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Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 62 comments I am Blaine

The snow outside is cold,
cold as rain.
Not many know this,
but my name is Blaine.

Gender is not the same as sex.
Oh the irony.
Oh the irony,
of being non-binary.

Female and male, the two sexes
These are not choices
Gender is a spectrum,
a series of voices.

Blaine is my name,
and it fills me with joy.
Outside, I'm a girl,
but inside, I'm a girl, both or a boy.

Many don't like the truth, this I know,
However, this is me.
No one can change me.
Just let me be.

Tomboy is what people call me,
but I am so much more.
I was placed in the wrong body,
life's a bore.

My gender switches all the time,
and there's nothing I can do.
You may not feel the same,
that's okay, you do you.

My male pronouns
Please be kind,
and when I ask, please respect them.

You can call me Cas or sis
That's fine with me
You can call me what you like,
but let me be me.

Many people accept me,
and I am forever grateful.
People who do accept me,
make me feel complete and full.


Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 62 comments You left so suddenly

You left so suddenly.
I wish you could come back.
I won't see you until the day I die.
You left behind a tearful track.

I know I will see you again someday,
When I myself can no longer stay.
You were an inspiration and leader to many.
A friend to plenty

I miss you, and that's all I can say
Everyone misses you in their own special way.
I can't push your memories out of my head.
You're too valueable, I say this instead.

You left me behind when I was young,
tiny and frail.
But now, I have the strength,
the strength to prevail.

Your memories and spirit live on,
even though your physical body will decay.
You're something I had to leave behind.
And now, I know it's gonna be okay.


Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 62 comments Hey, Not a problem at all big bro. I understand. It's happened to me on countless occasions honestly. So don't worry about it

Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 62 comments I thought it was just me who thought Goodreads has been a little b*tch lately lol.

Thank you! I thought they were a bit rough, to be honest. Especially the first one.

Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 62 comments Thank you :) Hey, could I ask you something?

Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 62 comments How would you feel if I told you that my band and I are gonna make a video of us performing, and they said it was okay if I sent it to you?

 Alex ~They/them~ ~Annabeth Chase and Alex Fierro are the best~ (percybluefood) | 148 comments IKR *hugs both bro and sis* bro check your journal

Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 62 comments Severus~ Jon Snow's brother~Ned Stark's son~Tyrion Lannister is bae~Emilia Clarke, I love you~Game of Thrones is Life~ wrote: "Too happy to bear?"

Well, thats good, cuz that's what's going to happen. We are gonna be playing my own arrangement of Eleanor Rigby by the Beatles and possibly a song called Amadeus. As soon as the video is made, I will send it to you immediately.

Kavy Jackson Fullbuster ~So everybody come on~ wrote: "SIS BRO!!!!"

Hey sis! *hugs both*

Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 62 comments *hugs back* Love you too sis!!! <3

 Alex ~They/them~ ~Annabeth Chase and Alex Fierro are the best~ (percybluefood) | 148 comments *keeps hugging* Love you more than Ron loves Hermione

Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 62 comments I thought it would just be a nice little gift for you to thank you for everything you've done for me. I love you big bro

That's true big bro. Let's move to the chatroom. XD

*does same* Love you more than Harry loves Ginny

Let's move to the chat thread guys

 Alex ~They/them~ ~Annabeth Chase and Alex Fierro are the best~ (percybluefood) | 148 comments *does same* Love you more than Neville loves Herbology

Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 62 comments A constant reminder

"Forgive and forget",
that's what I'm told.
I hear it nearly every day,
and it's getting old.
I try to hide it,
but deep down, I have scars
These wounds are too much,
I feel like a prisoner behind bars.
You're a constant reminder,
of how I use to be.
I hate my old self,
I hate the old me.
On the darkest nights,
you come by.
And when you do,
all I can do is cry.
A constant reminder,
a memory.
A constant ache,
a soiled accessory.
You turned away,
and I left you behind.
But you will always be
in my mind.
As I tried to leave,
you brought me back.
I can't take much more,
it feels like I'm carrying rocks in a sack.
Let me be,
that's all I ask.
Let me be,
I don't like hiding behind a mask.


Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 62 comments Thanks big bro :)

Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 62 comments Set me Free

Many ask me,
"What most do you love?
Music? Friends? Sports?
or All of the above?"

This question gives me stress.
A form of stress that I cannot control.
Why must I always get this question?
Can't I just be a person with a heart that's whole?

When I get this question,
it makes me feel pressured to not be me.
Do me a favor, listen to my plea.
Do not ask this question, and please set me free.


Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 62 comments Thanks Bro....It's kind of short, but it's all I can think of right now....

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Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 62 comments Thanks :)

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Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 62 comments Cough Syrup

"When life's pressing on you, just let go"
That's what I'm told when I'm upset.
But people don't see
I am full of regret.

This pill is hard to swallow.
My demons are beginning to catch up.
This reminds me
of a very hard-to-take cough syrup.

I'm going out of my brain,
and that's not fair.
Why shouldn't I go mad?
So people can sit and stare?

I put up with so many battles,
so many spoons of cough syrup.
But really, all I feel like doing.
Is letting go and giving up.


Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ | 62 comments Heartache

It hurts so badly
This heartache won't go away.
Like cuts on a child.

They take time to fade
But, at the same time, they don't.
They are reminders.


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