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Lisamarie Landreth (paperandglam) | 237 comments Mod
Love Warrior....ready, set, read! And then share your thoughts, pretty please!

Pamela | 1 comments Love it! I am not married and have no desire to be but she said things that spoke to me about a possible why and I should be happy with me before I am happy with others. I love her take on beauty and god.

Tanelle Nash Hated it. I couldn't relate to her at all. She was so indecisive I wanted to reach into the book and shake her and tell her to make up her mind.

Colleen | 4 comments I finished the second chapter and boy has a lot been packed into those two chapters; can't wait to see what is going to happen!

Christina Bottoms | 2 comments I'm halfway through it in one setting. I can relate well to the story as this is how my first marriage ended.!cant wait to finish it!

Stephanie Snyder (theloquaciousmom) | 10 comments I related to her a lot. She described me perfectly in the first half of the book. I agree with Tanelle, though, that her indecisiveness did start to get under my skin as well. I don't want to give anything away from the book but (the following is not mentioned in the book) I will say that her separation from her husband makes me have mixed feelings about the second half of the book when she talks more about her marriage.

Elyse (whitworthen) | 2 comments I LOVE this book! For anyone who has dealt with addiction (either yourself or a loved one) I truly believe this is a MUST READ. I've seen a lot of comments about not liking it because of her indecisiveness but the truth is that what she went through and what others are going through this very moment is messy. It's complicated. It's hard. I think that's one of the reasons I love it so much. Her indecisiveness and all the details and emotions she writes about are RAW and real. I love that she is so honest about how she feels one way one minute and a completely different way the next. Addiction can make you feel crazy and she holds nothing back describing her brokenness. I read 200 pages in one sitting because I could NOT put it down. Side note: I am not a super emotional person but this book brought me to tears in the middle of Starbucks more than once.

Sarah Piper (hope5980) | 22 comments Question: for those who have read both ... is it more beneficial to read one book in particular first? "Love Warrior" or "Carry on Warrior". I have both and just wasn't sure if it was better to start with "Carry on Warrior" or not.

Jess Mannino | 6 comments I've read and loved both. I think reading Carry On Warrior first is good because you get a sense of who she is and what her family is like, but it's not necessary.

Kelsey I really enjoyed this book. I found myself becoming bored in the middle, but the last few chapters were definitely the best.

Carly McElhaney | 1 comments Kelsey wrote: "I really enjoyed this book. I found myself becoming bored in the middle, but the last few chapters were definitely the best."

I had similar feelings! This isn't the type of book I usually read, but I dove right into it and was loving it until about Chapter 7. I wouldn't say I got bored, but I definitely got kind of annoyed with her. I got back into really liking it around Chapter 12 and from there to the end was super emotional!

Michelle (wakeangel) | 3 comments So I greatly enjoyed this book even though I'm not married nor do I have addiction problems. As a nurse I found it interesting to get into her head as I felt it opened up a whole new light for me. Even though her husband cheated on her I found myself rooting for them to get back together. I'm glad however that I did not do any research on her (the author) until I finished reading the book as I was sad to learn that she is now dating Abby wambach. Not because she left her husband, or the fact that she was dating a woman....but with Abby's history I just felt like it was a relationship that could drag her down into her old addiction/lifestyle.

Kassidi. Under The Radar Books. (undertheradarbooks) Enjoyed this book immensely. While I can't say her journey was similar to mine, I can relate in several ways. Definitely a 5 star read for me.

Sarah Piper (hope5980) | 22 comments Just finished it ... and wow. It was like reading all of the things I felt through my marriage, my separation and my divorce.

Minus the kids and the specific addiction issues this feels eerily similar to the story of my life. Never feeling like I deserved love and using other things to fill the emptiness.

Marrying for all the wrong reasons to someone who didn't know himself or what he wanted. Pretending like we could create something out of nothing.

And the journey I took to find myself. The brutal honesty that everyone has ... that you have to know who you are completely before you can give yourself (mind, body and soul) to another human being.

Realizing that love does exist when given and shared by the right people, in the right ways and for the right reasons. Openly and honestly giving and receiving love to one another.

Such and amazing book. So glad I read "Carry On Warrior" first but this was incredible. Felt like closure to all of things I have never been able to let go in my own life.

message 15: by T (new) - rated it 4 stars

T Holland (tholland) | 2 comments Just finished the book and enjoyed it overall. Though, like some others here, I became frustrated with Melton in part two of the book. I felt like things got back on track in part three when she began acknowledging her issues. And I say that NOT in defense of her husband, but because she spent part one talking about all of her problems. It took a long time for her to get to those changes she needed for herself, but it was still worth the time.

Jennifer Powell | 1 comments I have already recommended this book to a coworker. Why? Because we are all broken and all loved deeply. And we celebrate our faults and not all our strengths. I don't relate to all that the author goes through, I do relate to not loving all myself. I think I will go back to parts of this book to remind myself that I am a warrior. That God lovesme more than anything. That it is up to me to stand for those who are unable to stand. I can't wait for the livestream about this book.

Sylvia | 18 comments I wrote a few thoughts about this book in the "Book Corner" section of my blog (My Life And Such):

Basically, I'd give this book a 2 out of 5 stars :/

Athina Pantazatou (athinapantazatou) | 3 comments Sylvia wrote: "I wrote a few thoughts about this book in the "Book Corner" section of my blog (My Life And Such):

Basically, I'd give this book a 2..."

Thank you! I thought I was alone!

I wanted to root for her, I really-really did. I think she's a really good writer and an amazingly brave woman altogether (for going through all of this, for voicing it, for sharing it, for standing strong and overcoming and raising her girls to be something other than what societal standards dictate they be) but something about her “theorem” bothered me from the very first pages to the end. I can't exactly pin-point at what it is but that constant need for approval (even by a God/church, benevolent universe and peers who accept one as is) is still, well, needy -not sure this is the right word though! I can see brief instances of her truly loving herself in chapter 10, when she escapes to the beach hotel, but even then scarcely so. I also find her general notion of “loving” (oneself, romantic or motherly love) and, consequently her way of writing about these concepts, quite tacky -I was expecting more from her, particularly on that!

Lindsay Gentles I read this book in one day and it was amazing! Having been someone who has dealt with addiction (food) and been unhappy/depressed for so much of my youth, I found it to relate to me on so many levels. I think that, as a woman, we know just how hard the pressure of society and society's norms can weigh on us and I know so many people who have crumbled trying to keep up the image of 'perfection'. I thank Glennon for being brave enough to tell her story so that people, like myself, can read it and realize that God is love and that is all that matters. We need to learn to love ourselves as God created us so we can be truly happy with out lives.

Lindsay Gentles I am also very interested as to why there are people who hated it. Is it because you were unable to relate to her story or did you not like the voice in which she told it?

Lindsay Gentles Athina wrote: "Sylvia wrote: "I wrote a few thoughts about this book in the "Book Corner" section of my blog (My Life And Such):

Basically, I'd giv..."

I think, as someone who has craved the acceptance of my peers and society for most of my life, that her constant need for approval is very real! I know that my love language is 'praise and affirmation' so I can ask my husband three times over the course of a meal if it's good... constantly seeking the approval of all of those around me.

Athina Pantazatou (athinapantazatou) | 3 comments Lindsay wrote: "Athina wrote: "Sylvia wrote: "I wrote a few thoughts about this book in the "Book Corner" section of my blog (My Life And Such):


Well I don't hate it, I wouldn't say that. I just didn't like it as much as I thought I would. I can relate to her story, and I'm certainly not above it all. Let's be honest, we all seek acceptance and approval from our peers, it's human nature and I don't think anyone can function in naive and blissful (mental) isolation! It's probably the voice in which she told it, like you suggested.

Mary Margaret | 6 comments I finished this book and there are some valuable lessons, but overall, this wasn't my cup of tea. I personally did not find it relatable and it might have held more universality had it been written from different vantage points. However, I'm not sure she intended for the book to have universality or just to simply share her story. Either way, I'm not really drawn to read her other book or subscribe to her blog after this. I found it confusing and the fact that Melton refuses to acknowledge her privilege (the fact that she can seek assistance for her issues) really drew me away from appreciating the book.

Laney Estel (zaineylaney) | 1 comments I listened to this on audiobook. I have to say that I held back tears so many times. This book really made me want to work on my relationship with my husband. He is listening to this book too. I felt though that the first part of the book made me kind of turned off. I felt like she was being completely unreasonable through most of her life. But I felt like the post- separation portion was really good.

Paula (paulakaye) Just finished reading this book. This is not my typical genre of reading material. I am not really sure what makes a book a best seller. Is it because people relate to the topic of the book?? I found out (sadly) just before I finished the book that the author did not stay with her husband. She announced this one her blog just as this book came out. And then six months later (SIX MONTHS) later she announces her engagement to soccer star Abby. I feel the whole reason for the book just went into the toilet. I think she is looking for more material to keep her relevant!

Anna ✘ Scones & Tomes (sconesandtomes) | 49 comments Mod
Paula wrote: "Just finished reading this book. This is not my typical genre of reading material. I am not really sure what makes a book a best seller. Is it because people relate to the topic of the book?? I fou..."

I really agree with what you're saying Paula. I felt the same way when I found out that she didn't stay with her husband and is now getting engaged to her girlfriend after only a few months of dating. The whole book was about falling back in love with herself after losing it and falling into a real love with her husband instead of giving up because it started badly. I can forgive the book coming out just as her divorce happened. But it seems rather strange that right after she's fallen in love with someone else and is getting married after such a short time. It feels almost like reversing more than going forward, but then again I'm not in Melton's shoes. I just worry about her repeating a similar path.

The book itself for me started out really really well, but midway through I felt like it sped up but also lost the fire that permeated the first half.

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