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IGGY! (I'm making a plush! Help needed)

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Saige Hey guys!
I am a huge fan of KOTLC, and I have been working on a plush Iggy! He's purple, fuzzy, and the right size for an imp, but I have no head pattern for him!! I have made his body but I have searched for head patterns and had no luck. They all look weird or wrong when I make them....So if anyone is into sewing or anything like that, I would appreciate the help!

Sydney Hi! I'm no good at sewing, but your Iggy sounds cute! Have you tried going on Pinterest? They usually have crafts like that. If that doesn't work, you could look for weasel or ferret or otter head patterns, they might work.
(And please post pictures when you finish him! He sounds like he'll come out great once you find head pattern!)

Saige Hi! I looked around but I didn't find anything that seemed to work, so I just took a plush dog I had and took the head off, and used that to make a pattern! (RIP) It worked out great! Well....kinda. His face is a little skewonky but it's the best plush I've ever made so.... I couldn't figure out how to attach photos on Goodreads, but I'll post it on Pinterest and the I'll post the link.

Sydney I'm glad he worked out!

Saige Here's the link for the pictures! It's on Pinterest!

Sydney Aw! He's really cute!

Saige Thanks! He took me awhile to make.

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Genevieve Hey if you find out how to post photos can you? Because Pinterest is blocked for me

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