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The owner of the Musain is Madame Houcheloup, an old widow, and the waitresses are two young women: Matelote and Gibelote. Les Amis de l'ABC meet in the back room, which is actually rather far from the rest of the café. The back room has an exit by private stairway to the Rue des Grés.

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 433 comments Paigé walked into the cafe and smiled a bit, sighing softly as it was a bit warmer than the outside. She nodded in greeting to Madame Houcheloup and then headed towards the back room to see if anyone was there.

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Enjolras was reading an activist paper when Paige entered the back room of the Cafe Musain, bringing the scent of the streets in with her. His jacket was draped over a chair by the fire, and he stood in his vest and shirt, the sleeves rolled up past his elbows due to the heat in the room. But when she entered, he lowered the paper and rolled his sleeves back down. Even though Paige was not a lady in the societal sense of the word, she was still a lady and respect and propriety were values that Enjolras held to.

"Good afternoon, mademoiselle," he said, turning back to the papers strewn on the table in front of him. He shuffled them together in various piles and sorted through until he found another paper he'd set aside for a secondary perusal. "To what do I owe the honor of your presence?"

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Courfeyrac (helloiamcourfeyrac) | 68 comments Courfeyrac followed her, looking around. There didn't seem to be anyone there, he frowned.
"So, what would you like to eat, mon amie?" Courfeyrac asked, giving her one of his dazzling smiles.

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 433 comments Paigé rolled her eyes. "I told you, a bowl of soup and bread is fine for me." She told him. "I don't want you spending money on me and putting me further into debt."

She sighed and went over to Enjorlas. She smiled a bit. "Bonjour Monsieur. May I sit with you?" She asked and slowly pulled Courfeyrac's coat off her and held it in her arms.

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Enjolras noted the proceedings between Courfeyrac and Paige, at the easy way they carried themselves with each other. While he himself did not spend much time outside the Cafe or political gatherings with his comrades, the others did not hold to that. But this was Courfeyrac - he managed to gather friends wherever he went, like a flytrap Grantaire had once joked.

"If you like," Enjolras said, moving over to give Paige a bit of room on the table, as well as moving his collection of papers. He turned to Courfeyrac and held out the previous written speech he'd been reading, from a lesser known activist whose name he didn't outright recall. "Take a look at this, ami. His heart is right but his" - here Enjolras' features adopted a slightly disdainful expression - "morality keeps him from doing nothing more than mildly passionate speeches against the monarchy. As if mere words will help our cause, ha!"

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 433 comments Paigé frowned a bit and tensed. "It's an insult to the cause. It makes other people think we can win without fighting. When the barricade forms, they won't follow us because people like him." She growled.

She sighed and ran her fingers through her hair. "The situation on the streets isn't much better. The police have been crueler than usual. I saw a boy getting beaten near death the other day for trying to take the cake from a baker's oven. It's thrown away anyway to the cattle! Why not let him have it!?" She snapped angrily. She sighed and rubbed her arm. There was a bruise one of the Police had given her for trying to step in and stop them.

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Courfeyrac (helloiamcourfeyrac) | 68 comments Courfeyrac looked over the speech and chuckled bitterly"You are quite right, my friend" his expression turned sour. He sat down at the table with Paigé and Enjolras.

Courfeyrac listened to Paigé's story and frowned, feeling angry bubble up inside him. Things like that really angered him. Do the Police have any morals? Courfeyrac laughed out loud at that, of course they didn't.

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"If the right ears were open, we would not have to fight," Enjolras agreed, "but that is not the case. The only way the people's voices can ever be heard is through a show of action. Men like these" - he gestured at the papers spread in front of him - "they don't understand that."

He listened quietly to Paige's story, remaining untouched simply because it was one of many such stories he'd both heard and seen. The state of the city and life for the common people was truly horrific, but like he had just stated, Enjolras responded with action. The revolutionary movement they were planning, waiting for the right moment to strike the spark to ignite the flame of rebellion, that was how such stories would end.

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 433 comments Paigé ran her fingers through her hair. "Fighting seems to be the only way to force the king to listen. But we have to do it correctly this time. Last time there was a war well.... all that happened is we got another king." She muttered.

"But how long until then, Enjorlas? How long till the fighting starts? Surely there's enough movement and fire in the people for it to be soon." She asked in a slightly anxious voice.

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Courfeyrac (helloiamcourfeyrac) | 68 comments Courfeyrac looked at Enjolras. "She's right, mon ami". Courfeyrac ordered some food for Paigé, ignoring her request for soup and bread and instead ordered her something more filling. "Do you want anything, Chief? Food? Coffee? Tea" he asked, giving him one of his dazzling smiles

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"I have already eaten, je vous remercie," Enjolras replied distractedly, already perusing through the papers in front of him with a faint frown. It was of no use to waste anger or much more time on these weak scribblings. For though their writer's hearts were in the right place, these papers did little more than stir up anger on both sides.

But at Paige's question he raised his head once more, his gaze both fierce and determined. "Soon," he said quietly, "very soon, I hope. But, still" - he looked away, as if he could see the future and all the secrets it held - "there is something missing. There is anger, oui, but not enough." He turned back to the papers. "Not yet."

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Courfeyrac (helloiamcourfeyrac) | 68 comments "You sure you wouldn't like a tea or coffee? You look stressed. Perhaps it may relieve at least some of the stress" Courfeyrac said, noting how stressed his friend looked.

((Idk. Did they have coffee back then?))

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 433 comments Paigé frowned but nodded. She trusted Enjorlas's judgment. If he felt the need to wait, she would wait with him. But she was not sure how long the people themselves could wait. Many of their public speeches and meetings were disturbed by the police and the people fought against them when it did.

Paigé frowned when her food arrived and glared at Courfeyrac. "I told you to get me something simple so I couldn't pay you back eventually." She said, irritated he'd ignored her request.

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Courfeyrac (helloiamcourfeyrac) | 68 comments Courfeyrac shrugged and ordered Enjolras some tea anyway. He then turned to Paigé "But mon amie... You mustn't trouble yourself. I never once requested that you should pay me back. It is completely unneccessary" he said, hoping to convince her that she should keep whatever money she had for herself.

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 433 comments "You know I couldn't live with the guilt of owing you money. Especially when times are so hard." Paigé muttered. She pulled out a money pouch necklace that was hidden under her clothes and began trying to open it.

Though, the smell of the stew Courfeyrac had ordered was difficult to turn down. She was barely able to stop her mouth from watering.

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Courfeyrac (helloiamcourfeyrac) | 68 comments "No no, please! I beg of you. Please do not make me take your money. I could not! Do not think I am treating you different than my other friends, the circumstances would be the same if Joly, Combeferre, Enjolras etc. Borrowed any money" Courfeyrac said, begging her to keep her money.

The food was brought over which consisted of stew and bread for Paigé, and tea for all 3 of them

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"I do not borrow from anyone," Enjolras interjected quietly, ignoring the steaming cup of tea that Courfeyrac had ordered against his wishes. He knew his friend had only the best of intentions, but sometimes he could be a bothersome presence. "And just take the food, Paige; we all know you are the most in need of such charity."

All of this was said without glancing up, as Enjolras continued to gather the spread papers into a manageable pile. He then set aside a few selections for later discussion with the other members of their little group, but the rest he deposited in the fire burning merrily in the small hearth behind him. The flames ate away at the paper as easily as he wished their ideas would eat away at the current government, cleansing the world of tyranny and injustice. But such an act would be from heaven above, one no mortal had any hope of enacting.

Once the offending papers were thus discarded, Enjolras turned once more to his companions. He did not consider apologizing or mentioning the use of Paige's Christian name in such a familiar way, as it was a trifling matter in his mind. Were they in better society, he would have been bound to such a course to keep societal peace, but this was the part of the city where such manners were not expected nor enforced. And while Enjolras had his graces and gentlemanly ways, they were not of the common expectations.

"Have you heard from the others?" he addressed Courfeyrac, inquiring after the absent members of Les Amis de l'ABC.

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 433 comments Paigé frowned and sighed before putting her pouch away under her clothes again. She hesitated, taking a shaking breath as she inhaled the scent of the stew. She hadn't had a warm, real meal since she'd left the convent.

Shakily, she picked up the spoon and began eating the stew. She made a small sound of happiness and began eating more eagerly, barely keeping basic table manners. She tore some bread and dipped it in her stew and finished till there was not one crumb of bread, one drop of soup, not a single sip left of the tea she'd gotten.

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Courfeyrac (helloiamcourfeyrac) | 68 comments Courfeyrac frowned at his best friend "it's only a cup of tea, mon ami" he says sadly.

"And yes. Jolllly thinks he has cholera, Bossuet is staying with him and he informed me that R is passed out drunk. That's all I've heard" he says, taking a sip of his tea.

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Enjolras snorted as he stepped over to the table once more, taking up the argumentative cup of tea. "Joly always believes he is affected by one malady or the other, when it is in fact his imagination that truly affects him," he muttered, taking a shallow sip of the tea.

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 433 comments Paigé chuckled slightly at Enjorlas's comment. She knew it was true which is why she found it funny. She wiped her face with her kerchief and sighed softly, feeling warm and full for the first time in a long time.

She looked at Enjorlas and Courfeyrac and frowned softly, it slowly sinking in that at any moment, they could be arrested for treason. Be reported to the police. It was as bad as it had been during the Great Terror, but the suspicion and Paranoia was not forgotten on anyone, even if they hadn't been there.

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Courfeyrac (helloiamcourfeyrac) | 68 comments "That is why we love our dear Jolllly. He lets his imagination run away with him. However, the man is training to be a doctor, which is ironic because he always happens to have some kind of 'illness' " Courfeyrac did air quotations at the word 'illness' and chuckled.

He looks over at Paigé, who is frowning at them "Are you quite alright?" He asks.

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"I wouldn't call that particular trait of his an endearing one," Enjolras said setting the now half-full cup of tea down on the table and running his hands through his hair, pushing the unruly curls away from his face.

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Courfeyrac (helloiamcourfeyrac) | 68 comments "Everyone has their imperfections, mon ami. Even you have your imperfections" he says teasingly, taking a sip of his tea.

(( Uh I don't know. Do you have any suggestions or?))

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"At least mine are tangible flaws," Enjolras retorted, before taking a quick, shallow breath to quench the slow burn of anger that always flared whenever he thought the particular traits and quirks of his fellow revolutionaries were exceptionally annoying. "Pardonne-moi, I speak in anger. Come" - he turned and picked up his coat from where he had flung it over one of the chairs in the room, shrugging into the worn material with practiced ease - "Monsieur Martin has a press that he loans out to interested parties; he promised me another batch of papers that I hope prove of more worth than the last lot did."

This last part of the sentence was said with a brief, disdainful glance at the fireplace where said papers had found their final home. Enjolras then turned his gaze to his companions, the light of rebellion blazing quietly in the blue depths. He was in his element in times like this, when he had something worthwhile - or at least with the promise of possible worthiness - to occupy his time. Actions were far, far more potent than the most eloquent words could ever be.

"I am going," he stated, "but you are welcome to come if you wish."

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Courfeyrac (helloiamcourfeyrac) | 68 comments "I'll accompany you, mon ami" he says, standing up from where he was sat and links his arm with Enjolras'

(( Is that a normal thing to do? Linking arms? Cause I'm sure it is ))

(( My replies will get longer, I just needed to clarify this lmao ))

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 433 comments Paigé smiled and stood up. "May I join you as well?" She asked. She didn't want to interfere with Enjorlas's work but she also didn't feel safe going off alone again while Thernardier was still looking for her. She'd feel safer around the boys, though she'd never tell them that. She couldn't let anyone think she was going soft.

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((Well I'm sure he would do that, but I doubt he'd do it to Enjolras who would turn an icy look on him like "bro, why?" lol))

"My invitation was extended to you as well," Enjolras said, stepping to the door. But then he remembered the papers on the table; it was foolish to leave such dissension lying around, even he knew that. And so he took the few papers and tucked them into his coat, on the inside left pocket next to his heart.

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 433 comments Paigé smiled and put on Courfeyrac's coat again. She pulled it tight around her before going to the door, ready to face the cold wind of the outside world. However, it was one of the few times she left in high spirits. How amazing what a little warm food can do to a hungry, cold soul.

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Courfeyrac (helloiamcourfeyrac) | 68 comments (( I think Courfeyrac would do it to purely annoy his friend. I mean, Enjolras is one of Courfeyrac's best-est friends - in my opinion ))

Courfeyrac smirks "is my dear friend losing his marbles?" Referring to Enjolras almost leaving the papers on the desk. "Come now, mademoiselle" he says, linking his arms with Paigé.

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EXIT to the streets

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 433 comments Paigé shivered a bit as she entered the café once more and went to the back where she believed the others would be. She pealed off her wet coat and put it by the fire so it could dry.

Combeferre was there and smiled when he saw Paigé enter. "Bonsoir, Paigé." He greeted and frowned. "Why on earth where you out in weather like this?" He asked.

"E-Enjorlas f-forgot p-papers." Paigé told him through chattering teeth and sat down in a chair near the fire, trying to warm up her bare arms and hands.

Combeferre chuckled a bit. "Enjorlas forgot something? Someone call a priest, the world has turned upside down and is coming to an end!" He joked.

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"I did not forget them," Enjolras corrected, catching the last bit of the conversation as he entered the room a few moments behind Paige. He'd lingered in the front room to order a pitcher of hot mulled wine for their group, knowing his companions enjoyed the beverage if they found themselves out for some time in cold or wet weather. "I only received word that there were new ones printed this morning."

He took off his coat, removing the bundle of papers from the inside pocket before he draped the damp material over a chair and then went to the table to peruse the newest papers he'd acquired. He noticed Paige's shivering out of the corner of his eye and remarked as he sorted through the papers, "You should perhaps keep your coat on until you warm up, petite femme."

It was said in an offhand way, but the fact that he'd spoken meant that he did notice those around him. Most of the time he simply kept to himself, observing silently.

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 433 comments Paigé frowned slightly when he called her petite. Usually she didn't care or even notice, but she'd already been wondering if Enjorlas saw her as weak that night and him referring to her as that only fueled the suspicioun. "I'll wait till it's dry. Having something wet around me won't help me dry any faster." She replied but not very loudly.

Combeferre smiled a bit at the exchange. He thought how funny it was how two people could be so alike in many ways but also very different in many other ways. He sighedand looked across the table at Enjorlas. "Quelle est la nouvelle, mon ami? Plus de lâches ou plus de combattants? Tout changement dans l'état du général Lamarque?" He asked his friend.

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Enjolras did not reply to her, as it was obvious she did not want to speak on the matter. He'd given his advice, and it was not his choice to take or leave it. Besides, one paper had caught his attention with its quite eloquent arguments against the throne and impassioned call for the people to rise up. It was written for the commoners: simple, honest, and right to the point. Enjolras would not mind reading more from the same author; in fact, he wished this author would soon reveal themselves so that their way with words could perhaps be used in speeches. The more revolutionaries in the streets, showing themselves and putting actions to their causes, the better.

"No different news, mon ami," he said to Combeferre, straightening up from where he had been bent over the papers. "Lamarque still hovers at death's door, his life in the hands of God. And what of you? Any news?"

The wine came as Enjolras spoke, brought by Matelote - a familiar face at the Musain, though seemingly quiet as a mouse - and he poured himself a glass. He did not drink wine often, but the cold rain had given him the desire to have something warm his stomach. He would eat later back at his rooms with Madame Claudine.

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Courfeyrac (helloiamcourfeyrac) | 68 comments Courfeyrac had already peeled his sodden jacket off and placed it over one of the chairs to dry. He was sat back in his chair, silently listening to the conversation between his friends.

"So what is to be done?" The brunette spoke up "I mean- what is to be done until we recieve more news?" He asked the leader.

He pours himself a cup of the wine "Merci beaucoup, mon ami" he said, grateful for the warm beverage.

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 433 comments Combeferre nodded and poured himself a glass and drank it happily. "Yes, Enjorlas. The people will not wait forever. The anger grows everyday, as does their hunger and misery." He told them. He sighed softly. He tried to treat the poor and sick when he could, today he'd watched a baby die of fever and starvation.

Paigé frowned as she began warming up. She stood up and walked over to the boys, sitting with them at the table and sipping a cup of mulled wine herself, sighing contently as the drink warmed her to the bone.

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"We do the same as we have always done," Enjolras replied simply, slightly amused at how his companions were always eager for something new, no matter if it were possible or not. He appreciated their passion, but he could not change the world as quickly as they wished. And to move forward on their budding plans just yet would be suicidal; they needed more support, true revolutionary actions, not mere agreement. "We wait."

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 433 comments ♠ Tabi ♠ wrote: ""We do the same as we have always done," Enjolras replied simply, slightly amused at how his companions were always eager for something new, no matter if it were possible or not. He appreciated the..."

Paige frowned a bit and looked down at the wine in her cup. "There's... been another question, Enjorlas." She spoke up. "Some of the women in the streets want to know, when the time comes, will Women be allowed to fight in the barricade?" She asked, looking up at him.

Combeferre frowned a bit at the question and looked to Enjorlas. Women were not fighters. Never had been in their history. They could not even vote under the old Government or the Consulate. And Enjorlas hated the waste of lives. He wondered what the answer would be.

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Enjolras did not hesitate in replying to Paige, though his stance on the brought-up matter differed greatly from most men. "If anyone is willing and capable, I see no reason to turn them away," he said, meeting her questioning gaze.

Matelote had lingered just beyond the doorway to the room frequented by the young revolutionaries, listening to their impassioned talk of rebellion and justice. This was not because she wished to gather evidence to harm them, but because she wholeheartedly agreed with them. If she were not bound by her duties to her work here at the inn, she would practically live in that room, soaking up their words and joining in with her own thoughts and opinions. However, most of the young men did not take kindly to her gender acting as they did, even if they were of the same mind.

Except Enjolras, their de facto leader and the one who had just given his support for women to join the revolution. Matelote smiled to herself as she walked away, a secret expression meant for no one but herself. She would fight when the time came for action, and she knew who would accept her on the barricade.

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 433 comments Paige's eyes widened a bit and smiled, glad her fears had been put to rest. At least she would be able to fight along side them and, if it took a turn for the worst, die among her friends despite her gender and rank. She nodded a thanks to Enjorlas. "Thank you, monsieur. I will inform the ladies in the streets." She told him and took another sip of her wine.

Combeferre smiled a bit and took a sip of his wine as well before ordering some bread be brought to the table for his friends. He looked out at the window, the rain slamming against the glass panes, and his heart went out to all those forced to live in the streets during such weather because of tyranny. He then turned to the others once more and stood, raising his glass.

"Aux peuples de France qui vivent sous la tyrannie, peu importe leur sexe ou rang social. Vive la révolution."

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"Vive la révolution," Enjolras murmured with a faint smile in Paige's direction, though the words seeming rote to him this evening

His spirit had not dimmed, but in moments like this the wait before the time to strike weighed heavy. He did not lose faith that their revolution would take place, but there were far more words than actions, something his patriotic soul found tiresome.

But such thoughts were not suitable to be voiced often, as they could drag a movement to its death. They were not so young as to suffer some disent among their numbers, but any idea was under the constant threat of doubt, that ever-present enemy.

He poured the rest of the mulled wine left in the pitcher into his cup - it was a shallow layer, as Enjolras had never been fond of drinking - and picked up the empty vessel intending to bring it to the kitchen for a a refill. He may not want much more of the spiced brew, but his companions would. He had already glanced through the newest papers, and as he left the room, he swept the paltry scribblings he had found lacking into the fire.

"I shall fetch that bread of yours while I'm there," he told Combeferre, raising the empty pitcher in his hand to further indicate his errand.

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 433 comments Combeferre nodded in gratitude as he drained his cup once again and sat back down.

Paige drank what was left in her cup, it only being her first one, but did not sit back down. "I'll come with you. I'd like to say hello to Matelote." Paige told Enjorlas, setting her cup back down on the table.

The truth was, the young girl simply wanted to be near him. Even if they didn't speak. Even if it was a simple task and would only last a few seconds, Paige felt magnetized towards the strong and kind Patriot. To his mind, his thoughts, his voice, his eyes, everything about him drew her near. But she would never dare voice or act on such feelings. She knew where Enjorlas' heart lied. And it was not with her. It was with his work. All she could do was be a part of it to even feel a fragment of his heart go to her. It was a sad and tragic existence, but Paige would choose it over all the money in the world to just be near him.

Paige walked out of the room with him and smiled a bit. "It's very kind of you to get the others more wine." She said, trying to make conversation. Though she was completely terrible at small talk. "Were there any good papers in that stack we could use at the next rally?" She asked.

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((I'm alive! Just have had some bad wifi, busy work, and still a broken computer. I'm here for a bit and will be tomorrow as well, hopefully.))

"Très bien alors," Enjolras said to her as she followed him out of the room. The narrow hall leading to the equally narrow stairs to the kitchen and main room of the Cafe were lit only by one lantern hung on the wall, and the glass of that was cloudy from years of accumulated smoke and dust. It was the kind of cloudy that would not wash, he knew, having been baked into the color of the glass.

He felt more than heard Paige behind him as they made their way down the stairs, his steps much heavier than hers. And while her presence was noticeable, it was not an annoyance. On the contrary, in fact. Enjolras appreciated the young woman's passion for the cause greatly, but there were smaller things, too. Like how she held her tongue except when it mattered; idle words held no love for him. And how it seemed that she knew just when he would accept her company, filling spare moments with conversation that he often found more tolerable than that of even his longest companions.

"Wine helps their spirits, but only in the right amounts," he said, moving aside from the stair landing to let Paige out. If she were anyone else he would have offered her his hand as was expected between a gentleman or a lady, but she was different. It would have felt odd to do something as little as that show of respect - not that he didn't respect her - like as odd as it would be to offer help to Combeferre or Joly. "The same goes for the papers. They are helpful, to be sure, and a quiet means to spread our cause. But too many of them kills the spirit and" - here he paused, a rare glint of humor shining through his normal sobriety - "on days when I read many, I feel like throwing them all into the fire because, cher Dieu, they are nothing compared to a room full of willing souls eager to make a change in this world!"

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 433 comments Paige laughed a bit and smiled warmly, her eyes shining with a soft light of amusement but also the familiar spark that came to them whenever the cause was mentioned. She stepped out of the stairs when Enjorlas moved aside for her, still smiling from his joke.

He joked so rarely, the same with his smile. Paige treasured each moment either happened. If she could, she'd see all his days were filled with laughter and Joy. Not perfect, cause if one's life is perfect what's its meaning? No, she only wished he could find happiness in a full, joyous life.

"Then we best make this the last paper and wine of the night, or else Combeferre might begin singing at the top of his lungs like the last time." She said replied with a small smirk, recalling when the well composed man got so drunk he stood on a table with a few others and began leading them in songs.

"Or worse, I might begin singing." She said, remembering how, on that same night, Combeferre had cried and begged in his drunken state till she'd gotten on the table and sung with him.

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"Oh, yes," Enjolras said, "that was quite an uproarious night."

It was also one of the times he'd had to speak against his amis love of wine and laughter versus their professed loyalty to the cause. For while he did not doubt their passion or steadfastness, he did chide them about the dangers of letting the spirit of revelry dull their rebel fire. Sober minds won the day, this he knew; drunkards may well feel invincible, but they fell quick in any kind of fray. And there was also the fact that Enjolras himself did not truly understand the appeal of such abandonment of control.

They had reached the kitchen by now, where Matelote looked up from where she was tending to a pot of stew and a roast over the fire, the available fare for that day. There were several loaves of bread on the table behind her, piled loosely on a cloth, and the barrels and flagons of wine and ale were set along the wall to the left of the fireplace. The room itself was lit only by the bright, merry blaze of the fire, which sent a ruddy blush to Matelote's face from her being bent over the heat of the flames.

"Monsieur, mademoiselle," she said in greeting to the two of them, leaving the fire to attend to their arrival. "More wine, I presume?"

"Yes, one more pitcher, s'il vous plaît," Enjolras said, setting down the empty vessel as well a few coins to pay for the new order. "And some bread."

Matelote nodded and set about to refilling the pitcher and preparing a plate of thickly sliced bread. She added a bowl of butter to the side, as well, before saying, "Would you like me to carry it up for you?"

"That will be unnecessary," Enjolras said not unkindly, though a bit dismissively. Why would he have come all the way down into the kitchen to order something only to leave without it and give a pointless task to the already-busy girl? He picked up the tray of bread and the pitcher of wine, managing the two quite proficiently despite the unbalanced weights in each hand, and then glanced at Paige. "You said you would like to stay a little, that is correct?"

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 433 comments Paigé nodded a bit, really it having been an excuse to walk with Enjorlas. "Yes, I had wanted to speak to Matelote but if you are too busy, don't trouble yourself." She said, turning to the girl and smiling a bit appologetically. "Unless, of course, I could help without being a nuisance? I'm afraid I don't know much about workin in the kitchen but I can help clean and see things don't burn." She offered.

While she wanted to stay with Enjorlas, she couldn't let Matelote drown under her work load. If Paigé could help, she wanted to. She'd feel incredibly guilty if she didn't. Besides, maybe if she did, she'd be allowed to sleep in the café that night near the coals of the fire, rather than go back out into the freezing rain.

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"I'm not too busy for company," Matelote said with an unconsciously elegant shrug. Though she did turn from them to inspect the roast for potential burning and lift the lid of the stew pot to stir the contents inside. "If you want to stay, you may; I will not stop you."

"If you'd like to spend the rest of your evening here, I don't think there will be much to interest you as it seems unlikely anyone else will be joining us tonight," Enjolras said, thinking Paige would prefer some female company as opposed to that of he and his companions.

Matelote glanced between the two of them, guessing at the unspoken and unrealized, before she turned back to her tending of the cooking food. "You're never a nuisance, mademoiselle," she said quietly, letting the girl know with both her words and tone that she was more than welcome here. "Madame does not mind."

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 433 comments Paige smiled softly and nodded. "Alright, I'd love to help where I could." She told Matelote and then turned to Enjorlas. "I'll see you later tonight the, unless you'd like help carrying the wine and bread back to the room?" She asked, hoping to be of help to someone.

Paige hated how she could hardly help anyone and instead had to get help herself. She sometimes wondered what might have happened differently in her life if she'd been born in the same class as Enjorlas, or maybe higher. She wanted to say she'd still be the same person and have the same beliefs.... but Paige also knew it wasn't likely that would be true.

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