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Suggest books for me > books about secret families being illigimately born or having secret siblings

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F | 11 comments I'm looking for books about illigimately born or illigimate half sibling or being one themselves. finding out one of your parents has a secret family books like that. discovering you have secret half sibling or protagonist is one themselve

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F | 11 comments it has to be a romance books in someway

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(Duplicate thread deleted.)

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Cara's Craftsations | 1684 comments Steve Jobs

Star wars Luke and Leia

The Other Sister Josey found out that BOTH of her parents had a baby girl in high school that they were forced to give up and guess what? The baby now a grown woman wants to meet her birth mother.

The Other Daughter

Just Fly Away

Epilogue: A Memoir

I have a similar thread https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/...

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F | 11 comments lobstergirl both those threads were different they weren't even asking for the same books

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Fatima wrote: "lobstergirl both those threads were different they weren't even asking for the same books"

Sorry, Fatima, they seemed nearly identical and you posted one so quickly after the other I thought you were creating the second one because you had made some kind of error/typo or whatnot, weren't sure how to edit or couldn't edit on the app, and simply created a new thread.

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Hillary | 274 comments The Bookish Life of Nina Hill features Nina, who having grown up an only child with a single mom, who has always said she doesn't remember who Nina's father is, discovers that her father is a wealthy man, and as she has been named in his will discovers she has a bunch of half-siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews all at once. She doesn't know why she is in his will, or what she is getting.

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Sue Elleker | 780 comments Penmarric by Susan Howatch. A historical novel; a married wealthy man seduces and impregnates another woman, and ends up having a whole other family with her.

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