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BUDDY READS: ARCHIVED > The Night Circus, by Erin Morgenstern → Start Date: March 1st, 2017

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Kikijanika | 2934 comments Join Mallory and Diana and me as we read this book :)

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Lori-Rose | 47 comments I'll join.
Not completely sure I'll have to get the book first I'll se how I go.

Kikijanika | 2934 comments Great. I hope you'll get it!

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dianis. | 509 comments Yes, hope you can get it:D

Read with Kirsten (lezenmetkirsten) | 13 comments I just bought the book in a second hand bookstore so would love to join.

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dianis. | 509 comments Excellent! Welcome:D

Kikijanika | 2934 comments Awesome!

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Mallory | 118 comments I just got my book from the library! I can't wait for our buddy read to start :)

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Heather Largin | 1 comments Just got the book and looking forward to this buddy read :)

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Matty | 475 comments I've had this book forever & still haven't read it!/:

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dianis. | 509 comments It's great to have all of you joining us!!
Can't wait:D

Cal  (Cal's Reading Corner) (calsreadingcorner) | 360 comments Hey guys! So I read this a little early, in case I was overwhelmed at uni starting next week. But I made a spoiler free review for this group!!: :D enjoy your reading!!

Kikijanika | 2934 comments Thanks Cal! It's true that characters are important so it's a pity you didn't like them. But your description of the book being a bit like a classic sounds interesting. Can't wait to get started!

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Mallory | 118 comments Since our buddy read starts in about a day, I was wondering how this works. This is my first time doing a buddy read through a group/posting about my thoughts, so I'm wondering how we go about this :)

Kikijanika | 2934 comments Well, we can decide how we want to do it. We can, for instance, decide we write comments after every five or ten chapters or everybody can just write whenever they feel like it. What do you think guys?

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dianis. | 509 comments I'm fine with either. What do you think?

Kikijanika | 2934 comments I'm not sure how many chapters the book has but I checked that my copy has about 500 pages. So maybe I could try to write something after every 100-150 pages. It would be a plan I could at least losely follow and then improvise according to whether I have a lot to say on the story or not ☺

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dianis. | 509 comments Sounds fine for me:)

I've heard so many things about this one, I'm a little bit nervous!

Kikijanika | 2934 comments I've heard quite contradictory opinions so we'll see. I hope it's good :)

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Mallory | 118 comments I can do every 100 pages too! Just a warning though, I'm a really slow reader plus I'm trying to read other books at the same time, so I'll probably be behind everyone.

I'm looking forward to reading this book, but I don't want to go into it thinking I'm going to like it, just in case I'll be disappointed. Like you both said, I've also heard differing opinions!

Kikijanika | 2934 comments Don't worry about the pace. I'm also reading several books at the same time. Some off them are checked out from library and are due soon, so they're gonna have to be my priority. But I hope to read a bit of this daily, too :)

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dianis. | 509 comments Well, I think we are in the same page xo
Are you all going to start it tomorrow?

Kikijanika | 2934 comments I'll try at least ☺

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Mallory | 118 comments I'll probably read a chapter or two tomorrow. I finally pulled out my book and my book is about 380 pages, so I'll probably post my thoughts sooner than 100 pages.

Kikijanika | 2934 comments I read the 1st part and so I far I really like this book.

Something about the story (view spoiler)

I find the story (view spoiler)

I feel bad for both (view spoiler)

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dianis. | 509 comments Something about this one doesn't appeal me, so I think I'm going to read it slower than I was anticipating.

Kikijanika | 2934 comments Yeah, there's no rush. I haven't read it for a couple of days either because I've been reading other books :)

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dianis. | 509 comments Yeah haha me too
It's the second time I try to read this one, and it hasn't really worked out.
What are you reading?

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Mallory | 118 comments I was out and about all weekend so I haven't been able to read anything lately! I'm more into Clockwork Angel right now and really want to finish it.

With Night Circus, I'm kind of confused about what is happening/how everything will tie in. I'm not sure what to think at the moment.

Kikijanika | 2934 comments I admit it's quite frustrating to be totally clueless about what's happening in Night circus...I keep waiting for somebody to explain things ☺ I just finished reading Tess of the Durbervilles and I'm in the middle of The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella. Both are due in library soon but I hope I'll be able to continue Night circus in a couple of days at least.

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dianis. | 509 comments Well, I suppose we can wait for each other?haha

Yeah, it's quite weird and exasperating but let's see how it'll turn out.
Hope you'll have great readings meanwhile:D

Kikijanika | 2934 comments'll be interesting to see how the story will progress :)

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Kikijanika | 2934 comments I finished part 2.

I still like this book a lot. The atmosphere is so magical. I wonder (view spoiler)

I feel a little sorry for (view spoiler)

I love the scenes describing (view spoiler)

I don't really dislike (view spoiler)

There's something really unique about this book and I've gotten well into the story now. can't wait to keep reading :)

Kikijanika | 2934 comments I took a sprint with this book and I'm actually trying to finish it in a couple of days. I'm now done with part 3 and can feel (view spoiler)

I wonder if (view spoiler)

Sundara Gandhi (bookaholictalks) | 105 comments @Kikijanika
Exactly the atmosphere is so whimsical. That is what made this book so special for me..I have already read it. Will try participating in the discussions!

Kikijanika | 2934 comments I finished this book and on the whole I think it was a really good story. (view spoiler)

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