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Beauchamp's murder of an Englishman
Valerie Barnes Valerie Jan 27, 2017 05:19AM
A minor point, probably, but I don't want to miss anything! This book is so wonderful. When, in Chapter 84, Beauchamp tells Albert that he has proof that Albert's father facilitated the murder of Ali Pasha, he mentions "had you been a stranger, a foreigner, a simple lord, like that Englishman who came to demand satisfaction three or four months since, and whom I killed to get rid of" - what is he talking about? I didn't recall much about Beauchamp before Albert confronts him...who was the Englishman?!

Hi Valerie
I am a huge fan of this novel but for some reason did not recall that scene. I am thinking either Beauchamp was joking (Dumas has an odd sense of humour) or it was to show that he was ruthless and would not yield to people. Either way I think this meeting with the Englishman is just something that happened outside of the story.

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