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Cravings and Triggers
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Gisele Walko | 6 comments New release! Just $.99 until 2/2, or i'm still looking to give out a few more copies for review.

Zeph is a hardworking bartender with a reputation for being crazy, and the mother of a transgender son. Sani is a Navajo Skinwalker with a dark past, who has learned to avoid his triggers. Will these two learn to love each other in a healthy way or will their short fuses doom their relationship? Humorous stand alone about two well meaning former sociopaths. BW/NAM with a HEA

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Krista Ivy | 3 comments this looks really interesting. what a cool idea.

Gisele Walko | 6 comments Krista wrote: "this looks really interesting. what a cool idea."

Thanks Krista! Did you want a copy?

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Krista Ivy | 3 comments wow, that would be great.

Gisele Walko | 6 comments PMd you the link. Thanks.

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