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I.M. Savage Web-NewCoverStratV4-240-400

Virtually Deserted is a critique of narcissism and commodification, wrapped in a complex sci-fi thriller. If you're looking for an intellectual challenge, email me!

The book is targeted at adult readers. Don't worry, that's not a euphemism for erotica, or gratuitous violence. However, I wouldn't be comfortable with anyone under 18 reading it, and definitely not under 16.

I can only provide e-copies at present (in any format).

IM Savage

message 2: by Sotolf (new)

Sotolf Flasskjegg Thank you, I'll give it a try :)

message 3: by I.M. (new)

I.M. Savage Thanks sotolf. Its free right now on Amazon (Jan 27).

If you miss that, just PM or email me,

message 4: by Sotolf (new)

Sotolf Flasskjegg Got it already :)

message 5: by I.M. (new)

I.M. Savage great!

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