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message 1: by David (new)

David Callinan (davidcallinan) | 32 comments I'd love to find a beta reader who loves unusual thrillers for my Mike Delaney novel TORN APART. He is an ex US assassin, ex Hong Kong Police and ex monk.

Pitch: They were born as twins but how will they die?

Mike Delaney is sucked into a plot that could rock the world when he agrees to reunite twin sisters separated at birth in Ireland. One baby sister remains and is taken into an orphanage. The other is adopted by millionaire parents and taken to America. One becomes a Catholic nun. The other becomes something terrifyingly different in the United States – a female contract killer hired to assassinate the most powerful man in the world. Delaney’s search triggers retaliation by powerful forces that hire a deadly assassin to stop him in his tracks – permanently – and the identical twins cause mayhem and plot twists, particularly when Delaney falls for the assassin.

message 2: by Amandeep (new)

Amandeep Singh | 35 comments Hi there! I'd love to beta reader your story. Would you be interested in story swapping with me? My story is 80k words and is YA.

My story's blurb:

The premise: A superhero story with a twist!

It's the near future, and America has turned into a third world country because of a major economic depression. Sarah is a 16 year old homeless girl who lives in the crime-filled city of New Boston.

Sarah cannot control herself when she see's a crime; she jumps in to help no matter the threat on her own life. When Sarah accidentally ends up taking an action that dooms her whole city and everyone in it, she has no choice but to somehow save the day even though she's a starving girl who can't do a single pushup and can't take a light pinch.

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