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Living Oprah: My One-Year Experiment to Live as TV's Most Influential Guru Advises
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LibraryCin | 8126 comments Admin tag: Self-improvement

3.5 stars

Robyn Okrant decided that, in 2008, she would follow every piece of Oprah Winfrey’s advice. Just to see if it could be done and if she would live a better life for it. She watched the show daily, she read O magazine, she read Oprah’s website. And she blogged about it all.

Like Robyn, I once was an occasional Oprah watcher (though not for years), not a huge fan. I just found this an interesting premise and wondered how it would go. I think what surprised me the most was after the year was up (but I’m not giving it away!). I listened to the audio, narrated by Robyn herself and she did well. It kept my attention.

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Wow, interesting. I had never heard of this book before. That must have been time consuming to keep up with the show, etc., and possibly expensive to put Oprah's advice into practice.

LibraryCin | 8126 comments Yes, to both of those. She kept track, each month, of both the hours and dollars devoted to it.

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