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message 1: by A.W. (last edited Jan 27, 2017 08:16PM) (new)

A.W. (awincross) | 16 comments I am looking for betas for my new character-driven, soft sci-fi/dystopian/romance (!) novel, The Seeds of Winter.

Short blurb:

In the aftermath of the gigadeath Artilect War, Ailith, one of a new generation of cyborgs, must fight for her survival in a hostile new landscape. From those who would worship her to those who would exploit her, in a world she no longer knows, who is the real enemy? The factions that formerly tried to destroy her? Those she meets along the way? Or does her most fatal enemy come from within? *sinister music*

This is hopefully going to be the first book in a series. There are sexual elements in it and violence, just so you know :-)

I am willing to swap, preferably for MSs in the soft sci-fi, dystopia, or romance/erotica (all subgenres).

PM me if you're interested, or let me know here. Thank you <3<3<3

message 2: by S.E (new)

S.E Dee (shaydee) | 19 comments Sounds interesting! Would like to read a few chapters to see if we're a good fit :D

I'll DM you my email address :D

message 3: by A.W. (new)

A.W. (awincross) | 16 comments I've DM'd you :D

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