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David J. Bookbinder (davidbookbinder) | 95 comments Mod
What topics would you like us to write about as a group?

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David J. Bookbinder (davidbookbinder) | 95 comments Mod
One writing prompt I've successfully used in many contexts is called the Miracle Question. It's a question I've used with therapy clients, online when I was blogging for, and in a process-oriented artist group I've been co-leading for the past three years.

The Miracle Question is part of Solution-Focused therapy, which is based on the belief that all of us have the means to solve our own problems. The question helps people to envision what their lives can be when all their current concerns have been addressed and issues resolved. It goes like this:

Imagine that after you finish this message you do whatever you would normally do with the rest of today. But tonight, while you’re asleep, a strange thing happens: A miracle occurs. This miracle is just for you, and it’s that all your problems and concerns are solved. Wonderful, right? However, there’s a catch. Because the miracle happened while you were asleep, when you wake up tomorrow, you’re in the world of the miracle from here on out, but you don’t know it. So the question is: What do you notice, from the moment you wake up and as you step through your day, that eventually gets you thinking, “Something’s different about today. A miracle must have happened!”

You are looking for a shift in awareness like Dorothy’s after the tornado deposited her in Oz. She steps out of her house, looks around, and, as the film itself shifts into Technicolor, she sees the yellow brick road, the horse of many colors, the munchkins. She turns to her little dog and exclaims, “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore!” You are looking for what leads you to your I’m-not-in-Kansas-anymore moment.

Some prompts for working through the Miracle Question: How do you feel when you open your eyes? Are you in the same bedroom? The same house? With the same people? What’s different as you get ready for the day? What’s different as you step through it, hour by hour? What do other people in your life notice about you that’s different? What do you notice about them?

Gradually, as you walk through your miracle day, a detailed vision of that different life emerges. Then it’s just a matter of working toward the miracle, one doable step at a time.

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