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The Love That Split the World
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BUDDY READS: ARCHIVED > The Love That Split the World by Emily Henry→ Start Date: March 20th, 2017

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Kikijanika | 2977 comments You're welcome to join Anna and me as we read and discuss Emily Henry's The love that split the world :)

Anna (Adventures with a Book Nerd) (bookish_anna) Yay! I'm excited! :)

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Lori-Rose | 47 comments I'll join:)

Kikijanika | 2977 comments Welcome :)

Kikijanika | 2977 comments Still up for this guys? I'll try to start reading this tommorrow after work.

Anna (Adventures with a Book Nerd) (bookish_anna) Yep! I'll start reading it today. :) I'll probably be updating every 5 chapters or so.

Kikijanika | 2977 comments Great ☺ I think I can do the same.

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Kikijanika | 2977 comments I've read the first 10 chapters.

I like the story so far. (view spoiler)

I love reading (view spoiler)

I thought Beau (view spoiler)

Anna (Adventures with a Book Nerd) (bookish_anna) Sorry Kikijanika, I think that I'm going to have to DNF this one. I'm just not enjoying it at all, and it's sending my into a reading slump. I'm the type of person that would rather DNF a book and keep the slump at bay, them force myself to read it. I will be reading your updates though, and it is interesting that (view spoiler)

Kikijanika | 2977 comments No problem Anna ☺ There are so many great books out there that there's no point wasting time reading something you don't enjoy. Hope you find a better book to read

Anna (Adventures with a Book Nerd) (bookish_anna) Thank you! I hope that you enjoy this one more than I did. :)

Kikijanika | 2977 comments Yeah, I think it's ok so far

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Kikijanika | 2977 comments I finished and I think this was an ok book. A bit slow at times but it got better towards the end. The concept of the story was beautiful and so was the setting with all its colorful sunsets and sunrises.

I liked how everything (time, space, people) was kind of intertwined and how things happening in one world also affected the parallel worlds/times. It was a bit hard to follow at times, though. I loved the fact that (view spoiler)

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