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Andi Katsina (indieoracle) | 3 comments Beta Readers needed for epic fantasy : : completed book : : 130,584 words ||

A team of four hero's from another world, along with their cybernetic organic database, made up of two components, one organic, the other, electronic and somewhat unbalanced...

A castle with a secret turret and magical doorway...

A prison breakout of the electronic cy component...

Mermaids & Mermen, and the Key's people - the Jang'daurseran...

Underground caves and Holding Wells, and a magnificent underwater Pearl place...

An ancient, mystical underwater creature of pure goodness, the Mane, existing only in the waters of the Galapagos Rise, north of the Tropic of Capricorn...

The forging of the Rose Mane Arrows...

A trek into the Rain Forest...

The rescuing of a Whale...

A voyage through the secret labyrinth below the Atacama Desert...

Passage through the hidden Ice Portal into the world next to our world...

A battle against the seven headed Septiphasian ...and much much more!

After entering our world through a portal deep beneath the Atacama Desert and ending up with memory loss, continents apart, the six are reunited by two Earth based members of their team. Regaining full memory recall, they carry out their mission to obtain Rose Mane, a solution of pure goodness secreted by mystical creatures found only in one place on Earth, leagues beneath the surface waters of the Galapagos Rise.

With the assistance of a species of Mer, arrows are forged, to be used to slay the seven headed Septiphasian, which, having gorged on pollution seeped down from our oceans, is braced to enter its fourth stage, the spawning cycle.

Racing against time, the team, having secured passage back to the portal via the Amazon jungle and river, prepare for a final, successful battle against the Septiphasian, thus narrowly avoiding the devastation of the two worlds closest to our own.

This is a story about a team of four people, three men, one woman, and their organic database, in the form of two androids, the female Ou, and male, Nee, who come from the world next to our world. They enter through an ice portal deep below the Atacama Desert, adjacent to the ocean’s Atacama Trench. They are a team of pollution surveyors. They have come to our world to obtain Rose Mane Arrows, which they will use to kill the seven headed Septiphasian, nearing its fourth, spawning, stage of development. The beast feeds on pollution from our world that leaks down to their world through the ocean floor.

The four members of the team, being separated soon after entering our world, have each lost their memory, forgetting the purpose for which they came here. One of them has become a businessman, one, the first-mate on a boat. The woman, appearing young when she was washed up on the beach, lives with a sculptor, Porter, who has looked after her like a younger sister. The third man has become an environmentalist.

They each receive a letter, the businessman, Gurk, is invited to view a mansion as a potential buyer. The young woman is told a member of her family has bequeathed for her a mansion. The first-mate is told he has been left a mansion by a wealthy aunt. The third man is told he has a job offer and must report to the mansion. They all meet up at the mansion where they come into contact with the ‘Key’, a woman from a race akin to mermaids. Slowly they each regain their memory.

Gurk goes with the Key to a Perl palace deep down in the ocean, in the Galapagos rise. He has to go in search of a mystical, shy creature call the Mane. Gurk must retrieve some of the hairs from the neck of the Mane, the substance in the follicles is of pure goodness, and used with the arrows, is enough to bring down the Septiphasian.

Meanwhile Ricx, the environmentalist, has gone to Japan to arrange for the release of Whale. The young Woman, D’e’ep, and her guardian, Porter, and Swyutz, the first-mate, first must help Ou, the Cybernetic component of their organic database, OuNee, a cyborg, to break out of the mental institution, where it has been held since they all lost their memories. After reuniting Ou with Nee, they go to the Amazon to contact the Bufeo, freshwater, pink dolphins.

The dolphins will take the team far below the Atacama Desert, through a labyrinth, almost to the ice portal. The team have to find their way to the portal, pass through it out onto a bridge in the world next to ours, and from there, go to the Septiphasian’s lair. They do battle with the beast, and attempt defeat it, and its spawn. Δ

Much appreciated, Thanks!

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Leland | 31 comments A blurb, query, or summary would probably help you get more traction with this.

message 3: by Andi (new)

Andi Katsina (indieoracle) | 3 comments Leland wrote: "A blurb, query, or summary would probably help you get more traction with this."

Leland, I'm new to this and TOTALLY appreciate your help!! I was following the example in the posting guidelines, perhaps a little too much to the letter. Shall reword and try again. Really, thanks, I want my books to be tiptop bestseller quality and Beta Readers play a big roll in this. All the best and Happy New Year. Andi x

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