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The Fifth Season (The Broken Earth, #1)
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message 1: by Mary Pat (new) - added it

Mary Pat | 2186 comments This thread is to discuss N.K. Jemisin‘s book, The Fifth Season.

***Please remember to mark spoilers.***

Participants: Lulu, Cassandra

message 2: by Mary Pat (new) - added it

Mary Pat | 2186 comments Suggested break down of reading so that you can check in and let us know how you're doing. The following breakdown is purely a suggestion and is therefore not set in stone.

Rather than putting dates for each section I've done it so that it takes into account that not everybody will necessarily have the book at the same time.

Week 1: 117
Week 2: 117
Week 3: 117
Week 4: 117

Lulu (robotwitch) | 281 comments Hey Cassandra! I can't think whether we've buddy read together at any point. Maybe Kindred in 2015?

Anyway, I'm very excited about this book, not least because no one can stop talking about it.

I'm going to be doing it as an audiobook. I'm not going to split it over four weeks, as I don't have the patience for that!

Do you know your plans?

Cassandra | 5832 comments I did read Kindred as a buddy read, so probably. :) I'm pretty excited - I always love reading your reviews and checking on your ratings.

I don't usually split books across four weeks either. I don't like to read multiple books at once, for the most part. It doesn't look like this book is going to come in from the library in time, so I think I'll have to buy it.

When do you think you'll want to start?

Lulu (robotwitch) | 281 comments Must be that then! That's nice to hear - I like seeing what you're reading as well, because I think we share a pretty similar taste!

I'm not surprised to hear about the library - everyone seems to be reading it. That's a shame, though.

Hmmm. I can probably safely say the end of the week coming or the week after. But I have a lot of wiggle room. What about you?

Cassandra | 5832 comments That sounds good to me! I'll let you know when I'm thinking of starting.

message 7: by Mary Pat (new) - added it

Mary Pat | 2186 comments And the first week of February comes to a close! I suspect from your posts that you are just getting started on this book. Hope you enjoy it!

message 8: by Mary Pat (new) - added it

Mary Pat | 2186 comments The third week of February is upon us and I thought I would check in on your progress? Have you been able to read the book? If so, what are your thoughts so far?

Cassandra | 5832 comments Are you ready to start, Lulu?

message 10: by Mary Pat (new) - added it

Mary Pat | 2186 comments Checking in as we enter the last week of February. Do you want to extend this book for another month?

Cassandra | 5832 comments I started this weekend! I'll finish by the end of the month but if Lulu needs to extend it, I'm happy to discuss it further.

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