looked good on her. Then, he listened to her demand. "You want me to tell my people that the water here is dangerous?" He repeated her demand again and nodded. "Um, okay. Your demand is officially taken into consideration, Miss Mal."

message 30: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) "Noo order the water not to drown people," she explained. "Not tell the people, tell the water not to drown people. You are king so it has to listen." She tried to have a straight face.

message 31: by emma, Lead Mod / Not So Evil (new)

emma (theonlytanman) | 1805 comments Mod
Ben threw his head back laughing with a smile on his face. "Okay Mal, I'm going to tell the water right quick." Setting Mal down, he put on his best serious face. "Water, stop doing whatever you are doing." He exclaimed, pointing at the water.

message 32: by Catherine (last edited Feb 03, 2017 11:00AM) (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) Mal cracked up. "Your face!" She laughed. "I don't think that water will be drowning anyone anytime soon."

message 33: by emma, Lead Mod / Not So Evil (new)

emma (theonlytanman) | 1805 comments Mod
Ben blushed a bit as he ran his hand through his hair. "I was just doing what you said!" He exclaimed with a chuckle and smiled. "However, I think that the water did listen though."

message 34: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) "So I have to go back in?" Mal asked, glaring at the water. "I can't swim that well."

message 35: by emma, Lead Mod / Not So Evil (new)

emma (theonlytanman) | 1805 comments Mod
"You don't have to if you don't want to." Ben replied. "I mean, we certainly don't want the water to drown anybody." He added, even though he clearly knew that the water wasn't going to drown anybody ever again. "It is fine. Plus, it takes a lot of practice."

message 36: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) Mal tentatively got into the water up to her waist and made the arm motions he had showed her, preparing to lift up her feet. She glanced back at Ben to see if he was watching at all.

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Of course, Ben was watching Mal. He didn't want anything else to happen to her. He would be a really awful boyfriend if he didn't watch after Mal. Maybe she still wasn't used to the Auradon culture. "You are doing great, Mal!" He exclaimed, glad that she was still trying.

message 38: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) Mal smiled to herself and picked up her feet, one at a time. She then started kicking the living daylights out of the water with her strong legs from all the running she did on the Isle of the Lost, and paddling the best she could with her arms.

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emma (theonlytanman) | 1805 comments Mod
"You are doing it! Keep on going!" Ben exclaimed as he clapped his hands. For some reason he felt like a coach, encouraging his players to do the best that they could. However, he was Mal's boyfriend and he had to be there for her every single step of the way.

message 40: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) Mal had the same thought about how he sounded on the Tourney field and smiled to herself. She kept going and then called over to him, "How do I turn?"

message 41: by emma, Lead Mod / Not So Evil (new)

emma (theonlytanman) | 1805 comments Mod
Ben smiled as he kept on watching Mal. "You just keep on swimming, but you kind of turn towards the direction that you would like to do!" He exclaimed, feeling happier than ever.

message 42: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) Mal mentally berated herself for being so stupid and turned right, away from the oncoming shore. She tried dipping her head underwater, but forgot to close her mouth and came up sputtering.

message 43: by emma, Lead Mod / Not So Evil (new)

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Ben thought that Mal was doing amazing for her first time swimming! He felt like this was a remake of their first date, but nothing would ever replace their first date together. "Oh dear! Mal! I'm sorry. I forgot to cover that part. You have to hold your nose and if you are good enough you can leave your eyes open, but I usually have to close them."

message 44: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) Mal swam over to shore where he was, coughing up water. "Gross!" she exclaimed. "Water is coming out my nose!"

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Ben patted Mal's back to make sure that she wasn't coughing too hard. "I'm so sorry. I should have told you that, but you didn't ask so I didn't say anything." Ben said with a sigh. "Are you sure that you are okay?"

message 46: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) "I'm fine," Mal told him, still referring to the old instinct to never show weakness. But she really was fine. "It's okay, I don't expect you tell me everything. You should join me in the water," she suggested.

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Ben did as he was told and he joined Mal in the water. It was quite cold, but he knew that once he stayed in there for a while it would get warmer. "So, what do you want to do?"

message 48: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) Mal hopped in as well. "I dunno, teach me the ways of water games!"

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"Well, there's Marco Polo, but you have to close your eyes as you swim after the other person. Maybe I could just close my eyes and swim after you?" Ben suggested. He didn't want Mal to bump into any rocks with her eyes closed.

message 50: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) "How do you find each other? And why is it called Marco Polo?" Mal questioned.

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