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message 1: by Shay (new)

Shay (shayreader) Rate the quote above you and then post a quote and maybe where it's from-book, movie, person, place. I'll start.

"Don't know where the kids are? Turn the Internet off and they'll show up quick."-Pinterest

message 2: by Bella (new)

Bella (oooooooooooooo) 5/5 :'D

Mine is a funny one... (I freaking love this book).

“How did you die?"
"We er....drowned in a bathtub."
"All three of you?"
"It was a big bathtub.”

message 3: by Shay (new)

Shay (shayreader) Ha! 10/10

"When I die I want my last words to be, 'I left a million dollars under the...'"

message 4: by Bella (last edited Jan 26, 2017 08:49PM) (new)

Bella (oooooooooooooo) Shaylee wrote: "Ha! 10/10

"When I die I want my last words to be, 'I left a million dollars under the...'""

I would probably die trying to find it xD 9/10
This one's from one of my favorite books. (The Elites by Natasha Ngan)
“And what some people don't understand was that bleeding wasn't a sign of weakness; it was a sign of strength. It demonstrated to the world that you were vulnerable and ordinary, but when you wanted something enough, and fought hard for it, you were capable of doing extraordinary things.”

message 5: by Shay (last edited Feb 23, 2017 11:47AM) (new)

Shay (shayreader) 10 for being the perfect inspiration

“Sometimes crying or laughing are the only options left, and laughing feels better right now.”

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