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Terrence Perera (terrenceperera) | 19 comments Anthony Trollope’s “Palliser” novels
Plantagenet Palliser is the central character of these novels and is considered the most complex character Trollope ever created. He is first introduced to the reader in the 5th “Barset” series book, “The Small House at Allington” where he is involved in a flirtation with a prominent lady.
In the Palliser series, he has marital problems, succeeds his uncle as Duke of Omnium, becomes the Prime Minister of the country and finally he has problems with the love affairs of his children.
The series has various sub-plots, the chief among them being the life and loves of Phineas Finn, that lovable Irish Member of Parliament.

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Terrence Perera (terrenceperera) | 19 comments "Framley Parsonage" by Anthony Trollope

I consider the love story contained in this book of Lucy Robarts and Lord Lufton together with the intervention therein of the future mother- in-law, Lady Lufton, as one of the finest pieces of romance in English literature, surpassing even those of Jane Austen.

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Terrence Perera (terrenceperera) | 19 comments Trollope was a 19th century writer and his novels, mostly romance, are similar to those of Jane Austen. However, though Jane Austen wrote only some six or seven books, Trollope has written almost a hundred.
Of his novels, I have just completed re-listening to “Can You Forgive Her?” and I am now re-listening “Phineas Finn”.
Trollope is famous for his series of six “Barsetshire” novels and for his series of six “Palliser” novels. I have the print, eBook and audio versions of all twelve books as well as those of some of his other books.

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