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Apollo's office can be reached from the main lobby, as well as a door from the main courtyard. He can be found here most days, reading books - yes, he reads, and no, not all are picture books - when not out and about, flirting with students. In truth, the office once belonged to the daughter of Athena who built the Academy, hence all the books with big words written by foreign authors. It has a large collection of magical items, powerful items, kept under Apollo's watch. Which is, unfortunately, not a flawless security system. Sure, god of the Sun sees all which occurs during the day - when on his chariot. Only able to see the outside. So, needless to say, things tend to go missing from time to time. Hopefully, a world-ending scenario won't come to pass because of this. Hopefully.

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Apollo sat in his chair, spinning around on it. However, he was not squealing "weee!" No, he was thinking. Deep in thought. He thought he saw someone familiar amongst the crowd of the Welcoming Ceremony for First Years and Transfer Students. Someone he had seen every night in his nightmares. Hyacinthus. But that was impossible. Though, there was a new student who had 'Hyacinth' as a middle name. Could it be? He had someone reach out to this Leon Hyacinth and have him come to his office. He had to be sure, he had to see for himself.

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Leon, or rather Hyacinth as he preferred to go by after what happened in his past, wondered if he had done something to get in trouble as he sauntered up towards the headmasters office. He was still trying to figure everything out, though when he was told he had to sit through a welcoming ceremony he immediately tried to duck out of it....maybe that was why he was sent to the office, now that he thought about it. Oh well. He paused outside the door to the office and ran a hand through his dark brown hair, letting it fall through his fingers to give a ruffled appearance to the long locks before knocking on the door. He hadn't bothered to change into anything that people would consider presentable...mostly because he had clothes to strip in and nothing else. So, as he waited to enter the room, he was shirtless, the muscular planes of his chest shining faintly from the lotion he'd used, v lines prominent and seeming to point directly to his package. He was wearing skintight black leather pants that flaunted his ass and package. He looked ready for sex, that was for sure, his eyes dark with arousal and only slightly tinted by boredom, his manhood seeming to be growing hard. He had seen many really attractive men at the school, and the idea of tangling with them for a romp in the sheets was very enticing.

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Apollo was notified by an aura nymph that Mr. Reynolds has arrived at his office. Clearing his throat, he called for Mr. Reynolds to come on inside. "It is unlocked." He said firmly, trying to sound authoritative. He himself wore a simple white button down with a taupe vest and black tie with beige pants and leather brown loafers. His attempt at dressing like an adult, because, apparently, adults do not go to work in sweatpants and oversized superhero comic graphic t-shirts and slippers. What did they expect, he lived on campus, imprisoned here. Jeez.

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Hyacinth wondered vaguely on the dream he had had last night, it was familiar but not. Almost like dreaming of a story, but it had included details he couldn't have known about, like how the man he was with had smelled, the softness of his skin....he shook his head to clear his thoughts as the man told him to enter. He sounded kinda like a stuffy principal type, but at least if he was male, he could try to flirt his way out of whatever he did. So he did more than just walk into the room. He made an entrance, putting all of his skills as a stripper to use as he sauntered in, his dark, heated gaze fixated on the man as he entered (and hot damn, he was hot that was for sure, he'd willingly have sex with this guy to escape a punishment) making his way to the headmaster with a slight sway to his hips that would draw his eyes down to his hips and his bulge. He leaned forward when he reached the desk, popping his ass out teasingly as he bit his lip, about to say something in that seductive drawl of his when he paused, a smell in the air that was familiar, even though he'd never smelled it before. He didn't let it distract him long, instead purring out, "What a perfectly enamoring smell...I could swear I've smelled it once, except I haven't. Isn't it funny when that happens?" he tipped his head to the side, leaning close enough that their lips were almost brushing, and said softly, "Now, as for why you called me in, it's nothing too important, right? Nothing we couldn't....settle between ourselves?" he straightened up as he spoke, his hand sliding down his body teasingly to rub himself through his leather jeans before rolling his hips forward invitingly, trying to tempt the headmaster into throwing out whatever punishment or complaint in favor of some fun with him.

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Apollo gagged at the sigh, air caught in his throat. No, this wasn't happening. But here he was. In the flesh. Like a ghost, a memory. Except, this time, it was Hyacinth seducing him, not the other way around. He coughed when Leon made a remark that he was 90% certain was an invitation for sex. "That scent would be laurel and hyacinth flowers. Funny, given Hyacinth is your middle name." He tried to sound sexier, and as if he was the one with power here, when, in truth, the sight before him could have made him do anything by merely suggesting it. "Settle it...between ourselves?" He asked, a bit confused, if the boy wanted to screw him over his desk, them just ask. His eyes were not where they were supposed to be, obviously checking out Hyacinth's bulge. He licked his lips hungrily before he spoke, "I just wanted to ask about your...prior education. Yes. That is what this is about," He lied, as he merely wanted to see if what he thought he saw was true. And it was. Leon was the perfect replication of the original Hyacinthus. Too perfect for him to be anyone else but Hyacinthus. "We don't get many transfers for the Seventh form. So I just wanted to make sure where you stood on your studies of the magical nature." He hesitated, "If you'd need a tutor, I'd be more than happy to offer my time, Mr. Leon." His eyes were still fixated on the student's junk. He loosened his tie, was it getting hot in here? No, just him. Sweating, nervous, aroused beyond belief.

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Hyacinth's brow rose just a touch when Apollo seemed confused on settling it between them. Was he not in trouble then? It was hard to keep track of when he was or wasn't since he generally just did bath with authority outside the bedroom, and sometimes in the bedroom too, depending on the orders. "Mmm....something about hyacinth just....seems to draw me in..." he murmured absently, looking confused for a moment, before noticing Apollo eyeing the bulge in his pants. He grinned and gave a sultry laugh as he mentioned wanting to know about his prior education, then mentioning tutoring him. "Oh, I'm sure there is plenty we can do with your time." his fingers reached out, grabbing at his tie to pull him forward, leaning to let their lips meet in a steamy kiss that was all passion and heat. Hyacinth didn't give any corner with his kiss, nipping at Apollo's lips and growling playfully before lightly brushing his tongue against his lips, begging entrance to deepen it as his fingers loosened the tie more until he could pull it free and drop it on the desk, fingers sliding up along his neck to tangle with his hair. "Let's use some of that time now, hmm?" he purred as he pulled back just enough to breathe.

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His heart was racing. This boy was going to make him crazy. He hastily undid his vest and shirt, stripping till his chest was free. "If you insist." He said, not sure why the student was so adamant in getting in his pants, though maybe he already heard of the perks of sleeping with Apollo.

Apollo gulped, "Leon, are you sure this is the first impression you wish to make with your new principal?" He asked, teasingly as he thumbed at his pants' button, eager to undo it and get completely naked. "Because those leather pants of yours make quite the statement."

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Hyacinth was wildly attracted to Apollo in that moment, seeing him shed his vest and shirt in seconds to reveal a chest that made him want to drool, licking his lips eagerly as he moved around the desk to straddle him on his chair, but when he called him Leon, he stiffened, eyes darkening as he said, "Don't call me that." his voice came out harsher than intended as he pushed thoughts of his stepmother out of his mind and murmured, "My first name doesn't bring to mind the lust I'd rather focus on....call me Hyacinth." he kissed along Apollo's neck, bringing himself back into the moment as he moved to grind against him teasingly. "As for if this is what I want my first impression to be, I can't think of anything I want more right now then to be with you."

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With Hyacinth in Apollo's lap, there was no doubt he could feel the bulge he had. "Hyacinth?!" He moaned as he questioned the name. Hyacinth, his Hyacinthus. He was back? Was this really possible. Apollo roughly pulled Hyacinth off of his neck to kiss him on the mouth, his hands fiddling with his belt buckle to get to his pants button and zipper. There was no use fighting this, be reborn Hyacinthus or not, he was too beautiful not to bang. He knew how risky it was, his office door not locked as it usually was when these types of things went down. Whoever would walk in was in for a real fun sight!

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Normally, Hyacinth was only physically attracted to someone, wanting to sleep with a man because he was sexy as hell. But there was something about Apollo that he didn't understand that drew him in. It was this weird deja vu thing, as if they had met before, but he knew they hadn't. He had initially tried to dismiss it, thinking it was because of the stories his father told him about Hyacinthus and Apollo and Zephyrus, but he couldn't shake the familiarity. He moaned softly when he felt how aroused Apollo was, the bulge that pressed against him made him rock his hips again, feeling it slide against his ass teasingly and imagining how it'd feel. He was going to move from kissing his neck down to his chest, maybe even leave a few hickies before going down for a blowjob to stir him up more, but apparently that wasn't necessary as Apollo dragged him into a passionate kiss, moving to undo his pants already. "Yeah, call me Hyacinth." he purred against Apollo's lips, then moved to lift up just a little off his lap, undoing the buttons of his leather pants and rolling his hips sensually to help slide them off, pushing them down just enough that he could ride Apollo on the chair, not wanting to wait and choose a different position. "Is it bad that I want you so much right now?" he asked, his voice husky with desire and manhood making it rather evident that he wanted him as it stood fully erect, rather large but not quite 'hung like a horse' as Hyacinth would jokingly say.

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shall we move this to pm?

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Hyacinth gave a sexy pout as he looked up at Apollo when he said raincheck, knowing the reason was sound but hey, he was always brushing things off for later in favor of sex. It was certainly interesting to learn that Apollo was feeling that same strange attraction that he had, and to try and shake off the weirdness he said jokingly, "Maybe we were lovers in a past life." but the laugh that came with it was rather uneasy, as if perhaps maybe they had been. After all, if all different kinds of gods existed and demigod children happened...couldn't reincarnation also happen? He tried not to think about it, not wanting to get overwhelmed. "Well...I suppose I should move so you can get started on this paperwork. I probably should scope out what my classes will be and all that anyway..." it was an excuse, a poor one at that, but the fact that he didn't move showed he wasn't keen on leaving and probably wouldn't until Apollo did.

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Apollo's face blushed bright red when he mentioned 'lovers in a past life,' and wondered if Hyacinthus had chose Elysium and eventual reincarnation upon his death at the hands of Zephyrus. He nodded, still pink-cheeked, and went to pull on his clothes, biting his lip as to say silent. Otherwise, he'd have mentioned Hyacinthus, Zehpyrus, the flower, his death, and how it would be possible. But he didn't want to give himself any false hope. "Alright," He finally said, voice hoarse, "Feel free to drop in any time between classes or on the weekends..." He said, he meant to sound like a principal offering to help out a new student, but what he really meant was obvious.

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Hyacinth wondered why Apollo blushed at his words, watching him pull on his clothes as he got off the chair, running a hand through his hair absently as he glanced at the god when he offered for him to drop by anytime. A seductive smirk flitted across his lips as he purred out, "Oh, I'll definitely be taking you up on that offer." he'd never banged someone and not still been hard as hell and raring to go until now. Granted, Apollo was a god and that probably had something to do with it, but whatever. "I gotta go scope out my other classes, but I'll be seeing you later." he winked at him as he turned to sashay out of the office.

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Apollo kept his eyes on Hyacinth - well, more so his ass and bulge - as he walked out. Once the student had left his office, he sat down in his chair, head in his hands. "They say things that seem too good to be true usually aren't....I hope they are wrong about that..." His cheeks were still colored. He wanted this so bad, and hoped that Zephyrus does not find out about Hyacinth, he didn't want to lose Hyacinth to his second love.

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Apollo had been flustered about the possibility of a reincarnated Hyacinthus for days, always keeping an eye out for him. It became stressful, consumed with worry that Eros would aid Zephyrus in winning the heart of the demigod. After all, Hyacinth was the son of Aphrodite, mother of Eros. Of course the love god would take a special interest in this, he enjoyed tormenting Apollo - as he had done with Daphne. He held his head in his hands, finishing up the papers he ignored when he was seduced by Hyacinth.

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Jamie was a bit young to be enrolled in any classes, but he stayed at the school all the same. He had a bit of an odd gait, mimicking how a satyr walks as he went down the hallway to Apollo's office, in his mess of curly red hair was nestled a headband with goat horns on it, and in his hands was a flower crown. As he reached Apollo's office, he reached up as high as he could to knock and stood back patiently, swinging his arms back and forth as he waited to go in and say hi.

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Apollo, half-hoping it was Hyacinth, went to the answer the door. He knew in his heart it wasn't, that sexy demigod seemed more likely to barge in with swagger than wait and knock. Upon opening the door, he was surprised to find a small child there, too small to be here. Apollo was thoroughly confused, was he the son of a Seventh former? Students did have the tendency to get pregnant young here by various gods and the occasional student demigod, he himself had impregnated two girls once and thus had two legacies who they left unto nymphs to watch while they were away at classes. "Um. Hello. Are....are you lost, little one?"

Either no one filled Apollo in on Jamie being here or he's far too consumed with worry and longing for Hyacinth to think straight and remember.

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Jamie looked up at Apollo with a big grin and offered him the flower crown. "Nope, hiya Mister Apollo!" he chirped out cheerily. "I wanted to give you a flower crown. I was brought here cause of monsters, or at least that's what Mister Satyr said..." he frowned for a minute, remembering the fire that had consumed his family. Shaking his head to rid himself of the thought, he added, "I wanted to say hi and introduce myself! Oh! And I had a note somewhere...." he moved to pat his pockets, then pulled out a wrinkled note. "I was supposed to give it to you when I first came here but I was hurted." he admitted, holding it up. It was a simple note asking Apollo to let Jamie stay at the school despite not being of age, mentioning that he had nowhere else to go, wouldn't be any trouble and so on, and was signed Helios. Jamie didn't seem to have read the note as he just smiled up at Apollo and offered him the flower crown again. "I feel all better now, so I wanted to bring you flowers too! You can put it on your head!" he said happily.

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I went with perhaps Apollo not knowing yet as in my mind Jamie is more of a new arrival so perhaps he has a note to explain his presence, if thats alright if not i can edit

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HELIOS? His cheeks colored darkly rather swiftly, as Apollo has always had a large crush on his fellow sun god, but never seemed to get Helios' attention. He DOES know I exist....but only when he needs a favor. His lip twisted at that thought, before beaming his (in)famously bright smile. "Why, thank you." He took the crown and placed it upon his head. No solar crown, true, but anything to see a small demigod smile. Such a sight was rare, the world hardens them when they grow out of youth, should they live long enough. "Breeza, bring some snacks, please!" He called out to his aura nymphs secretary. "Now, young Jamie, would you like to come inside and we can discuss what I can do yo make your stay here the most comfortable. Ah, what is your favorite junk food?" Apollo pondered on whether or not he should have Jamie be at the very least tutored by some professors. Would he end up getting a head start on his magical studies, but what about his mortal studies, such as maths or sciences? He mentally groaned, Father had him so under-prepared to handle such a situation.

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Jamie gave Apollo his own charming grin, bright as the sun itself. He was full of energy with the sun being up, not quite as much as if he were in direct sunlight, but he was an energetic kid even without his powers. "Oooh! Snacks!" he grinned and nodded when Apollo asked if he'd like to enter. "Oh, yes Mister Apollo, I would like that very much! Do you have apple pie cookies? M-my um...my mommy used to make them before...." he looked at the floor and tried really hard not to cry thinking about her and his brother. "B-but I was told it'd be good here. A-and that I'd like it here cause you are here," he said after he managed to keep himself from crying, though his voice was a bit shaky.

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"Apple pie cookies? No, I don't think so. Perhaps I can add that to our menu later. Would an apple pie suffice?" The kid's own smile was nearly bright as his, there was no denying this child was Helios'. If Apollo wasn't informed so, he might have mistook Jamie for one of his own sons. Once he saw the happiness waver in Jamie, he rested a single hand on his shoulder and got down on a knee to level with him, trying to channel healing energy into the youngling. Apollo wasn't sure if it would do anything, his sphere was physical healing, but hoped it would give emotional strength to the boy. "It will, I will do everything in my limited power to make your stay pleasant." He gulped, not wanting to look bad in Jamie's father's eyes, his crush's eyes. "Now, about the snacks, apple pie and...milk? Chocolate milk? Milkshake?" He asked, forcing himself to grin.

that sounds good, like tiny apple pies?

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Jamie gave a little nod when Apollo asked if apple pie would be okay instead, looking up at him again when he rested his hand on him. "Th-thank you, Mister Apollo," he said softly, his smile coming back a little. You could see he was trying to stay strong despite his circumstances. The mention of a milkshake did manage to perk him up a bit, as he did have quite a sweet tooth. "Do you have strawberry milkshakes?" he asked curiously.

my mom made them once, they were delicious, I think she just made like...regular cookie dough like you would for chocolate chip cookies, then made apple pie filling but with the slices smaller and when it was cooked down she stirred it in and ugh...they were so good

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He nodded, then paused, "Have you ever had Nectar and Ambrosia?" Apollo asked, referencing the food and drink, both made from the Amaranth grain and both taste like the consumer's favorite food and drink, though unto gods, Nectar is honey-mead and Ambrosia a honey-laced yogurt, although Ambrosia can be thin as a soup or as thick as dough, which can be baked into a brownie-like substance. Ambrosia is commonly served at Pantheonium in the fruit salad form, with the actual Ambrosia replacing the whipped cream or cheese that is often used. He knew that the taste of Ambrosia and Nectar which demigods experience has pleasant memories accompanying them, comforting them and can cause accelerated healing, if the demigod is wounded(as the true Ambrosia and Nectar the gods consume causes immortality, though an altered recipe is used for the type served to demigods).

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Jamie tipped his head to the side as he thought, then said, "I think that's the name of the stuff they gave me when I first came here, cause I was hurted. It tasted just like my mommy's apple pie cookies, and then I didn't hurt as much anymore and then it stopped entirely. I dunno how it worked, but I liked it. They wouldn't let me have more than a little bit though." he finished with a pout. He'd arrived at the school heavily burned from the fire that had consumed his families home, as well as his mother and half-brother, due to his attempting to run into the inferno to try and save his family despite being just a child. It was only thanks to the nectar and ambrosia that he was walking around right now rather than being in the hospital for his burns. They hadn't been in anywhere life-threatening, but they were very bad.

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I'm going off of percy jackson for that btw, in the books it was said it could heal wounds, if thats wrong lemme know and i'll edit

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in the above post, it says that it does, but is also served to demigods as a normal food, just that if one is wounded, it will heal. it isn't fatal to mortals in this, bc in greek myth, humans could eat it and become immortal - so there's the variant that heals that is given out here, and the variant that the gods eat and can make mortals immortal, reserved for gods, unless a god gives it to a human to make them immortal.

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He nodded, knowing now that the son of Helios had already tasted Ambrosia and Nectar, he merely called for an apple pie and two strawberry milkshakes. He had planned to introduce Jamie to the wonders of god food, but now wondered just how badly he was hurt to have required it to be healed. Breeza, the aura nymph, who appeared like an ethereal ghost, brought a tray of plates, each with an apple pie à la mode and two strawberry milkshakes, topped off with a dollop of whip cream and a strawberry. "Here you go," Breeza said, in a motherly and kind voice.

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Jamie felt himself cheering up more when the snacks arrive, offering a cheerier smile as he reached up to accept the food with a sunny smile and a polite, "Thank you, miss Breeza." having caught her name when Apollo had asked her for food. He looked back over at Apollo as he slurped from the milkshake. "Do you know my dad, Mister Apollo? I never met him. I think he's a satyr though, I'm gonna be one when I grow up." he nodded knowingly. "I'm waiting for my horns to grow in, so I use my headband in the meantime. It was made special."

ah okay haha whoops

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Apollo's face wavered. Dear gods, this boy doesn't know? I'm NOT going to be the one to deal with this, that is Helios' responsibility. He gulped down the lump that had formed in his throat, nearly choking in the process. "AH? Um, no, no I have not. Though I do wish to, I have....always been an 'admirer' of him. One might say his biggest fan." His cheeks colored brightly, one of the reasons Apollo became a sun god was to get close to Helios and hopefully catch his eye. "Perhaps I can arrange for you to meet your father, sometime."

we can request for someone to claim Helios.

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Jamie spent a few moments happily eating the apple pie before moving to slurp from his drink, looking up at Apollo as he said he didn't know him. When he swallowed, he smiled brightly up at Apollo and said, "We can get to know him together then! If you like him then you should get to meet him." he nodded to himself, the logic making perfect sense in his mind. "It would be lots of fun!"

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