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message 1: by Steph (new)

Steph | 16 comments In 2013, I reached my first Goodreads goal of 15 books by reading 25.
In 2014 and 2015, I got a bit cocky with my goals and failed miserably.
In 2016, I finally reached my goal again, but it was extremely hard.

Because I also work and go to school, I decided 25 was a good number for me.

Let's do this!

message 2: by Pooja (new)

Pooja Dukhi (poojadukhi) | 22 comments All the best steph!

message 3: by Cosmic (new)

Cosmic Arcata | 445 comments Having a goal on Goodreads had helped me read more books.
I saw that you like Biographies. I would like to suggest one.
My Several Worlds. Pearl S Buck saw China as well as India, Asia, Russia and Japan. She had a perspective that was rare being that she was American and raised in China and lived in rural China not on a missionary compound. I gained a different understanding of how China became communist.

Let me know if you decide to read it, and if you want i will do a buddy read with you.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Good luck steph!

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