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A | 70 comments The Goodreads profile for the historical Hypatia appears to have some contemporary works associated by another "Hypatia" (author) and Sapphire Stevens (Editor). I tried hunting this contemporary Hypatia down, but no luck:


The following are by another Hypatia (supposedly):

The Oracle of New Delphi #1: Book One
by Hypatia, Sapphire Stevens (Editor)

The Oracle of New Delphi #2: Book Two
by Hypatia, Sapphire Stevens (Editor)

The Lady Lies Sleeping
by Hypatia, Sapphire Stevens (Editor)

However this one I confirmed different a different Hypatia on Amazon:

Fistful of Dragons by Hypatia Hasbrouck

As for the historical Hypatia, only one work that might be attributed is there on her profile is correct:

Ptolemy's Almagest
by Ptolemy, Owen Gingerich (Foreword by), G.J. Toomer (Translator), Theon of Alexandria (Commentator), Hypatia (Commentator)

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A | 70 comments *also I understand part of this would require a note stating there are multiple authors by Hypatia (if true). As stands I just think associating works under the pen name of a modern author to the historical Hypatia's profile is not good.

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