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All Things Writing & Publishing > Which fee-based book promo sites have you tried and would recommend?

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message 1: by Alex (new)

Alex (asato) Michael started a thread in which he described his fee-based book promo site experiences. Quite a number of people responded with their own experiences.

We have the Author Resources spreadsheet which we compiled last year and it has a whole slew of book promo sites. I'd like to update it with a list of recommended book promo sites. Instead of having to search through the threads, writers in the group could quickly find a list of recommended sites in the spreadsheet. Although one of the main criteria is that you felt that you received a "good" return on your investment, other criteria could be the overall service experience.

I think that the following data would be helpful:

* URL (without the protocol, "http://")
* genres that the site focuses on (general, if no specialties)
* Date when you last used it (in the spreadsheet I'd list the most recent date, which would be a gauge as to the validity of the data)

Feel free to add any more details. ^_-



message 2: by Kent (new)

Kent Babin | 176 comments
December 27th, 2016
Paid $35 for the standard promo.
My book price was $0.99, thriller genre
Got 26 sales which I thought was quite good
Note: your book has to be accepted, although Marie has experience with her book being rejected and then being accepted soon after.

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