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message 1: by L'amante (new)

L'amante des livres (l_amante_des_livres) | 59 comments Hello! I have a little problem, I think I did sthg wrong:

There is a greek translator, Νίκη Καρακίτσου-Ντουζέ but in some books the name was written like this: Νίκη Καρακίτσου - Ντουζέ, there was a space before and after the dash. So instead of changing this in all the books she had translated, I changed the name in the author's profile. But then Goodreads informed me that there was also another author with this name, Νίκη Καρακίτσου-Ντουζέ without the spaces. So I merged the two profiles (the one with the spaces that I had changed and the one without the spaces). But now when I click on her name only two distinct works appear. All the other books she has translated have disappeared.

For example, she has translated:
but when I click on the name the book isn't under the author's name in the author's profile:
The same here:
and here:

She has translated so many books but after the merging only two appear in the aithor's profile. Why? Can we fix that?

message 2: by Ayshe (last edited Jan 26, 2017 03:18AM) (new)

Ayshe | 3069 comments I see 21 distinct works under her name. Maybe what you see is related to caching, doesn't it change if you go to "..distinct works" and then back to her profile?

(Btw, author names in Greek should also be present on these Greek editions as secondary authors).

message 3: by L'amante (new)

L'amante des livres (l_amante_des_livres) | 59 comments Now I see 21 works too. Maybe it takes some time. I did this yesterday and it still could not be seen until the moment I sent the message.
Thank you!

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