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Human and Non-Human Romance Rec?
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Does anyone know any books like "Radiance" by Draven, The Ancient Magus' Bride, Vol. 1 by Yamazaki Kore, and "Cottonwood" that include a romance between a non-human and a human? Either in comic or book form?
And not one of those romances that feature a "non-human" that's really only a typical beef cake with maybe one or two biological differences that somehow makes them entirely different than a typical human character.
Like the love interests for Mass Effect! They are wonderful examples. Anything from space or from the realm of fairies would be wonderful (but not a fairy love interest that may as well be a human with wings taped to their back, or a human with a tacked on tail or something, pleassssse).
I like vampires and elves but sadly they're still too close to being human for me, and I need something new in my life (and most of their romances are indeed nothing but beef-cake-centric bores)!
A good example that sadly has no story attached to it:
Anyone who answers this with a recommendation I will forever be indebted to.

Will you see this? I don't know, but I still want to help, because you are a person like me just wanting alien-romance Mass Effect style :D
- Momolady on tumblr ( she writes lots of stories of romance humans x nonhumans; most of them are one-shots and short, but there are stories to all tastes, with characters more and less human like of all kinds
- Salma and the Hive,, the author wanted to do something multichapter but to this day there is only this wonderful oneshot
- Strange Love by Ann Aguire; I loved every second of reading it, it is an amazing reading, and I sure hope the author will write more in the universe, because she sure created a lot of interesting species in it
- Heart of the Fae and Veins of Magic, by Emma Hamm; the Fae in general are human-looking, but the author made a very good twist regarding Seelie x Unseelie and I really want to make a drawing of Eammon that manages to capture in total how he looks with all the cristals growing through his skin. It's a series with more installments of various characters, but I'm still going through it so I can't talk about the other books.
- The series Saving Askara by J. M. Link; I don't remember with perfection the aliens atm, but I remember clearly thinking they aren't all that human; also, I still haven't read the third book, but the first two are amazing
-Of Beast and Beauty by Stacey Jay; one of the best retellings of Beauty and the Beast I've ever read.
- Of Metals and Wishes by Sarah Fine; this is a Phantom of the Opera retelling. And, all right, the "phantom" is human, but the author gave him a lot of non-human features, kind of... A steampunk cyborg, so I think it's worth. Also, the story is really amazing.
- Maybe "Escaping Wonderland", by Tiffany Roberts; I really think the author managed well with the non-human features of Shadow, but maybe she also could have dared more.

Books I haven't read yet but that people recommended me or something like it:
- The Hollow Kingdom (The Hollow Kingdom Trilogy) by Clare B. Dunkle
- Bitterburn by Ann Aguirre: another Beauty and the Beast retelling, since the author made a wonderful work with Strange Love, I'll give it a try.
- Someone recommended me the series Quantum Gravity by Justina Robson; I haven't read it yet so I can't confirm on non-human aspects, sorry

Can I just say that you're amazing and I'd hand over my first born if you asked because of how grateful I am? Because I totally would.

R. Lee Smith has an EPIC Five Nights at Freddy's fanfic with romance with an animatronic character called "Everything is All Right".
Yes, it sounds ridiculous. But it is pure Smith gold.

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