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Angie (librariangie) | 34 comments Mod
Meets at Mindframe Theater, Dubuque, February 27, 2017 at 6 PM. If you can't make it (or even if you can) - discuss the book here!

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I got home and went to start "Golden Son" and there was a little infographic in the front of the book (I'm not sure if it's in all copies), but that would've been useful at the beginning of first book. I can't find the infographic online to include an HTML, but if anyone is confused about colors and the hierarchy it will be quite helpful!

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I just thought of yet another random question. What do pinks do as children? Every other class has a trainable position, unless they're teaching them anatomy. At what age do they have them start working? This is kind of a horrible thought because it would be a class full of child abuse as well (since we all know pinks don't have a say and are likely abused frequently by Golds).
I hope the later books go into detail about the other classes a little bit.

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Angie (librariangie) | 34 comments Mod
Hi Courtney, I think the pinks are "trained to obey" - I believe that is mentioned in Golden Son ( I am *almost* finished with it). You may have read it all by now! The story gets going right away, doesn't it? I am really enjoying this one even more so than the first. -Angie

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I did finish it last week! It left me on a cliff, but I have 2 books to go before I can read Morning Star. It did get going right away and I did enjoy it more than the first. There were a few unexpected plot points in this one. It wasn't all that predictable. I've avoided all spoilers in case you weren't finished.

The Pinks being trained to obey by use of pain and then removal of the pain is ridiculous. I think it helps explain some reactions. I feel like more Pinks would join the rebellion because of their training and cruel treatment.

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Angie (librariangie) | 34 comments Mod
I do think the series has gotten better. I might read Morning Star at the same time as I read The Circle - preparing for the next book club! The start pulled me in right away on that one. They should be available in a couple of weeks. P.S. Thanks for being spoiler-free! :)

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