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Scott (scott_hopkins_author) | 5 comments -Cypher: Chronicles of Rah Novella by Scott Hopkins

Cypher started out as a writing prompt challenge and quickly morphed into a character development novella based on the main character of my upcoming Chronicles of Rah series.

Rah is specially trained in corporate espionage and intelligence gathering. Genetically modified, Rah was a specialized tool designed for a specialized job. But what happens to those tools when they've outlived their usefulness?

Cypher is a story of intrigue, betrayal and adventure spanning across the corners of an interstellar empire controlled by corporations and the heavy hand of a Republic government.

Can Rah find out who is trying to kill him? Come join Rah on this adventure and prepare yourself for the first action packed installment of the Chronicles of Rah series.

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Scott (scott_hopkins_author) | 5 comments Thanks. I hope you'll take a look. If you like it, please put the word out.

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Scott (scott_hopkins_author) | 5 comments By the way, there's a Smashwords site promotion on eligible Ebooks and Cypher: Chronicles of Rah is included. You can go to and used the coupon.


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